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History Channel: Civil War
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3 Glitched achievements for anyone who needs help.

So I'm a big fan of the History Channel games and I got this through gamefly. I decided to wanted to 1000g this game and come to find out that 3 achievements are glitched. After a 2 day search of solutions from a number of different websites including this one--I still could not get my last achievements. I'm writing this for anyone who wants to play in the future. I realize this game is at least 5 years old now and not many will read this but hopefully it helps.

So these achievements aren't really glitched. The games programming is just utterly terrible. Just a note, I'm not very technical from a programming standpoint. I might have trouble communicating my point--if you'd like to add something or correct me in some way please do so--hopefully without calling me an idiot.

From my observations it seems that the game stores all of your data in a leaderboard database on some server somewhere. So, the achievements are basing themselves off of those statistics and not what you are actually saving on your hard-drive. So what that means is that if you play through this entire game and don't get your pistol and knife achievement that means you have to play through another level and beat your intial high score--using the knife/pistol. If you beat your own high score then it will overwrite the previous high score they have in their leaderboard database.

For example. Once I realized this I looked at all my scores for each level. I noticed Shiloh level was an extremely low score because I'd gone through the level silently. So I reloaded the level on hard mode. I killed everyone with a pistol with only 1 shot. I got all secret areas and I saved about every 10 kills or so. I ended that level with 70 kills and 97% accuracy. So once I beat Shiloh this way--my new OVERALL score increased on the leaderboard(meaning it registered my 70 pistol kills seperately). Next I decided to play Antietam. My achievement popped in about 10 kills. I finished Antietam with my knife and easily got both achievements. Antietam has over 100 enemies so if you are missing your knife achievement, then a playthrough on the Antietam level will net you that 50g too.

So the achievements have nothing to do with saving or loading. Resetting the cache doesn't work, neither does the 2 profile sign-in trick. Simply beat your high score with a better score using a pistol or knife on the hardest mode. Your achievement will then unlock. Good luck future history channel players.

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Good post. I feel I should add a couple of things for people who stumble upon this post.

First, when setting a high score on a mission in order to increase your pistol or knife kill counts, DO NOT save and load the game. This WILL reset your pistol and knife kill counts for that level playthrough from the point you loaded. You must play through the level uninteruptted for all of your pistol and knife kills to register.

Secondly, the best level to earn the pistol or knife achievements is the Antietam level. You can earn the knife achievement on this level alone regardless of whatever else you have done in this game. Set the difficultly to easy and just knife everyone in the level. When you get to the last objective (kill enemies with cannons), don't get on the cannons and the enemies will spawn infinitely. When you knife 75 (probably much less) enemies on this level you will earn the achievement during the mission regardless of what your previous knife kill count was.

The Antietam trick won't always work for the Pistoleer achievement because you will eventually run out of pistol ammo and can only kill about 40-60 guys with your pistol. So, set your high score on one or two other levels and get around 50 pistol kills or so (remember, without saving/loading), then return to Antietam on easy, kill everyone with your pistol (tip: punch first, then shoot) and the achievement should pop up during the level.

Getting these two achievements for me was a tremendous sigh of relief.

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