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Gamertag: JohnSS
Gyromancer - Achievement Guide and Road Map

If anyone sees any changes that should be made, feel free to let me know and I'll make them.

(12/23) - DLC Update - And in a Christmas miracle, DLC is finally working. Guide will be updated ASAP.

Solutions to DLC not showing up still:
- From the Gyromancer main menu, select download content and re-download the DLC pack. (NOT from the main marketplace at the dashboard, but from within the game.) Then load your game.
- If the above doesn't work, complete the final stage again.


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Estimated time for 250: 20+ hours
-Minimum playthroughs: 1
-Missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Offline: 15 (250)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats

Gyromancer is a Puzzle Quest "clone" created by PopCap and Square Enix, though there are fewer RPG elements aside from the basic dungeon system and gaining experience/levels. All in all it is not particularly difficult to clear out most of the game, the first 160 is easy to obtain. The last 40 can be tough however, including: obtaining a Gyrochain, completing all Stones, and getting the last 10 or so awards needed for 120. The additional 50 from the DLC is easy.

Step 1: Campaign
Most of the achievements will be received simply by going through the game's 11 story dungeons, along with the Challenger's Door dungeon, and the extra 3 stages available from DLC. Along the way you will need to complete 10 tasks per dungeon, each giving an award. (Please note that the 3 DLC stages do not have awards.)

Until about midway through the game you receive little penalty for making idle moves(turns that don't create a set), so you are able to blow through the first few dungeons with ease. Once the penalty is added, the game's potential difficulty increases greatly, though you will really only notice it when battling the occasional higher level monster(few of which you will encounter if you attempt to max out awards stage by stage).

After you clear the first few stages you will open up the Challenger's Door. This stage pits you in a survival mode with only one monster against a series of opponents. This dungeon has awards that are different than the others, more akin to the goals of Stones.

Step 2: DLC
The DLC achievements are very straight forward, simply complete each DLC level. These stages contain high level monsters, so are best approached later in the game or after finishing the campaign.

Step 3: Clean-up
After completing the dungeons, you will still need to finish obtaining awards, as Stage 11's cannot be completed till after you have beaten the game. If you need to, you can of course go back and complete any Stones and perform a Gyrochain - see the achievement guide for more details on these.


The Adept 20 Execute a Gyro Chain.

In order to execute a Gyro Chain, you must reach chain level 5 and then fill up the meter once more(as if you were going to a chain level 6). This can be quite difficult to do, and is certainly not something you will see regularly. A large part of it is shear luck in obtaining the correct gem drops neccessary to continue making chains.

There are several things that will help greatly in obtaining this though.
- First and foremost, hold on to all your Magick Mirrors. They are integral in creating a Gyro Chain, as they will allow you make matches at times that you would otherwise be out of moves. There really is no need to use them for anything but attempting a Gyro Chain, so save every last one you pick up for this. I'd also recommend not using them to attempt the chain until you have a decent amount, at least 5 to 10.

- As you move your circle around the field you can tell potential moves by if it shows you gaining points towards your abilities in the bottom left corner. It is often good practice that when you find yourself short on moves to methodically go row by row and see if you are overlooking any.

- Pick a monster that will not overwhelm your opponent. All too often you will simply kill the enemy before you have the chance to reach the Gyro Chain, when forced to match ability gems or break your chain. The Cait Sith and Wolf types aren't bad for this. (Though it is worth noting that you can certainly achieve Gyro Chains with a more average beast if you manage your damage output properly, as I did myself.)

- Absolutely do not use or fight against a lock oriented monster. Rocks as well can mess you up, though not as bad it is still recommended you avoid them.

- Manage your ability gems as well as your opponents very carefully. You should try to keep one of your better gems(a lightning type or a change gems type) ready to be matched as a backup move, if you run out of other options. This will either clear the board or change gems allowing you new potential moves.

Your opponent's abilities can also come in handy, as you can let them trigger destroying an overabundance of your own abilities(so you won't kill the enemy too early) or to aid in clearing the field. Just make sure you know the abilities of the monster you are fighting, and check which gem is which as need.

The most important aspect here is to monitor incoming and outgoing damage. The less you let stray hits strike you or your enemy the more slack you will have in using abilities to clear the field.

