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Important information for getting 1000!!

Ok so i'm going to start this game soon and I searched this forum and didn't really have all the answers I was looking for..

So I send a message to oOEVILOo and he very nicely answered some Q's..
I just thought i'd post here for those of you crazy enough to go for 1K on this.

I asked:
-Can I play on easy?

"There's a lot of cobwebs up in the ol noggin about playing on easy though. I don't even remember that, but I think it should be ok."

"Double check on the playing on Easy thing because I'm only 97% positive you can do that"

He also said "You die in one hit no matter the difficulty though." so i'm not sure if this really matters or not..

I plan on finding out as i'm going to play on easy.. Then i'll update this thread.

-Can I die a couple of times and still get S rank?

"You must complete the level flawlessly to get an S rank. (No deaths and almost no damage or shots fired)"

He then went on to say
"If you're wondering what the threshold for damage/accuracy is on the level, watch the youtube videos and check out the end where it shows his stats screen. Try to match or beat his stats. (The text is japanse, but you should be able to figure it out"

The videos are apparently very helpful.. But how helpful.. I guess i'll find out soon.

Thanks again to EVIL and best of luck to those of you going for the 1k like me!

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Talking Everything else you need to know.

Greetings Everyone,

I finally completed the 1K in this game and I would like to throw in my input for completing the 1k in this game. Although it is a very simple 650 with a boosting partner, attaining the 1K is indeed a proud feat.

The game isn't as terrible IMO as many people make it out to be, however, this game will test your patience with an ungodly amount of frustration, especially when going for 'S' rank. This was the first game that I had to put down and walk away from...especially after you go through a 10 minute level and jump down a building for 5 points of damage and completely **** your 'S' rank.

I read a lot of talk on playing on 'easy' throughout the game, although I never found that difficulty available. The only choices were 'normal' and 'hard'. I did majority of the game on 'normal' however I did try a few levels on 'hard', but I was unable to distinguish a difference.

As soon as you are spotted you're dead. There is no hiding, or cool down period...just death. Between the two difficulties, there was no heightened sense of awareness for the AI on hard. I didn't really notice a lower count of ammo on the harder difficulty, but since you will be in stealth mode majority of the game, unless it's Sniper Ammo or the Shotgun, then it's useless...although I will refine that statement in a bit.

A few things to note when going for 'S' rank on each level.

-Patience...Patience...more Patience...divine Patience

-If you hear him make a grunting "argh" noise when you jump or fall off a building, restart your boned.

-If you die, restart.

-If you shoot a bullet in a lvl and you saw the guy in the video never use

-When watching the videos, please not that the guy is really good at the game, if you can't mimic his actions in a precise manner, try to find your way to achieve the same result.

-The guy in the youtube videos takes hardly no damage when going through the later lvl's and bossfights. During these lvls it is ok to get hit once or twice and still get the 'S' rank.

-If you are trying for an 'S' rank and should die, take that play of the lvl to familiarize yourself with the lvl layout and collect the medals on that runthrough.

-Most lvl's you can't get all the medals and the 'S' rank, it is recommended you take one playthrough for each.

Now I will the weapons available in the game. I didn't record the exact names, but I will label them according to commonly referred to weapons.

H&M 99s (Pistol)-The only use I ever found for the pistol was for a glorified lock pick or crate buster (only a handful of times were needed for that purpose).

Neolite/Arma M4 (M16)- This weapon has it's uses, especially in the later levels when the agency begins to send troops after you. This is mainly where this weapon becomes effective as it only takes 10 shots to put down a Special Ops member. If you try to use it against a regular Night Walker(I will refer to Night Walkers as "NW's" from now on), it takes anywhere from 15-20 shots, depending if you are able to nail consistent headshots, and you must have at least an in game city block of distance if you try to do so. As soon as the first shot is fired the NW will immediately blitz you, and since it's instant death once he catches you, an adequate distance is needed for the takedown.

H&M MP5s
-I only used this once in the game which was on Level 20, and it was to fight the hidden boss NW for the Medal. I didn't find any other use for this weapon. It's a sub machine gun that doesn't work well on...pretty much anything. You can hit anyone from a distance and since you will have the M4 almost always, I find no value in this weapon.

Bellamy M3 (Shotgun)
-Time to teach those NW's a lesson. 1 shot 1 kill, just beware if you blow their head off. They can still charge towards you and spill acid all over you.

H&M MSG90(Sniper Rifle)-The classic brain scrambler. 1 shot 1 kill, just make it a headshot. 2 shots if you miss, but by that time he'll call the rest of his buddies to ruin your day.

Varetta M82 (.50 cal Sniper)-This is your BFG of the game. 1 shot 1 kill with 100% accuracy as long as your reticule is red. Does wonders against bosses, and annihilates NW and Special usual, since it's so powerful, it won't be available till the last few levels of the game.

That's all I can think of, if you have any questions, PM me and I'll do my best to answer it. Hope this helps, as this seems to be a very underground title with very little help available. Good luck, but once you hit that 1K, it will indeed be one of your proudest.


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mr wong tong
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thanks for the help
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Just picked this game up. Now Im seeing that it is prolly gonna be way more of a challenge than I was looking for. Oh well Ill give it a try and see what happens.
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Useful tips thnx
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as in TA

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