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Halo 3: ODST
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Old 06-29-2009, 05:05 PM   #1
qx THRASH3R xp
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found the achievement list (HOPEFULLY LEGIT)

Prepare To Drop G20
Succesfully drop pod to New Mombasa Enjoy Your Stay! On Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. ( Bungie has described as, "the most spectacular cinematic event in any Halo game to date" )

Silent Rookie G20
As The rookie, Use the new silenced SMG to Kill 5 Brutes.( Can Be done in co-op )

Romeo Done G20
As Romeo Headshot 5 Brutes In a Row.( Can Be done in co-op )

Big Boys Toys G30
As Dutch Destroy 10 Enemy Vehicles ( Can Be done in co-op )

Scout G30
Use the night vision googles, to scan 10 Brutes without being detected ( Can Be done in co-op )

When will it end.... G30
Reach The halfway point of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.

Brotherhood G40
Help all fallen comrades atleast once ( Return Of medkits after all not spartan no more?)

The Chase G40
On the warthog Out run the phanton though the city streets in the campaign, ( Sounds Like e epic on-rail Chase?)

Death Do Us Apart G50
Finish the final mission of the Halo ODST Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. ( Could it be........epic finale with emotional ending?)

Halo ODST Campaign Complete: Normal G125
Finish the Campaign on Normal.

Halo ODST Campaign Complete: Heroic G125
Finish the Campaign on Heroic (unlocks achievement for Normal, if not earned).

Halo ODST Campaign Complete: Legendary G125
Finish the Campaign on Legendary (unlocks achievements for Normal and Heroic, if not earned).

Skull Hunter G100
Find and claim all 100 skulls Scattered Around New And old mombasa ( Use Your PDA For Help! ) ( Looks like pigeons from GTA but skulls to find around Mmombasa?)

ODST Wins G10
finish and win a online game with the full ODST armour, Plus get the MVP (Online).

Are we not brothers? G15
Kill someone else with the Full ODST armour, while also wearing the Full Armour yourself. (Online).

Brute Massacre G25
Kill 200 Brutes In the Campaign.

Epic Scenary G5
Take A photo of the various Views in New mombasa and upload to your file share. ( Bungie Introduceing More Newbies?)

Too Close to the Skyline G5
Reach the new mombasa skyline with any Aerial vehicle in campaign.

Prepare To splat..wait? G5
Free fall from 1000km from the sky......splat.

Group Effort G5
Flip a vehicle with all your comrades efforts. ( Looks like four people have to contribute to flip a vehicle, as were not Spartans No more?)

Hammer To Heavy G5
Try to pick up a Brute Hammer.......

Gadgets And Gizmos G5
Obtain all Gadgets During campaign. ( Wondered what other new gadgets did Bungie add, we know of Night vision, and thermol vision.)

Brave Heart G5
Kill 5 Brutes With melee attacks ( More melee attacks?)

Steppin' Commando G5
Kill 5 Brutes with the ODST general equipment combat Knife. ( Combat Knife Confirmed?)

Mongoose Hit And Run G5
Splatter an Brute with the mongoose in the campaign. ( Mongoose Mowdown V2?)

Wigly Virmin G5
Free Your self from the brutes Grasp 5 times in the campiagn. ( Looks like Brutes can grab you, so no more up frontal like Master Cheif?)

Undercover Mist G5
Kill 3 Brutes while under the cover of a smoke grenade. ( Smoke Grenade Confirmed?)

Keep to the right G5
Follow SI orders at the begining of the campaign. ( I smell a tutorial level?)

Land Sea Air G5
Pilot all the vehicles old/new in the campaign atleast once. ( Sea?! Boats Confirmed?)

Night shift Campers G40
Locate and eliminate all Brute Camp Hideouts in the Campaign. ( Use your PDA for Help!) ( Terminal Replacements?)

Olympic Sprinter G5
Cover One Mile, while sprinting. ( Sprinting Confirmed? after all cant run like Master Cheif?)

Free roamer G5
Free roam all parts of Mombasa. ( Open ended gameplay)

The Journey Begins G10
View the flashback of the first mission.

Phantom Ahoy G10
View the flashback of the second mission.

Regroup! G10
View the flashback of the third mission.

City Of Destruction G10
View the flashback of the fourth mission.

We will fight on G10
View the flashback of the fifth mission.

We will succeed G10
View the flashback of the sixth mission.

Brothers Are Reunited G10
View the flashback of the seventh mission.

Brothers Are At Peace G10
View the flashback of the eighth mission. ( again could it be? emotional ending?)
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