The Enlightened 40 Hunt down Temperance.

Obtained from storyline, cannot be missed.

The Scryer 10 Arrive at one truth in Tracks of Night.

Obtained from storyline, cannot be missed.

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Gamertag: JohnSS
Credits: (Credits shifted to top as last post ran out of room.)
- Huge thanks and credit to member Demi(demiface on GameFAQs in the original thread he posted about them) for locating the Bejeweled Twist videos that show how to do cascades and matches. With so few resources available for Gyromancer they are invaluable. Also for confirming "certain barriers" are the wooden walls and not Stones.
- member Raven2Go for a great post with tips and information for the Challenger's Door. (Link here.)
- Thanks to member Eziarch for the additional diagrams showing the setups for Stones.
- Thanks to member vandelheart71 for the note about lairs having only a limited spawn, I hadn't noticed it myself and the last thing anyone wants to do is have a lair surprise you and run out while you are at 4900 points.
- Thanks to members Grod Box and Larry69r for respectively reminding me which stage the Combo x5 Stone is and to add in that you can hover over to see potential moves for the Gyrochain.

The Knowing 10 Pass the tests of the Stones.

In order to unlock this achievement you must complete every Stone's challenge throughout the game. Most are extremely simple, with only Stage 7 and 10 providing real issue. The Stones will require you to remove all locks(ridiculously simple), cause a certain number of cascades, match a certain number in a set, or make a combo of a certain value(multiple sets at once, not including cascades). There is no penalty for idle twisting, so you can take your time to setup.

Lock Stones - Lock stones could not be simpler. Just twist away.

Combo Stones - This diagram shows how to setup combos. Twist the middle of the cross and you can see it will line up all 4. Just setup however many sides you need. (ie: for a x5, you can do the blues, greens, and one yellow or any combination you want).

Cascade Stones - The Cascade Stone on Stage 7 is one of the most difficult, requiring a Cascade x7. This video shows a Cascade x16 on Bejeweled Twist, the game on which Gyromancer's puzzle system is based. Below it you can find a diagram showing specifically a Cascade x7.

In order to utilize this method for only a 7 Cascade, start building it in the bottom left corner of the field. While you can of course use any color types you desire, it can help to match them to the screen(sans the extra type in Bejeweled Twist of course) to keep better track. You want to avoid mixing up colors too much, so that you don't have an unexpected combination that voids the rest of the cascade.

Here is an additional diagram showing another method to get just a x7 Cascade for those who prefer.

Match Stones - Match Stones require you make a certain number of matches in a row or column. On Stage 10 you will find the second difficult stone, requiring a Match x7. Again we will go to Bejeweled Twist in order to reference how to make this work properly.

For those who prefer, here is a simple diagram to follow for achieving a match x7.

CREDIT: For the videos credit goes entirely to member Demi(Demiface on GameFAQs) and the creator of the Bejeweled Twist videos KutarSGiga and wskidm. For diagrams credit goes to member Eziarch.

Bearer of 3 Awards 10 Acquire 3 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

Bearer of 7 Awards 10 Acquire 7 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

Bearer of 15 Awards 10 Acquire 15 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

Bearer of 30 Awards 20 Acquire 30 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

Bearer of 50 Awards 20 Acquire 50 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

Bearer of 75 Awards 20 Acquire 75 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

Bearer of 100 Awards 20 Acquire 100 awards.

See "Bearer of 120 Awards"

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Gamertag: JohnSS
Bearer of 120 Awards 10 Acquire 120 awards.

Each of the 12 stages have 10 awards, so in order to receive this achievement you must get every one. Stages 1 through 10 share similar designs to their awards, which will require one of the following conditions:

Beat the stage - Obtained simply by defeating the boss monster, and progressing the storyline.

Remove a certain barrier - These are specific wooden barriers located around each stage map. They can be removed by stepping on the corresponding trigger tile(the isometric square panels). You will need to remove all of them in each level to get around regardless, so it shouldn't be an issue getting the appropriate award barrier. Some may not be accessible until you have completed the stage.

Defeat a certain monster - These can be distinguished by an icon by the monster's name when encountering them on the dungeon map. They will typically stand out, by either being stationary in dead ends, trapped behind wooden walls, and so forth.

