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Secret 5quirrel
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Defeating the 7th hero in legendary mode

So im doing my second run for legendary mode and full corruption, ive got to the final boss pretty easy an i can get him down to a quarter health with no problem but by that time im pretty much dead, i stand by the entrance an spam my greens on him for phase 1 then hide behind the minion spawn points for phase 2 but his greens always take my heath down fast after ive cleared out the minions he spawns at half health. I think my main problem is my minion cap is still at 40 an im using fully imbued steel cause i havent finished upgrading my durium an arcanium sets yet, though now im locked into the final boss i cant get into the dungeon/armoury to finish them off. Anyone got any ideas on what i can do to beat him cause this is getting me massivly frustrated an i dont wanna have to replay the whole thing cause i got to him before i was ready. Thanks

100%: (24
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I would go for the full arcanium on every playthrough. It makes farming the dungeon so much easier.
I think its not hard to dodge his attacks so basicly u just need to have a huge amount of minion supply.
Use the spell that gives the minions more strength and speed and only attack with the greens.
As far as I remember the key is to perfectly time your attack.
Whatever a huge supply of minions works anyway even without a tactic lol.
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when you first go in if he calls green use your minion spell attack him you should get him down to half health on that attack after the cut scene i posted some reds near there spawn pit sat there and waited for green your reds will take out all that come that way dont attack his reds cause when he does that tornado he will take them out wait for green to come use minion spell again done. also make your armor with regen ability using greens
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Skill Kill3501
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How do u beat the fifth hero?
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This guide is from the old Xbox Forums/forums archive but since it's already / soon going to be taken down I'll post it here. All credit goes to "Elegant Brute":



Legendary Guide from a Legendary Veteran.

