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Shiny Pidgey
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Question about followers

I beat the game and didn't end up with the achievement for getting enough followers. For the most part, I did only story quests. I'm aware that you can't get all the followers that way.

However, I also took the "evil path" at the end of the game, unwittingly causing all but one of my followers to leave me.

My question is twofold: 1 - Is there a way to get my lost followers back? and 2 - Are there enough non-story followers to get the achievement without having to start a new game? I have the expansion, and got one follower from that, making my current total 2 followers.

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I couldn't say for sure, cause I followed the rightious path (being an honorable knight and all ). But after completing the game, my educated guess is that you have to play most of the side missions to get all the followers. I don't think you can get them back as well, you've made your choice and they don't agree... so it's easiest to just start again with a new hero if you ask me.
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same thing happened to me, i took the evil path, lost all but the minotaur.
after i killed bane i did a bunch of side missions that got me this:
the minotaur died, left my team but came back as a minotaur spirit,
after a few missions in the orc place you get a fat ogre on your team
near banes citadel you get a thief gnoll and i also got an elf chick.
but thats only 4 (after the dark path was chosen/bane was killed)
as of right now i dont have any more side missions so i dont think its possible, which stinks unless someone else can confirm they've done this and gotten 5 companions it looks like we'd just have to start a whole new game and play till we get 5
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