Defeat a lair of monsters - When you walk onto a lair on the dungeon map, you will fight a boss monster, a stronger version of the beasts produced by the lair. Defeating the boss monster will destroy the lair, giving the appropriate award. Not all lairs are connected to an award, though you will most likely want to destroy them all regardless so shouldn't have any issues finding the award lairs.

Open a certain treasure chest - This is the rarest of the standard award criteria. Some chests in the Grove of Prey stage will be destroyed by monsters if they reach them before you. You will have to go through the level once or twice to open up all the barriers before you will be able to have a path through to the chests. Then it is just a matter of racing to the appropriate chest.

Score 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 points - Simply score the appropriate value. This is extremely easy to farm from a lair, as they will constantly spawn new monsters. While each lair can only spawn a limited number, there is still far more than enough.

In order to receive easy points each fight, use a monster such as the 2nd and 3rd tier beetles(with Trident). Damage the opponent to low life, then let your ability gems build up. Make it a priority to remove the enemy ability gems so they don't destroy your own. Simply keep building up until it is impractical to continue, and then match a Trident. Trident will destroy an extremely large area, destroying enemy ability gems, rocks, as well as your other ability gems--setting off a chain reaction of more Tridents, covering most of the field. You should receive a very large overkill bonus(several hundred, I've seen as much as a thousand) as well as receive a large number of puzzle points simply from the build up period and any cascades or rocks/enemy gems destroyed at the end.

Stages 11 and 12 have very different Awards than the other 10. Stage 11 will initially show ??? for the Awards until beaten for the first time(ie: complete the game). Afterward you will be tasked with defeating the leader of each affinity type, each being an award, as well as an extra "secret boss". You will need to take the teleporter to the sides of the level(only available after completing the stage and going back) to open the barriers. Then in the central area you fought Everett(the final boss) you will see paths branching out to a number of lairs. Each lair corresponds to a different affinity/beast and award. After clearing all of the affinity lairs and their bosses a new final enemy will spawn where you originally fought Everett, defeating him will give you the final award for the stage. (Note: You must clear all the lairs in one go to spawn the boss. If you die or leave the level you will have to start over, though the barriers stay down.)

Stage 12 is the Challenger's Door, and the awards here are where the going gets really rough. It is often easiest to replay to first fight rather than risk attempting them in a real push through the stage. You don't want to be near the end and get hung up trying to get Awards.

While some information is reproduced here, Raven2Go's forum post on the Challenger's Door is highly recommended reading. (Link here)

Challenger's Door - Complete the stage Challenger's Door. This one is obvious enough. There are 15 battles total, fought survival style(without hit points restored between fights). Forum member Raven2Go recommends using Goliath(3rd tier Spider), as his ability to destroy locks for damage can get you through situations that otherwise have very difficult to avoid damage. See Raven2Go's post linked above for more details on the battles and some great tips on the boss.

Overkill - Win a battle with a killing blow that deals more than 10% of your foe's max HP. Again, an obvious one. You should be able to get this right away, just make sure you use a high damage monster.

Not a Scratch - Win a battle with your beast at max HP. This will have to be done right out the gate, simply don't get hit during the first battle.

Close Shave - Win a battle while your beast has less than 1% of its max HP. While you can certainly get this via shear luck simply attempting to defeat the Challenger's Door, most likely you will consistently end up just above 1% life if not killed outright. For obvious reasons you will want to keep attempts at this award to the first few battles, restarting at the start and doing battle with the Cait Sith and other early monsters. Using a high HP monster is also very important obviously, so go with either the Gigas at 4200 or one of the ones that weigh in around 3000. 1% would of course be your beast's life with the last two zeroes removed. (I feel stupid for even feeling the need to say that.)

Rise to the Challenge - Win a battle using a beast that has less than 20% of its max HP at the start of the battle. This will probably come naturally as you play through. If you need to try specifically for it, just take some damage while setup to finish your opponent off and wait until you get below 20%. Finish off your opponent, and then take care of the following one as well.

Waste Not, Want Not - Win a battle without making a single idle twist(a twist that makes no sets). Again, an obvious one. You shouldn't have any trouble here, though it helps to use a high damage beast and destroy your opponent before you run out of matches.