I've beaten Legendary mode quite a few times and I have to say it's not easy. But then again, it's not THAT hard, once you have the right information that is. You see, playing through on Legendary is not the same as playing through normally. Sure the layouts are the same, but battle strategies are different. I've therefore prepared this guide so that you won't wander aimlessly in the jungle of Legendary. This guide contains some story SPOILERS that shouldn't be an issue since people attempting Overlord on Legendary difficulty SHOULD have already beaten the game once on Normal difficulty.
1) RUN! Yes, believe it or not, most enemies in this game are avoidable. This is especially true with the Evernight and Mellow Hills levels.
2) Use a coward's logic: if you don't have to fight an enemy, DON'T! It'll save you time and minions.
3) Stay back and don't fight with the Overlord until you've gotten the Arcanium armour and used my Smelting tips.
4) Go into EVERY Tower Gate. It heals you to full health and full manna. It also erases some enemies. Get to know the "Erasing Enemy" procedure well and seek out a Tower Gate when you're surrounded. Some notable examples of this Tower Gates erasing enemies are:
- The trolls at the end of the Mother Godess temple. (BEFORE newest update).
- The horde of dwarves hiding inside Goldo's Stronghold. (Just run past everything to the Royal Halls and when you use the Tower Gate there, it'll erase all the dwarves in the Strongold so you can get the gold there without any hassle).
5) Harvesting minions (using the Beetle/Dungeon method) is ONLY useful when you have Arcanium armour and an Arcanium weapon. Attempting it beforehand is suicide.
6) Upgrading ANYTHING before Arcanium is really, in my opinion, a waste of time and minions. Proper minions management is better then any armour upgrades. See Forging tips for more...
7) When fighting enemies, use the "Luring" method: 1) Run a few minions to the enemies and try to get one or 2 to follow them back to you and the rest of your minions. 2) Then watch them tear the enemy apart.
NEVER run head into a pile of enemies and expect anything less then at least 20 minion deaths!!!!!!
8) Don't go out of your way to get gold bags and useless tower objects.
9) Get to know your spells well. You will use them often, especially the "enrage" and "fire" spells.
10) Play as a "Corrupt" Overlord. Even Beetles seem like gods early in the game and therefore farming peasants is ESSENTIAL. Also, CHOOSE VELEVET OVER ROSE. Velvet offers upgrades for your red and green minions. These upgrades are ESSENTIAL for the last part of the game (consisting of Kahn and the Wizard).
1) ONLY upgrade and forge when you have to, remember every minion counts. Harvesting minions other then brown is almost impossible until later in the game and you will need a whole lot of minions at certain points in the game.
2) Using the Steel Smelter is a half and half situation. By the time you defeat Melvin you should have already gotten a hold of playing on Legendary and are decent at performing certain techniques like "Luring." If you're still dying frequently in battle: I suggest practicing some more with Halflings. If you must go on to Evernight, then use the Steel Smelter and buy a mace. Upgrade it FULLY with browns. NO ARMOUR AND HELMET UPGRADES ARE NECESSARY. REMEMBER, PROPER MINION MANAGEMENT IS 10X MORE EFFICIENT THEN UPGRADES! EVERY MINION COUNTS!
3) Skip the "Get the Durium Smelter" quest. The Understreets (2) can be a real pain because of the zombie priests and it's not worth it. By this point in the game I had completely mastered "Luring" and could wipe out hordes of enemies with ease. If you absolutely NEED it. Fine, go get it and again, buy a mace and upgrade ONLY WITH BROWNS.
4) Once the Arcanium Smelter becomes available, get it right away. The Golden Hills level should provide enough gold to buy both armour and a weapon. If you don't have enough, first of all, you suck at this game, second, go to the Heaven's Peak cemetery area and loot the mausoleums, you should get around 5000 gold each time. Again, buy a mace and upgrade it MOSTLY with browns, but throw in a few greens too. You will want the critical hit to be powerful for knocking foes back. For the armour, upgrade it FULLY with greens. 100% regeneration will make the rest of the game a breeze. Harvest for greens at the beginning area of Evernight until you have around 30% regeneration. Once you have that and a fully upgraded Arcanium mace (as always, farm brown lifeforce from peasants at Spree) farming for lifeforce in the dungeon using the beetle method is finally doable. Once you have these two items fully upgraded, you're probably thinking, what about the helmet? Well now since you have these 2, dungeon battles with beetles are rediculously easy (albeit still not as easy as beetle-battles on normal difficulty). So go harvest like crazy! I recommend fighting Puff Beetles and using all green lifeforce for your helmet since Puff Beetles are the weakest of the 4 types and you can use any types for helmets without changing the outcome.
Go into dungeon. Battle some beetles. Use "Luring." After a few minutes, you should have 75 of the corresponding lifeforce. Hint: Puff Beetles are the weakest, then Dazzle Beetles, then Magma, then Brown beetles are (believe it or not) the toughest and therefore take the most amount of hits to take (as a plus, they don't have those annoying air attacks).
1) Harvest a bunch of minions using the sheep at the start of the level. It'll save time later on.
2) The Troll at the end of the Slave Camp is a real pain in the, before I figured out this trick it took me 30 minions to kill him. This trick is a life saver: as soon as the battle begins, get a bunch of minions to turn the wheel and open the gate to where the Crane is. Once you step through the gate, the game will autosave, thinking you've beaten the troll so when you warp into your Tower and back, he'll be gone!
3) The area before the Halfling Homes has a bunch of Halflings and another one of those dam Trolls. Just run past them all into the Homes and the game will think you've killed them all and erase them. Unfortunately, this is one of the only "enemy erasing" tricks that has a side effect. When you beat Mellow Hills/kill Melvin and travel back to this location in the future, all the enemies will suddenly be there again....)
4) The Halfling Homes are easy to skip most enemies. Don't go into useless rooms with enemies such as the sleeping quarters. The only tricky part of this dungeon is the end when you have to get the red spokes to turn the crank. Forget about trashing the Halfling holes, just rush a few minions and get the spokes. Also, the "nest" of Halflings can be a pain if you don't do it correctly (Gnarl will tell you when you reach the "nest"). DO NOT try to kill all of them! Use the Luring method to kill only the ones guarding the crank and those guarding the door.
5) The Halfling Party can be a real ball breaker or a cake walk. Kill the violin player and then run and get the spokes to the door. DONT BOTHER FIGHTING THE HORDES! IT'S SUICIDE! Once the door to Melvin's Kitchen opnes, rush in before enemies come out.
6) Melvin is sure to kill off ALL your minions. Don't worry, just keep jabbing him yourself and don't take any risks. After about half an hour he'll be dead.
7) The Steel Smelter is optionary, if you get it, upgrade your weapon to a mace but anythign else is pointless.
8) Castle Spree can be a pain because of the Ruborian Raiders. Just stay back and use red minions to easily kill them. The eye mini-boss thing is also a pain. The best strategy for this guy is placing red minions on the 2 platforms overlooking it and trying to get the attention of the Raiders yourself, so that they don'y harm the reds.

