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Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers
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DLC#3 Solutions:

#1 Sorin
-Use the Triskelion Ability twice on Vampire Nocturnus
-Use the last counter on Triskelion on itself to send it to the graveyard
-Play Open the Vaults
-Equip the Fireshrieker on Kor Sanctifiers
- Attack with Sanctifiers and Feldar Sovereign
-Use the 3 counters on Triskelion to Target Sorin and finish him off.

#2 Chandra
-Attack with Maro, Hissing Iguanar, and Zombie Goliath
-Target Chandra with the Hissing Iguanar ability should leave her at 1 life.
-Cast Mindrot on yourself and discard Might of Oaks and Fireshrieker
-Cast Aggresive Urge on Hissing Iguanar
-Maro dies, Use the Hissing Iguanars ability to target Chandra

#3 Jace (this one was the most fun to watch)
-Cast Protean Hulk
-Use Bile Urchin's ability to target Jace
-Last Laugh will fire off in a chain killing creatures (Akroma, Angel of Wrath is immune and cant die)
-Protean Hulk dies and gives you Ornithopter, Children of Korlis x2, and Academy Rector
-Use the Children of Korlis ability to sacrifice one, stop the timer immediately and sacrifice the other using its ability
-Last Laugh fires again
-Academy Rector dies and Gives you Necromancer's Covenant, accept this and target yourself
-You will have 31 life and 21 2/2 zomibes that have taken one damage each
-Use one Evolving Wilds ability
-This should kill all your zombies and take Jace down with it.

#4 Ajani
-Use the Vampire Hounds ability and discard Anger, Ravenous Baloth, and Anarchist from your hand
-Cast Exhume and select the Anarchist
-The Anarchist lets you pick a sorcery from your graveyard, select Patriarch's Bidding.
-Play Patriarch's Bidding and Choose Beast type
-Target Ajani with both Goretusk Firebeast Abilities when they enter play
-Use the Ravenous Baloth ability to sacrifice Realm Razor
-This will give you a 36/36 beast. Attack with every creature you have.

#5 Sorin
-Cast Hurricane from your hand, use 2 Lands when asked
-Cast Dragon's Claw from your hand
-Cast Treason (you will gain 1 life doing this) and take the Abyssal Persecutor
-Attack with the Abyssal Persecutor leaving Sorin at -1 life, after your turn ends you win.

Just started playing this one a few days ago after enjoying the second one so much. Figured I would just post these after I figured them out, better late than never.

Special Thanks to MabusScarab for the Signature
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what i did for 6th: ping for 1 to Chandra with PP. Unsummon both of Chandra's flyers (she should only have 2). swing with both of your flyers and the unblockable ghost dude for 4. GG.

MSG me on Live!
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