Blank Slate - Destroy all the gems on the board with a single twist. This can be irritating due to shear bad luck, though the method is simple enough. Use a Phalanx(3rd tier Beetle), and let Tridents build up on the board. Wait until they are positioned so that the width of their blast will take out every column. (Idle twist them into place if you have to, but be careful they arent destroyed or not lined up properly to set one another off.)

Cascade x 7 - Make a seven cascade with a single twist.
For the most part this is simple luck, though having an abundance of gem changing ability gems out(such as the Dark Hunter's (3rd tier Ant) Nightmare ability) will aid in triggering more cascades. (Raven2go recommends the Colossal Watcher.)

7- Gem Match - Make a match of seven or more gems in the same row with a single twist.
This is easily the most difficult of the game's Awards. Outside of shear dumb luck(which you most certainly shouldn't bank on in the slightest) you will have to repeatedly fight the first Caith Sith and try to setup one of the 7 match designs detailed under "The Knowing" achievement. This can take many attempts, so don't go in expecting to knock it out the first few times. You have to be very careful about enemy gems disrupting the setup. While removing them is of course your first priority, if you can't you should twist them away so as to keep the explosions out of reach of the gem setup. You should definitely not use a beast that is lock or rock oriented, and using something like the Sol Volk that replaces enemy gems can also help.

The Perfect Twist - Make 4 or more sets with a single twist. The wording is just a strange way of saying make a Combo x4. Reference the diagram for Combo Stones under "The Knowing" achievement. This might seem daunting while battling for your life, but you will most likely get it during normal play by chance. Just keep an eye out for parts of the field that have multiple sets of two which would probably be a large focus anyway. If you need to you can sacrifice a game with idle twists to setup the combo if there is a spot that is close but not quite there.

DLC achievements found below. (Link here.)

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Good guide so far.

One thing I've noticed, the lairs have a set number of monsters that come out of them. If you hit the help option and click on a lair it will say how many are still in the lair. The score achievements should still be easy to get though.
GT: Dragonangel81

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Wyrmslayer 20 Defeat the Dragon Lord at Dragon's Haven.

The Dragon Lord is at the far north end of Dragon's Haven, you can reach it fairly easily by moving up the right hand side, with only a minimum of encounters. I recommend using a Wyvern in breakthrough to start out the fight, as matching red gems will give you a bonus while giving him nothing. Above all else you want to keep his ability gems out of play when it comes time for his Time Twist(reduces countdown gems to 1).

Wolfslayer 10 Defeat the Wolflord at Rivel's Trial.

Rivel's Trial is made up mostly of a series of Stones and triggers. You will also encounter "smaller" Wolflords that you combat differently than other beasts. You don't utilize a beast of your own, instead you wait out their negative vitality ticks while eliminating any of their ability gems to avoid death. The Wolflord boss has the same mechanic, but different abilities including twist reversal and changing the countdown of the instant death to 1.

Scion-Vanquisher 20 Defeat the Scion at The Four.

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(Post removed since questions covered.)

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(CREDIT: Entirely to poster Demiface on GameFAQs Forums and the creator of the Bejeweled Twist video KutarSGiga.)
Hey bro, that's me

I was gonna make a guide on this, but looks like you beat me to it.

I just need 120 awards then I am done with the game.

"Certain Barriers" are the wooden paths.

Here's a better video for doing a 7-gem match

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Gamertag: JohnSS
All I'm missing is the Challenger's Door awards myself, they are brutal.

Another great video, I'll update it to include it.

You finding that first one saved me so hard, I was going nuts trying to get the cascade until stumbling on your post heh.

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Thanks for your help on finding the videos and getting the guide worked out! I'm really enjoying this game so far
gt: mirrum
completed retail 100% (41)
complete arcade 100% (42)

currently working on: getting completion percentage up
looking to boost: AC6, Ao2, Culdcept Saga, Dark Sector, Overlord, L4D, RSV1
goal: 70,000 gs by 08/31/09
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I just got Close Shave. Not much tips required for this one.