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Total Awards: 9 (more» ...)
1) Not much to say about Evernight. Just run by! Most of the enemies are pretty easily avoided.
2) The only part I remember being moderately difficult is the ambush with all those Skull creatures. This happens soon after the Skull Boar is introduced. You know, that large open battlefield-like room? Again DON'T BOTHER FIGHTING THEM ALL! One of the Boars has the spoke needed to turn the crank and haul out of there. Just find the right Boar and slay him and him only.
3) The Skull Den is a joke. As always, run past everything.
4) The Mother Godess Temple has those 2 trolls at the end. Before the newest update, the trolls are skipable by simply using the Tower Gate. This however, isn't so grand after the update since you can't harm the last root node until after you kill them. Just concentrate on one at a time and use the minion enrage spell.
5) Oberon is pretty easy, just takes a while. Not much to say about this battle, although losing a TON of minions is inevitable.

1) The zombies are easy enough to kill, even in groups. Frying them to a crisp with reds seems to work the best.
2) Ignore the Succubus near the Moist Hollows entrance. It is entirely skipable and will eat through your minions like a knife through butter, I GUARANTEE IT.
3) Ignore the whole cemetery part of Heaven's Peak. If you want the Health upgrade, just run a few minions over and run away. Chances are the zombie priests will not follow you.
4) The Hydra in the Moist Hollows is unskipable because an invisible, invincible Hydra still exists in that location after you "erase" it with a Tower Warp and you cannot get the blue minion hive past it. YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED! THIS CAN GLITCH UP YOUR GAME! Just send up a few minions as bait and then call them back when it strikes the ground. Hit it a few times and repeat. This batle will take FOREVER. Just deal with it, there seems to be no correct way to skip it at the moment.
5) The Understreets aren't so bad. Don't try to get the last spoke without reds though, just trudge through the extra part of the level and get the reds. WITHOUT THEM IS SUICIDE.
6) Skip the Hydra in the Understreets. 3 bags of gold for 50 minions.... so not worth it.
7) Don't get the Durium smelter. It's a waste of time and not worth the difficult zombie priests you'll fight on the way there.
8) The Succubus Queen isn't that bad since you should have a considerable amount of minions by now.
9) Sir William can be a ball breaker at this point in the game. I suggest fighting him after you've beaten a chnck of the Golden Hills and become a bit more powerful. He's not that bad, you just need some luck because once in a while a few red cult followers might get caught up in the mix and cause some mayhem. The 2 succubae aren't that hard, just concentrate on one at a time. The third and final battle with him is the easiest. Just wait for him to teleport near you and sic him with minions. Then after a few seconds, call back minions since he'll most likely do a ground strike attack. The battle might take a while but deal with it.
1) Run!!!!!
2) Stop running once you get to the dwarf party with the minion upgrade. You'll need it. Heading in would be suicide, so that's why we're gonna' let our friends the slugs take care of them. First of, kill all the elves there, they'll just obstruct your view. Next, send out a few minions down the pipe and onto the rock. They will push it and reveal a slug hole. The slugs should make short work of the dwarves. But there's still the second floor of dwarves. The best tactic for this is to NOT try to lure the slugs up the stairs. They can't (or atleast wouldn't for me). Just man up your defences and use an enrage spell to go all out. Then grab the upgrade and run by the slugs. The minions will try to carry it back through that dwarf village. NO! Take control of the minions carrying the upgrade directly and lead them on the blockaded path (obviously break the blockades). Run by enemies but kill the dwarf with a crossbow, he can kill a lot of minions if you're not careful. Turn the crank and go across the bridge to the big Tower Gate.
