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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Shop FAQ

Rumble Roses SHOP FAQ
There was a feature that 360achievements began implementing a few years back to contain a FAQ in every forum for every game to help cover all the commonly asked questions posted in the forum. To avoid clutter(or minimize it for that matter) we have posted a FAQ to help make 360a your one stop shop for all your achievement needs!

For the most part this thread will serve as a Nexus for everything you need to buy from the Shop to get the Shop Complete achievement. You can use this guide as a checklist, as well as a place to find answers to questions that you may have.

Before we go any further, please refer to the following FAQs and Guides for any and all questions not found in this guide:

Official Website
Achievement Guide
Strategy Guide
Tutorial Guide
IGN Guide & Walkthrough

These are available for a reason – to be used!

This FAQ was created to help people going for the 1000 have an overall understanding of The Shop. What type of things can be purchased at the Shop? How much reward money(RR) do these items cost? How do I unlock them and how long it will take? All of this and more is answered in this guide. There are 17 Edit Costumes, 19 Swimsuits, 31 Actions, 30 Artworks and 4 Others items in all of the Shop but you don't actually have to buy 100% of everything for the Shop Complete achievement as you will find out in this guide.

Shop & FAQ Questions

[101] Where is The Shop? How can I access it?
The Shop is located on the main map menu where you make your choices as to what to do next. It should be one of the options to the right next to Island Resort. Go there to purchases costumes and items.

[102] How do I unlock the Edit Costumes?
Right off the bat the game will have 10 Edit Costumes available for purchase, but there are 7 other costumes you must also unlock to have all 17 Edit Costumes. The way unlocking works in Rumble Roses is you will receive a Reward Match for a costume that you need based on if certain conditions are met. You will see the words "REWARD" appear at one of the venues as notification. Once you see a Reward Match proceed there and you will face an opponent who will be wearing the costume you need. Defeat them and it will be made available in the Shop. Unlock requirements vary depending on the Rose you are using such as defeating another opponent a certain amount of times in a certain stipulation or taking photos to unlock the maid outfit. The easiest method for unlocking costumes is starting up your game 235 times. This will make Reward Matches for 5 of the unlockable costumes appear for the 10 Roses you have available to you when you first start the game. As for the 2 Marine Gift swimsuits you must use every penalty humiliation against an opponent at the Island Resort(Queens Match). There are 26 humiliation items in all, 7 of which must be purchased at the Shop under Actions. Go to Island Resort and use all 26 of them at least once. There will be a reward match after using half of them and then all of them. You only have to do this for the default characters.

The conditions for unlocking Edit Costumes for the Alter Ego characters are much easier. Those Reward Matches for all 7 of their Edit Costumes will become available through natural play(play 80 matches). This includes their Marine Gift swimsuits. As for the 30 Lambdas, all of their costumes are already unlocked by default when you first start the game. You simply have to buy them only.

[103] How do I unlock the Swimsuits?
Each Rose has their own unique swimsuit that can be accessed by going to the Locker Room, then to Custom. From the Custom Menu scroll over to the Costume Tab. You can switch your Rose's costume from here. Go to their default attire and switch it over to the unique swimsuit that is to the right of their default. Put it on and then win a match at all 5 venues while wearing it. It will become available for all other characters upon doing this. There is no notification that the Swimsuit unlocks, however.

[104] What's a Start Up? And will my Reward Matches disappear if I don't attempt them immediately?
A Start Up is simply an instance statistic in which you load up Rumble Roses XX and start playing. Everytime you save your game and return the dashboard it counts as a Start. Some have even stated that you can simply quit to the Main Menu, load up your save file, then save your game and that too will count as a Start Up as opposed to quitting to the dashboard. If you go to Records from the Lockeroom it will show you how many Start Ups you have. Logging in 235 of them will unlock every Reward Match for the 10 default Roses except for the 2 marine gift Reward Matches. It's a preferred method of unlocking costumes much faster than meeting other requirements.

Once a Reward Match appears on the map menu in Story Mode it will remain there until you defeat your opponent. You don't have to worry about it disappearing.

