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Soldier of Fortune: Payback
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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 12
- Online: 30
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20 - 30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 recommended)
- Number of missable achievements: None, but if done in 1 playthrough you may need to cleanup a few kills for “No Mercy” and “Not Enough Milk”
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, you need to play on hard for “Soldier of Fortune” and you need to play on Normal or Hard for “The Real Deal”.
- Glitchy achievements: 1, “The Impossible Shot” states 10 kills needed but once unlocked it reads the correct 25 kills needed.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No but the only code I could find was for the ACR-2 Sniper Rifle.
-Unobtainable Achievements: None
-Extra Equipment Needed: None

This is a pretty short and relatively easy FPS. The story is only about 3-6 hours, but it may take you a little longer on your first run through as some of the objectives are a pain to spot and the objective marker is less than helpful at times. The difficulty, even on hard, is comparably easier than the Call of Duty games on veteran, however this game can require the same patience and has a few places that can make you want to pull your hair out. Shotguns will be your biggest nightmare, as they will normally kill you almost instantly, however once you learn the area that they will be you can breeze through most of the game. Occasionally your screen will turn all white, that is you failing an objective (i.e. the person you are supposed to protect dieing) or if you get shot in the head... tough luck pretty much, especially in the beginning part of the Llebo level while escorting the prisoner to the camp. The final boss can be a huge pain trying to fight fairly, however all's fair in achievements and war so simply wait behind cover and once he gets close jump out and knife him (press in on the right stick) repeatedly until he dies.

Part 1 Campaign:
I recommend doing at least two play throughs, one on hard for the complete all missions and complete the game on hard achievements and one on normal for “The Real Deal” (complete the game on normal without dieing) achievement. However the second playthrough does not have to be in order for the achievement, I simply find it easier to just do them in order as to not miss any. The game looks at each individual section of a level, so if you die simply quit out and use “Mission Select” to go back to the part right before dieing. Also, “The Real Deal” must be done all on one difficulty, you cannot mix and match levels on both difficulties.

Part 2 Online Player Matches:
Most of the online can be done in player matches (except for the ones that state Ranked Matches, pretty self explanatory) with one other person. It is best to find a reliable boosting partner (or con a friend into doing them with you) and just trade off kills / head-shots / dismemberments. I recommend trying for multiple people, the more people the faster the kills and adding another person will usually save you more time then it will add to get everyone their achievements. This will be the majority of the multiplayer along with hosting 100 matches (see below for more on that).

Part 3 Ranked Online:
Ranked online is more of a pain in getting the people together rather than the actual time it takes. Most of these are relatively low numbers required, the longest being the 50 knife kills from behind, making them quick and easy. Ranked matches require 4-6 people (4 for free-for-all games, 6 for team games), however these only take about 2 hours to get everyone their achievements. These can be frustrating getting put in the same match, as the game tries to scatter people into a few games but once a few get paired up if everyone re-searches, you will usually all end up in the same game. A quick note on team elimination, it is a best of three rounds match, so you can do it with just 6 and it does count kills from one round to another as it is the same match.

Part 4 Hosting and Multiplayer clean-up:
Now starts the longest portion of the online, hosting 100 player matches. It sounds like a lot but it can go by quite fast. Simply invite one friend to a deathmatch on a map you prefer (there are only 5 so your choices are limited) set to 1 kill. Start the match, hunt them down, rinse and repeat. They can simply wander off, watch TV, go to the zoo, whatever while you just continually plink away at the 100 matches. You can also use this time to get the other 50 knife kills required for “Butcher” if you have not already done so, it also gives you a good idea for a rough half way mark in your hosting.

Part 5 Tips:
Cash and Prizes – When going for “Cash and Prizes”, it is recommended that you host a CTF player match (I preferred to use the Garage map as this map is relatively small and meeting at their flag as they will respawn all around you) and put everyone else on the opposite team. You should crouch and aim between their legs, slowly moving the reticule up until it turns from white to red. If you get a one shot kill it was in the right spot, repeat 74 more times. Also, using a shotgun (I prefer the CAWS-50), and aiming at the top of the thigh will net you crotch shots as well as dismemberments towards “Daddy Longlegs”, however it is less reliable than the first method.
The Impossible Shot – Another achievement I recommend doing in Garage as is just an all around easy map to use. Equip the M16A3 and leave the optics slot under the customize menu empty. Line yourself up with the wall in the center looking down the stretch with the loading bays. Get your partner to stand against the far wall and without using the left trigger shoot short bursts at them until they die. Just a reminder, this achievement is actually for 25 kills, it says 10 until you unlock it then it says 25.
No Mercy / Not Enough Milk - If you still need campaign kills and/or dismemberments, load up the last section of Eshkashem from Mission Select on easy and as long as you don't blow up the helicopter the guys will keep spawning. Use an AK and you will never run out of ammo as every guy you kill will drop you more ammo. You do not need to finish the level for the kills / dismemberments to count.
Easy Boss Fights – For the boss fights in the Garage and Nightclub levels, you can hide behind cover (the crates on the right in the garage and any pillar in the nightclub), wait for the boss to get close and run out shooting to stumble them. Once you get close, just mash the crap out of the right stick to continually knife them. They will occasionally get lucky and hit you with the butt of their rifle, however you can live 2-3 of these and you will usually heal before they can get more than 1-2 hits.

This can be a very easy 1000 if you have a little patience and a good boosting partner. Once you get past the poor level design and less than helpful objective marker, the levels are pretty short and most of the time you just need to shoot everything that moves. The online can go by pretty fast so long as you stick with it and try to have fun.
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Thanks a lot for making this.

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No problem, just trying to make the roadmaps that are missing as I complete the games.
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You should give it at least a 7 out of 10 because some mission parameters suck :-)

And all the glitches work against you ^^
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Nice guide man, I think that all guides need a map for it to work.

but 1 thing, the first part 'forward' do you mean 'foreword' ?
Thanks Nozza for this sexy beast!
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good roadmap
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