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Act 3 ugh Please Help.

I can't believe I'm stuck on this game but on Act 3 there are 3 robot guys and my other teamate keeps making me Pipe bombs and the robots keep shooting at me and by the time I actually get to cover I'm half health. And your health doesn't come back. I hate this game and want to finish it A.S.A.P

Someone help
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As soon as the checkpoint loads, there will be 2 T-600's. They will try to push you upstairs. (where the pipe-bombs are made) Try to stay at the lower level in the left-back pillar. It will take a while before the robots ignore you and start heading upstairs. As soon as they are upstairs, navigate slowly to the stairs so you can only see the one that is close to the stairs. Take him out first, with anything you've got. Shoot at the chest to make everything count.

If the red indicator start showing you're being hit by the second T-600, move and try again.

When the first one is down, slowly navigate towards the second one, still doing this downstairs.
Third one should then be very easy, assumming you've still got ammo

This is how I managed after multiple attempts.

Good Luck
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I posted this in the achievement guide, but I'll just copy and paste it here for you as well. It took me a few attempts before I got it, and the final attempt I barely lost any health:

When they bust through the wall and you are told to run upstairs, hug the outer wall (away from railing), you seem to take a bit less damage.

When you get to the area where the guy is making the pipebombs, take cover behind the broken table that overlooks the stairs and yard area. Don't bother with the L shaped file cabinet cover or behind the refrigerators.

Ignore the first T6 that comes up the stairs, he will come all the way to your side, but will be unable to shoot you behind the table. The second T6 will stop his patrol directly across from you. Grab one pipebomb (actually gives you two) and throw them at the T6. His chest will malfunction and all you need to do is finish him off with any gun, or grab another pipebomb stack.

When he dies, a door will open and another T6 will appear where the first one that you ignored is at. Get out of cover, but stay near the table, and just get a position (I had to autorun against the railing) to get a clean shot on the final 2 terminators. You can either grab another pipebomb or just lay into them with your guns. 99% of the time they will concentrate on your AI friends and won't attack you. If you do go out into the open to grab pipebombs, they will shoot at you. Once you kill both of them, make your way into the next area.

This trick almost just abuses the line of sight that the terminators have on you, and is absolutely doable on your first try with this strategy, given they don't mow you down as you run up the stairs.

I haven't tried the staying at the bottom trick, but as long as you take your time and be careful, that probably works great as well.

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Sorry for posting this outside the achievement guide then. This is how I managed. Should be merged into 1 post/guide

For the second part (which I think isn't covered yet) after the 3 T-600 at the stairs, you'll go into another small area with lots of cover posibilities. Go to the far back, again where the pipe-bombs are made and take cover. Grap 2 bombs or still having them, which is preferable, take out the last 3 T-600's using the bombs. When 2 T-600's are close to each other, use LT and aim in the middle of them. Remember you'll get 6 bombs and still having 2 will give you a small advantage.
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I don't know if anyone is still even playing this game, but staying at the bottom to kill the first robot worked. AND while hiding behind a pillar, my health refilled. So keep that in mind. I was able to take out the first one with whatever weapon I had, quickly running out of ammo. Then I sneaked out a bit and was able to shoot the second one (still from the first floor) through the railings of the second floor. Then miraculously, my squadmates were able to take out the third one. If there's one piece of praise I have for this game, it's that the friendly AI are not completely useless.
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