[105] How do I go about earning enough money(RR) to pay for all of this stuff?
You will gain reward money as you play through the game, winning matches for the Singles Championship as well as working towards various other things. Depending on the difficulty you have the game set on, as well as the amount of popularity both Roses have, will have an effect on how much money you receive after winning a match. Street Fights are one way to grind for money. Set the Time Limit to 60 seconds under options and win 150 of them on Hard difficulty. This will should give you 332,000 RR but may take 6 or more hours. Street Fights can also be Turbo Controlled. Another method is by playing Tag matches. They don't always appear, but are very profitable if you happen to get one in one of the 3 venues. Pair up your Rose with a Lambda(that has a Shooter 1 move-set assigned to them) and you can simply tag the Lambda in to win the matches for you in seconds. Continue to play Tag Matches and win them quickly until you have the 332,000 you need to buy all costumes for that Rose.

[106] What's a Marine Gift?
Marine Gift is a special swimsuit you unlock for each Rose once certain conditions are met. There are 2 Marine Gifts in all, the Scallop and Flower. Unlock conditions vary between the default Roses and Alter Ego Roses. For the default Roses you must use every Humiliation against your opponent at the Island Resort. For the Alter Ego's you will unlock the Reward Match for them after playing 80 matches.

[107] Don't I need to unlock all costumes for the 30 Lambdas in order to buy them as well?
No. All Edit Costumes and Swimsuits are automatically unlocked from the start of the game. Only the Edit Costumes and Swimsuits for the 20 Roses must be unlocked before you can purchase them.

[108] My Single Championship title shot isn't coming up. Am I doing something wrong?

Getting a Title Shot can be finicky at times. You have to defeat the other 9 original characters and then win 6 other matches for a total of 15 matches. You must also be on a 3 game winning streak. Make sure you create a checklist of every other default character in the game and cross them off as you defeat them in Singles matches. You cannot defeat yourself as there are no mirror matches in Rumble Roses XX.
  • Reiko Hinomoto
  • Dixie Clemets
  • Makoto Aihara
  • Benikage
  • Evil Rose
  • Aisha
  • Anesthesia
  • Candy Cane
  • Miss Spencer
  • Aigle

Best place to search for opponents is the Street Fight venue and Island Resort in Queens Matches. Match-ups are randomized so you will have to keep searching for the opponent you need at every venue. If you have trouble getting some characters to appear you can refresh your matches by re-selecting your character, or by simply re-defeating another Rose that is at the Street Fight or Island Resort. This will at least work towards the 15 overall wins you need to get the Title shot. As you unlock more characters, finding the girl you need to defeat will become even more of a hassle, since some of the Alter-Egos will start appearing at the venues. Stay persistent, and keep using the above methods to get your eventual title shot.

A common reason why CHAMP matches won't appear at the venue is because sometimes your Alter-Ego may already have the title. This is only possible(for example) if you previously played as Rowdy Reiko, won the title, then switched to Reiko Hinomoto and tried to win it. This isn't possible. A Rose cannot win the Championship from their Alter-Ego and therefore the CHAMP match will never appear. The incumbent champion is always the Rose you recently won the title with. Lady X is the default champion when you first place the game. Other notes:
  • 3-Way and 4-Way Royals don't count
  • Exhibition Matches don't count
  • As Champion, your Popularity can never deplete unless you lose
[109] How do I get a shot at the Tag-Championship?
The requirement for this is very straight-forward. Simply win 10 Tag Team matches with the same partner. The words CHAMP should appear at the Arena after your 10th win. It was rumored that it must be 10 consecutive wins but this should not be the case.

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)


There are 17 Edit Costumes in all, 10 of them are available from the start and 7 that must be unlocked. Those 7 costumes are NOT unlocked directly. You must win the REWARD match for them in order for them to become available at the SHOP. Requirements for getting the Reward Match vary between characters so the fastest method is to Start up your game 235 times. This will unlock them all for the original characters except for the 2 Marine Gift Swimsuits which are unlocked by winning Queens Matches and using all 26 penalties. And also the Maid Costume which is unlocked by taking 2 photos of your particular character at the PHOTO SHOOT.