3) Avoid and run past the big rock troll thing and skip the Glistening Mines.
4) FLAME THROWER DWARF! THESE THINGS WERE IMPOSSIBLE EVEN ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY!!!!!! Well now they're like gods so try to run past them. Sometimes you just can't and the best strategy is to go in alone, circling around them and hitting from behind. It might take awhile but it will save a few minions over the course of the game, I guarantee you.
5) Don't bother with the Beer Kettle.
6) The Temple Construction Temple is a breeze, nothing worth mentioning.
7) Once you open the gates to Goldo's Stronghold, prepare to be faced with a horde of dwarves. How are we gonna do this you might ask. As always, RUN! Run to the Royal Halls and use the Tower Gate. Say goodbye to a slew of dwarves! Erasing enemies sure is grand! Go back and grab the gold bag if you need it for buying Arcanium stuff. Which, by the way, reminds me. Take a break from the main quest now and start harvesting minions for those Arcanium upgrades. It'll save a lot of time with.....
8) .....ROLLIE! He's sure to kill your minions if you go into battle with them! So don't. Just go in alone and circle around him and hit him from behind. Like I said before, those Arcanium upgrades (mainly the mace) make this seemingly slow and impossible task a real walk in the park. If you think it's gonna' take too long, suck it up, you've been through worse with Melvin, Oberon and not so much Sir William.
1) Take time with those sand worms. Don't try to run past the desert this time around (yea it was possible on Normal). Just take the time to kill them with those Blaster Bugs.
2) Ruborian Raiders are more powerful since the last whooping down at Castle Spree eh? Well lure the Blaster Bugs (if any nearby) towards them and watch the art of stupid AI at work....
3) As always, run first ask questions later.
1) Saving Spree can tear through minions. So don't rush in. Take out the blue eye-things with reds while standing above on those platforms. The red eye-thing will require greens. Same strategy, just bring a few reds along to ward of the smaller foes though.
2) Heaven's Peak is a breeze after Spree. Grab half greens and half reds at the start and run past the first wave of enemies towards the bridge. Kahn will be nice enough to block the path for those enemies by knocking stuff over. To kill Kahn, use the same method as killin those eye-things. At one point in this level, an infinite amount of Raiders will keup coming to **** you off until you turn a crank and close the bridge. Do this before anything else, those Raiders can really distract you from your real goal, whooping Kahn's sorry!
1) So you've made it this far on Legendary? Good job, but this will be the ultimate test. The last stretch of the game seperates the Legendary vets from the Legendary half-assers. I told you before to upgrade everything to Arcanium and get 100% regeneration and 200 of every minion type. If you listened, the Wizard shouldn't be too hard to kill. Just summon up all greens and hang around until he changes his shield to green. Then send them all out on him and once they break the shield and he falls on the ground, use the Berserk spell and watch carnage unfold! The Wizard should now have 1/3rd of his health taken off! !!!! Be sure to turn the spell off once the Wizard lifts off the ground again, then quickly recall all your minions and send them off and summon 2/3 browns and 1/3 reds. The Wizard should soon pull off that cheap move that triggers a cutscene that surround you with evil minions. As soon as this starts, use the Inferno spell to wipe out the evil greens near by and then send out all your minions on the rest. You will lose a lot of health here. 100% regeneration is critical here in order to survive and quickly go back to fighting standards. After this happens, evil red minions will start to pop up. So summon almost all green minions, but leave room for at least 10 browns to kill the evil reds which have a habbit of poping up suddenly and unexpectingly. Continue the green strategy from above and soon you will have your....


