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Old 07-21-2009, 07:49 PM   #1
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Master Agent

Anyone get even close to this one yet? I just played through on Special Agent and the only things I bought were the maps (~1350 chips) and I spent maybe 1000 chips on ammo over the course of the whole thing. When I finished, I had two level 6 weapon upgrades still left for 700 each, and I still needed to buy 3 levels of the NanoHacker ammo upgrades. Each one increases in price and the 4th one was 1400. So even assuming the last two were the same price, which I doubt they are, that means I was 5600 chips short. Figuring high that I spent 3000 chips in case I spent more on ammo than I remembered, that's still 2600 chips that I would have been short had I not bought anything. I destroyed every box in the game and killed all but maybe 10 enemies, who would have dropped between 10-25 chips each. So that still wouldn't have been enough. I'm stumped on how this achievement is even possible...
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Old 08-07-2009, 05:46 PM   #2
True Marvellous
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I need clarification on this, do you just need the weapon upgrades or do you need to max out all weapons ammo count with 6/6 and buy all the max Health boost as the guide says ignore health???

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I'm currently playing this game and have made sure to get as many chips as possible so I don't come up short later. So far I think I've gone through every room. I might have missed one or two early on when I was getting the hang of the game. Anyways, I have found a few ways to get some extra cash as every little bit helps. Some may be obvious or have been discovered already, but thought I'd throw them out there anyway.

Some tips:
1. Any time there is respawning enemies, just keep killing them for the chips until you are completely out of ammo for all guns.

2. Every time you come to a fire extinguisher that you can activate, do so and kill it. You get 10 chips every time. Best to use the shot bolter as you can knock it down in one shot then use your whip to kill it. After all ammo is depleted, move on to plasma which will take 3 shots to down it. There has been at least 3 spots that I have come to so far and have boosted an extra 400-500+ chips out of them before moving on! You can probably get more, but I got tired of doing it. Also beware of the one in the FBI computer labs. The last one in the level that you use to burn the ice for the silver disk and to melt the ice on the uplink you use to exit the level. I have found that after a certain time period the fire extinguisher stops spawning and if that happens before you use it to melt the ice, there is no way to finish the level. So save at that checkpoint before attempting to farm money out of that one.

3. Also the level where you have to power up the turbines and destroy the generator or whatever, there are infinite spawning alarm clocks. When destroying the generator and before you walk out the exit, just stand on the platform and kill, kill, kill until you are out of ammo. If you can manage to keep up lives you can even use your whip until you are on your last life then get the hell out of there. You can get a lot extra chips there. If any fall below, send Mooch out to go get them.

4. On the level (Packing & Shipping) I think, the level where all the toxic green crap is all over the floor and you have to collect those power bars to place in the cores, I noticed that after I destroyed every box and killed every enemy in that large room (first time through) and once I had completed the objective later on you come back to that room to exit on the large platform. Well all the boxes and enemies had respawned in the green toxic floor room and the adjoining office so you can collect all the money again!

5. On the driving levels, now I personally may have screwed myself here as the first driving level I was focused on getting the 2 weapon achievements by reloading the save and well I had a thought that maybe by me shooting like crazy, the guns that you use when you drive might affect my 80% accuracy achievement. So I reloaded my save and didn't shoot at all for the first driving level. Well it wasn't until the second driving level that it occured to me that there are lots of boxes with money in them. I don't remember there being very many in the first one, but the second level has lots of boxes. You can shoot and crash into as many as you can, and then when there is a pit, let yourself die, then shoot and crash into all the boxes you missed the previous tries. The boxes are often split on both sides of the level so you can only get one side, then die. Then collect the boxes on the other side (left or right of map).

6. Lastly, any time there is a security camera or green lasers, don't avoid them. Run into them and also let the camera spot you. This always sends enemies out to you so you can kill them for money! You can even get caught 2-3 times by some cameras, but others only once.

Anyways I just got to the FBI armory & training level, I have been using the guide and have collected the first 38 disks so far. I have 12 left plus the flamethrower to collect. I have around 5,000 chips and have bought everything so far. I continue to buy every upgrade as I collect it and never find myself getting below 3-4,000 in chips. Hopefully I won't have any problems at end of game.


Retail (original 1000) & more:
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Old 08-08-2009, 12:40 AM   #4
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Any idea where the pneumatic tubes are that lead to the 300 chips mentioned in the achievement guide?
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Old 08-08-2009, 09:58 AM   #5
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Gamertag: Doomed Smurf
I only have 3 levels left but the only place so far I've encountered the pneumatic tubes are on the Chip Manufacturing level. I think that's the level, and you get the objective to save the scientists that are trapped in the room from the paper shredder. After talking to the scientists, you start out on top of a console desk or something with monitors in front of you. The tube is right there on the left side of the desk. You have to enter the tube to progress the story.

There are 2 switches that you can step on that are located on the desk. The one right next to the tube will send you to where you need to go, but if you go to the right side of the desk and step on that switch first and then go in the tube, it will send you to a room with chips and items. I haven't encountered any other tubes in the game yet so if there's any in the last 3 levels I will see.


Retail (original 1000) & more:
Arcade (original 200) & more: 44

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Old 08-16-2009, 04:41 PM   #6
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Feed off of the enemies you can, and use ur save points! i missed it my first playthrough by 50 chips, so instead i reverted back to my farthest save made sure i killed everyone and ended up with over 3000 bonus chips plus master agent : )
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Old 09-01-2010, 03:00 AM   #7
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God, I wish I had read this thread before my 2nd playthrough. I did what the guide told me (killed all enemies, explored all areas, used Mooch in every room, never bought maps, health, or ammo), and I was still short. I used all 5 save slots, and I went back and played it over, and still not enough.
Now I have to play this stupid fucking game a 3rd time. No one should have to endure this shit more than twice. I think I'm just gonna leave this game incomplete. I'll probably kill myself if I have to go through this nightmare again.
The guide should be updated to include that this is a missable achievement, and it should have a link to this thread.
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Old 09-24-2013, 12:51 AM   #8
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I managed to do it on my third attempt with just under 3000 chips left over. This game needs 3 playthroughs to be able to get all achievements really.
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