For the Alter Egos just play 80 matches and the REWARD matches will unlock along the way. All Edit Costumes are as follows, starting with the unlocked ones:

Edit Costumes

1. School Uniform-6000RR
2. School Uniform 2-5000RR
3. Gym Suit-6000RR
4. Bunny Suit-5000RR
5. Cat Suit-5500RR
6. Cheer Leader-5000RR
7. Chinese Dress-5500RR
8. School Swimsuit- 5000RR
9. Sexy Swimsuit-6000RR
10. Cute Swimsuit-5500RR

Unlockable Edit Costumes

11. Maid Costume- 6500RR
12. Olgaís Costumes- 10,000RR
13. Evaís Costume-10,000RR
14. Nyamiís Costume-10,000RR
15. Mimiís Costume-10,000RR
16. Marine Gift (flower)-30,000RR
17. Marine Gift (scallop)-30,000RR

This is a total of 17 Costumes which altogether cost 161,000RR. This money can be earned by winning 73 HARD Singles matches such as Street Fights or Queens matches. You can also earn this money by playing multiple tag matches with a Shooter 1 Lambda for a partner.

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)


Unlocking Swimsuits is pretty straight forward. None of these will be available to you from the start. They ALL must be unlocked by simply wearing each character's unique swimsuit and win a match at all 5 Venues with it on(Arena, Red Valley, Skyscraper, Street Fight, and Island Resort).

To access their swimsuits go to the Locker Room and select CUSTOMIZE. You can switch their costume from the Costume tab. The swimsuit is the one to the right of their DEFAULT costume.

Once the swimsuit unlocks there will NOT be any notification and you won’t be able to know if it is available with the Rose you are playing as. You will have to pick a different Rose then go to the shop to see if it is available. There are 20 Swimsuits in the game. But only 19 can be purchased as yours is already unlocked for you to wear so that you may unlock it for the other Roses. Only when playing with the 30 Lambdas will you have to buy 20 Swimsuits. So here they all are:


1. Reiko Heinomoto Swimsuit- 9000 RR
2. Rowdy Reiko Swimsuit- 9000 RR
3. Dixie Clemets Swimsuit- 9000 RR
4. Sgt. Clemets- 9000 RR
5. Candy Cane Swimsuit- 9000 RR
6. Becky Swimsuit- 9000 RR
7. Anesthesia Swimsuit- 9000 RR
8. Dr. Anesthesia Swimsuit-9000 RR
9. Makoto Aihara Swimsuit-9000 RR
10. Black Belt Demon Swimsuit- 9000 RR
11. Benikage Swimsuit- 9000RR
12. Yasha Swimsuit- 9000 RR
13. Evil Rose Swimsuit- 9000 RR
14. Noble Rose Swimsuit- 9000 RR
15. Aisha Swimsuit- 9000 RR
16. Sista A Swimsuit- 9000 RR
17. Miss Spencer Swimsuit- 9000 RR
18. Mistress Swimsuit- 9000 RR
19. Aigle Swimsuit- 9000 RR
20. Great Khan Swimsuit- 9000 RR

All Swimsuits are 9000 RR a piece. That’s 19 swimsuits that come to a total of 171,000 RR and can be earned by winning 73 HARD Singles Matches for each character. The money can also be earned by playing Tag matches with a Lambda(Shooter 1 Trick).

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)


All Actions are available from the start. Seven of the Actions are Penalties(Humiliation Items) which must be purchased and used in order to unlock the 2 Marine Gift Swimsuits with the 10 default Roses.

Here is the list of them all Action items:


1. Hula Hoop(Penalty)- 4500 RR
2. Balance Ball(Penalty)- 4500 RR
3. Jump Rope(Penalty)- 4500 RR
4. Hopping(Penalty)- 4500RR
5. Water Gun(Penalty)- 4500 RR
6. Washing Swimming Pool(Penalty)- 4500 RR
7. Round Trunk(Penalty)- 4500 RR
8. Pose 4-3500 RR
9. Pose 5-3500 RR
10. Pose 6-3500 RR
11. Pose 7-3500 RR
12. Stretch 1-3500 RR
13. Stretch 2-3500 RR
14. Stretch 3- 3500 RR
15. Stretch 4-3500 RR
16. Stretch 5-3500 RR
17. Stretch 6-3500 RR
18. Stretch 7-3500 RR
19. Walking-3500 RR
20. Listening-3500 RR
21. Swimming 1-3500RR
22. Swimming 2-3500 RR
23. Swimming 3-3500RR
24. Bicycle Riding-3500RR
25. Pair Pose 4-4500 RR
26. Pair Pose 5-4500 RR
27. Pair Pose 6-4500 RR
28. Pair Pose 7-4500 RR
29. Pair Pose 8-4500 RR
30. Pair Pose 9-4500 RR
31. Pair Pose 10-4500 RR

Note: You do not have to purchase all of these with all characters to get 1000G in the game.You will only need to buy the 7 penalties from this category with the 10 default Roses so that you can unlock the 2 Marine Gift swimsuits.