Hope that helps.

Legendary Overlord - 50

Defeat the Wizard in Legendary Mode

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Missing Troll in Dungeon

I would like to ask about "regular" trolls. I skipped both trolls and so I haven't unlocked them in Dungeon. The first one in Slave Camp will never return. The second one in front of Halfling Homes isn't also there but Halflings are there. Does anybody know if it is possible that this troll will appear for example after I complete game (I've read something about side effects of erasing these enemies but this troll isn't there)? I have finished Mellow Hills, Evernight and Heaven's Peak and he isn't still there.
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[Excuse me for resurrecting such an old thread, but I didn't feel like starting a new and, and there isn't much going on here anyway. :P]

Hi all, I just finished my Legendary playthrough. I noticed there isn't much information/walkthroughs to find online. I used the one posted in here (it is great!), but I thought I'd share some of my experiences anyway. Keep in mind I'm nowhere near brilliant, there are probably better ways for most stuff I did, but I made it and everyone should be able to with a bit of patience.

- It's easier to play as 'Evil' overlord, though I'd advise to focus solely on this achievement, and not even try to combine with 100% corruption or anything. This will ensure you play through the game three times though (0% evil, 100%, kinda evil legendary), but.. suck it up. Most people will probably need the practice to stand a chance on legendary.
- Forget most of what you learned on normal mode. You and your minions take a lot more damage, every fight is balanced differently now, so be very careful. Even beetles can kill a load of minions with ease.
- On normal mode, I could do a lot of fighting with the overlord, support my minions and thusly prevent them from dying. On legendary, you take too much damage. Most (if not all) of the time you'll have to stay back. If you die, all minions you have left die with you. Also, most progress you made will be reset, so your minion deaths will have been for nothing.
- On normal mode, I used mostly browns and blues. Send a load of browns on the enemies, they die quick, save the few casulties with the blues (if you had any). I worked through most of the game losing never losing any minions. On legendary, ... not so much. The enemies are so much stronger, many of them will make (near-) instant kills on minions, and often you have to back away so there's no space to save casulties. So I switched to using reds only for most of the game. Send them forward. They are faster then most enemies. Let them fire, run back. If enemies follow, keep running, fire once, running, etc... This works on most of them. Most strong ranged enemies are best kills with fire spells, overrun with browns, or ignored altogether.
- Grab all health, mana, and minion horde bonuses along the way. You'll be happy you did, in the end.
- Sometimes it's helpful to leave your minions behind at a gather point, while you run forward into a new area (to avoid casulties). As soon as the new area loads your minions will be by your side again.
- I didn't find the domination spells useful at all. Shield are ok in a few situations (for instance, I used it to hold off a load of dwarves while transporting the beer kettle -- you don't have to grab that thing anyway though), for getting through a few meters of danger, or with the included stun create an opening to run through and flee the enemies. Fireballs are great for damaging anything too strong or any immediate threats to your minions. Minion spells... well only against bosses imo. On legendary, having them go out of control is rarely a good idea.

Farming & Forging
- If you have browns in reserve, grab steel smelter and imbue any of the weapons with max browns.
- I don't agree with the above guide that farming is impossible without arcanium armor & weapon. I managed it a few times (when I really needed some reds), using 20 red and 5 blue. Keep the blues on a gather point (insures they will run towards casulties without telling them to). Stand in the middle ish, have the reds fire or lure 1-2 (max!) enemies towards your position. If more of them follow your minions, run and keep running to the wall. Mostly you'll shake most if not all of them off again. Otherwise, fight for your life!
- Important is, when the reds shoot a beetle while there are still plenty. don't grab the lifeforce. Yes it's hard to ignore (it just screams at you 'GRAB ME'), but otherwise you're at big risk to lose all minions and fail your farming plan.
- I skipped the Durium smelter, but it's all just choice and how much time/patience you have. If you grab durium, go farm, and imbue stuff, the mid-late game will be easier. But it costs a lot of time to do so, and you will want to do the arcanium set as well anyway (or you'll be too weak for kahn/wizard, trust me). So skipping it is fine. =] Once you get to the arcanium one, grab it and quit everything you're doing. Imbue weapon with all browns you have, and armor with all greens you have. This should make farming doable, then farm until you have imbued them all the way and have a bit of reserve again for the lategame.