Simple math to see what 1% of your monster's health is - Max HP * 0.01

For example the Stone Gigas monster has 4200, so 1% is 42. Stone Gigas also has a skill that adds +1 Defense, which can help in cushioning the hits to get down there. I wound up beating the monster with 33 HP.
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Yeah, it's more a matter of getting there without dying. What I finally figured out is that using an Arum or anything with poison(- Vitality) you can just fight the first cait sith and he will mimic it, allowing you to ease down a bit near the end.
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How many levels is the Challenge Door? I got up to 12 and flopped
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I haven't had a chance to play today, but I was up to like 16 or 17 and hadn't won. Was a string of unique "named" monsters so I'm assuming it probably stops around 20 after going through the affinities.

Im thinking this is a good place to liberally throw around hocks of meat built up from the game. I've been using Phalanx so they will even replace one of the enemy ability gems.

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Grod Box
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Originally Posted by dmfaust View Post
Still needed:
- Tips on Challenger's Door awards. I am at a loss how to pull some of them off in a competitive match.
- What stage was the x5 Combo Stone on?
- Are "certain barriers" Stones or Wooden Walls? (Answered by Demi)
- Are there any other Stones people would like help posted for? I started to go through all of them but realized it would be pointless for most due to ease though am happy to put up any information requested.
- DLC (this one of course waits on Square and Microsoft to fix it.)
Hello, thanks for the guide!

The x5 Combo stone is on the "Grove of Prey" stage.
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Gyro Chain achievement tip

Hey i figured out a bit of usefully information on how to get the gyro chain achievement when u move your selector ring around the board your moves list in the bottom left of the game will light up a little portion more when u have a possible move to make so as to get more points so if you keep looking at that you can tell if you still have some moves to make if that makes any sense XD
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You're right that should definitely be noted larry, changing it now. It had been something I had been doing as a second nature so didn't even cross my mind.

And on a general whine. really wish they'd fix the damn DLC already. I am frustrated as hell at Challenger's Door so kinda hoping they have awards on the DLC levels that count towards the 120 and can just phone in that last 10 points, heh.
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DLC has achievements too apparently
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7x combo:

7x match:

7x cascade:

My methods more easily then any other methods posted here.
I just made it in 1 hour...

p.s. sry for my bad english

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Originally Posted by demi View Post
DLC has achievements too apparently
Yeah, pretty sure it's just beat each of the stage bosses(assuming they aren't drastically different structure). It's still not working yet right?

Nice diagrams Eziarch, I'll toss them in. Good companions to the videos and better than the piece of crap I rushed out.
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My 7x Cascade Setup.
Very easy to make (a lot of unused space above and fairly resistant to surrounding gems) - 1-2 minutes setup and ready to go. Start from A gems.
Also on pic Match x6 , x8 (for x7 in game) and Combo x5 (easily extended for x7) exemplary setups.

Match x8 setup is not my idea.

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Challenger's Door Tips -

OK I finally beat this stage yesterday to pop that last 10G (120 awards). Some observations:

Seven of the awards weren't too difficult. Here are the three that took a while:

x7 Cascade - used the Colossal Watcher for this, though as noted previously any creature with a gem changing ability will do. This will trigger lots of cascades. Took about a dozen or so battles to pop. If this hadn't worked I would have tried one of the setups posted above.

x7 Match - hated this one; used Colossal Watcher again against first opponent Cait Sith. Used setup method posted by others above - thanks to all of you. I got close numerous times, then a countdown gem would explode, destroying half my work. When my HP neared zero I would quit and just start again. Didn't count number of tries - maybe 20, maybe more - but perseverance (stubborness) paid off.

Challenger's Door - last award received. There are 15 battles total, always the same. Once you defeat #15, you've won and get the award. First off, here are the 15 creatures you must defeat, in order, including their hit points (HP) and color affinity:

1. Cait Sith 1350HP Green
2. Spear Beetle 2520HP Yellow
3. Huntsman Spider 2860HP White
4. Centipede 3210HP Orange
5. Warrior Ant 1500HP Purple
6. Gremlin 1840HP Red
7. Paleofungus 1970HP Green
8. Bubble Toad 2860HP Blue
9. Mithril Gigas 3540HP Orange
10. Mantis Devil 2900HP Yellow
11. Aspidochelon 3500HP Blue
12. Motu 3400HP Red
13. Resheph 2200HP Yellow
14. Nahar 4200HP White
15. Wolflord 4400HP Green

I wrote down all of the spells for each of the creatures listed, so if anyone wants me to post them - especially the ones that aren't in the Summoner's Den - I will do so.