All 31 Action items cost 91,000 RR and can be earned by winning 41 HARD Singles Matches.

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)


There are only 4 items under this category and two of them must be unlocked by unlocking all characters. There are 10 other characters to unlock from the start and most of them you will unlock while you win the title with everyone. There are only 3 Roses that must be unlocked under different conditions:

Noble Rose
To unlock Noble Rose, beat Evil Rose 10 times as Reiko Hinomoto.


To unlock Yasha, beat Benikage 10 times with Anesthesia.


To unlock Becky, beat Candy Cane 10 times with Miss Spencer.

Once you have unlocked all 20 Roses the Reward matches for Lady X and Lady X Subsistence will be available for the taking. Defeat her in both matches and you will be able to purchase her from the shop. The other 2 items are available from the start. Here are all 4 OTHERS items:

1. Lady X Substance(locked)- 20,000 RR
2. Lady X Subsistence(locked)- 30,000 RR
3. Digital Camera- 8000 RR
4. Audio Set- 9000 RR

Note: The Digital Camera should be the FIRST thing you purchase so that you can unlock Reward matches for the Maid costumes by taking 2 pictures of each Rose.

All Others items total to 67,000RR and can be purchased basically along the way as you save up money with each character. If you ever have left over reward money(or money from winning titles) you may want to spend it here as you only need to buy these items once.



There are 30 artwork items in total and they all cost 2000RR. Most of them simply contain renders and concept sketches of the Roses in their default and Superstar Costumes. Sexy too! Ahem, excuse me. I think it’s pretty pointless to list them as they are the cheapest items and I recommend you buy them first with the Money earned from getting Title Shots anyway.
All you basically need to know is that there are 30 Artworks and they are 2000 RR each. This totals to 60,000 RR.



And that about sums it all up. Just remember it takes 332,000RR to purchase all Costumes with each Rose and 341,000 RR to purchase all costumes with each Lambda.
Also make sure you buy the ARTWORK and OTHERS items first. After that you will only have to worry about purchasing costumes with the 20 Roses and 30 Lambda Edits and the Costume Complete Achievement will unlock upon buying the final costume and then the Shop Complete will unlock right after it.

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Awards Showcase NBA Live 07 - 1000 People Online...Again
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Originally Posted by FeLizP View Post
It will take you a total of 332,000RR to purchase ALL 36 Costumes for the Achievement per character.
After you purchase all the costumes for ALL of the characters (baby face / heel / lamdas) you only need to completely buy out the shop with your last lambda and the achievement will unlock. So you will need around ~500k on your last lambda for the achievement.
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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Precisely, although I made this guide prior to finding out about this information. Never really got the time to edit it to keep people from spending more time than they needed to 1000G the game. Thanks for doing it for me.

One final note I would like to make to this FAQ. You only need to purchase all ARTWORK and OTHERS items. After that buy all 20 Roses and 30 Lambda's Costumes and you will get the Shop Complete achievement. It will unlock right after getting the Costume Complete Achievement.

And by the way Tomoyo, When you said you were buying out the shop with the last Lambda and while you were buying the Shop Complete Unlocked that means you only had to stop at the last Costume.You were finished! How the achievements unlock if sort of strange. Basically upon purchasing the final costume, the Costume Complete Achievement pops up and then the Shop Complete right after. Wonder why it wouldn't be a 2 for 350G achievement? Possibly because it is glitched.

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Pft. Reiko Hinamoto and Rowdy Reiko? I played as them in MGS3: S/ MGO.

Why no fan service for Raikov and Raiden? Im sure they would have fit in this game as return for the crossover.

Lady X Substance and Lady X Subsistence is hardly a fanservice for MGS

and why were they called Lambdas? Back in my days, we just called create a characters CAWdy Rhodes.

Seriously though... Why Lambda? I rather play as Nu.

Okay okay, seriously though. This FAQ is a gem.. thats hidden below a ton of dead topics.

Obligatory bump for a certain Shooting Katana. Less R6V2 for you prz.
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Great guide, but one minor correction - to unlock the unique swimsuit you only have to wear it with that character in Arena, Red Valley and Skyscraper, not the beach and street fight
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