Random advice
- I just remembered... In the arcanium mine. I lured the mother slug all the way to the dwarves at the forges, and they killed it for me. Saved mana and health. That worked pretty well, ghe. =]

- Melvin... Be very careful with your minions. At the start, smash the furniture have more space to keep away from him. Stay very careful, don't go for a quick finish (isn't possible anyway :P). If you lose your minions you won't be able to kill him.
- Oberon... Don't rush things. Just send a few on him, he'll take damage (and then turn back invincible). Then focus on the new enemies that spawn. Keep moving to avoid roots. I'd say fireball most of the annoying enemies down, and sacrifice some browns for more mana. You'll minions anyway, this way seemed more efficient to me.
- Sir William... Before the first fight, I'd say decrease the population of red dawn lot with some browns (and blues behind), mostly staying at the door to the room. Lure them there, kill a few, save casulties. Run outside, kill 1-2 more, run back, kill the persuers... I don't know exactly, but when it starts getting a little less crowded, try running in the middle of the area, and the fight will start. At that point, ignore the red dawn, just send minions on him and slash along. After that, grab new minions, you'll fight two succubae. As always with these, keep sending minions on them, it'll keep them from killing the ones they grabbed. Also, fireball one of the two down at the start. It'll prevent a lot of casulties, and you'll need a good number of minions for fight three. In fight three, only stick to the outer ring, wait till he comes to you.
- Goldo... Easy. No minions, circle behind the car thingy.
- Jewel... In the village you end up, there'll be a 'main street'. Kill all rub. raiders first, block every exit the street has with 1-2-3 minions on a gather point, then walk up to jewel and she'll go into the tower gate.
- Kahn... Get 10 reds, move them on the wall left and set a gather point. Next, grab max. greens, put them on the wall to the right at a gather point. Then, stay at the stairs and block and kill the raiders before they run up to your minions. Next, grab more greens and put them further on the wall on the right. Loot everything for weapons and mana, fill up your horde. In the second fight, put a gather point for all minions at the high point you start at. They'll deal with 1/4 Kahn. Fireball the flying eye down. Again, loot everything and fill up. Be careful for raiders on the way. Once the cutscenes are done, run to the wheel and turn it. Then kill the raiders. Loot and fill up horde, put minions on either high sides of the street, and try to keep Kahn busy. Usually a good lot of greens will take care of that. Otherwise you could keep poking him with fire now and then. Again, loot stuff, fill up, and look out for raiders on the way. Third fight, fireball both of the flying eyes. Put all minions on the highest level. Keep Kahn busy, again. However, never engage him in melee, he does too much damage and sometimes you get trapped.
- Wizard... Stay at the spawning pits on both sides (the tornado move doesn't hit you there). Help your minions against evil minions (you have regeneration by now anyway). I got mostly browns (because they easily deal with evil minions) but you have other options. I found 1/2 browns 1/2 reds or greens to be ok as well, for when he made a red or green shield. Then, send browns on the evil minions and red/green on the wizard. Once shield breaks, send all on him. However, I think all browns is better, but takes a little longer because you have to wait for it to turn brown. I used 90% browns though and I did it first try without trouble. Use all your mana on legion of terror spell, and at first, save at least half for the surrounding event, where you will be in actual trouble without it.

So, that's all I can think of right now. Good luck to anyone attempting this! I hope I could be of any help. Remember, all it takes is patience and being very careful. You can always farm extra life force. Have fun!
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