Strategies to win:

I started out using the Phalanx because of the large explosion areas of those Tridents. This will work until you get to the Mantis Devil, which creates 2 locked gems with a 5 countdown timer from the start of battle. This spell also fills up quickly so you'll be seeing it again. After several defeats here I tried some other creatures. The Goliath giant spider was the breakthrough I was looking for. It creates locks with one spell and destroys all locks on the board with another. Now locks made by your opponent play right into your hand. And the exploding lock destroys every gem in the row and column it occupies. Use this to move countdown gems into the line of fire before setting off the ability. You can trigger some rushes this way too. Oh, and its other spell changes gems to your color - cascades, anyone?!

Items are also key to winning the later battles - the last 4 in particular (though Nahar can be easy since its white like your Goliath and will create locks to help you out). I was down to 230 HP for the last 5 battles, so every move was potentially fatal. Magick Mirror saved me from idle twists on 3 occasions that would have ended the game otherwise. Hock of Meat can be huge at key moments (more on that in a moment). Don't overlook Remedy - if your opponent is at +6 armor and you're at -3 Might, it could make the difference between needing one attack or two to finish him off.

Beating Wolflord:

The last battle can be very nasty, and over quickly if played right. His first spell is a large explosion. His second replaces one of your ability gems and nullifies the rest - yes, all of your ability gems go bye-bye. His third spell heals him for like 130 HP or more. It's that second spell that will kill you. All your best laid plans up in smoke. The solution - Hock of Meat. Remember I was down to 230 HP so I couldn't take even one hit. I spammed 4 or maybe 5 right at the start. The right twists and a Magick Mirror or two and he was dead. He never even got one countdown gem on the board. Stage complete and the last achievement popped.

If you are low or out of Items, consider spending the 40 MPs to refill them. You get 10 of each and you shouldn't need that many to finish these battles. I did this once, as I was out of Magick Mirrors for the last battle. 40 MPs (fifty cents) to finish this stage and the game? Worth every penny in my estimation.

Update: Played this stage again this morning - with the Goliath - to prove that it wasn't just a fluke. Beat all 15 again, had over 650 Hps left and didn't even use as many Items as the first time.

Hope this helps and thanks again to those who posted those gem setups.

Now I need a vacation.
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Really nice info, I've been pretty much just beating my head against the wall with the Phalanx. Kept dying at 13(for some reason was originally thinking it was higher). Will have to switch over to Goliath and try it out. I've added in info from and a link directly to your post(leaving monster list and HP in just your post with the link since out of room in the awards post, heh). Guide is about there, just need them to fix up DLC. (And of course make any changes people see needed otherwise.)
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This isn't worth the frustration, I'm gonna just wait for the DLC
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I noticed that if you start the game from the dashboard and immediately go to the Challenger's Door, you get the same configuration of gems (and the opponent's skull gems appear in the same spaces, etc.). In other words, the game's RNG (Random Number Generator) always does the same thing if you make the same sequence of moves from the start of the game.

I haven't bothered, but if somebody figured out a quick way to get a 7x combo and 7-in-a-row from starting the game and entering the Challenger's Door, then everyone could trivially use it.

(Incidentally, I found it far less trouble to get 7-in-a-row using a creature like Sol Volk who transforms gem colours. No complicated chain needs to be set up; you just make sure the appropriate colours are lined up before using the ability!)
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Hey, how do you do a Combox7? Piccys Please
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There are already pics listed under "The Knowing" achievement.
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That's Combo x5, I'm looking for Combo x7 for the Shallow's Flight Rock.
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Here's how to do an Combo x8 (works for 7)

And here's my Gyro Chain

A Grimalkin is probably a better choice than a Cait Sith as you get more health.

Another good match up is a Frost Aevis versus a Lifetaker, almost made it two times. You have to be careful not to trigger any rushes.
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Originally Posted by KageTenshi55 View Post
That's Combo x5, I'm looking for Combo x7 for the Shallow's Flight Rock.
Errr, look again it's up to x8. x5-x8 are all done the same.
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The new achievements show up on for me now... any word on DLC working? Did you buy it, dmfaust?
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