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Alternative "Chain of Fools" combo Achievement help?

KrAzY LuSo88 wrote this in the achievement guide to getting the Chain Of Fools achievement:

Originally Posted by KrAzY LuSo88 View Post
hi i discovered an easier and earlier way to unlock the Chain of Fools achievement.when u first encounter the big gorilla in ACT FIVE - ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD,use the prison spell on the big ape,then Use the 'Cimmerian Cyclone' Dual-Wield Combat Ability X, X, X, X (hold).for some reason,the monster will never die(or explode)so u can do it as many time as u want.....(my combo went to approximatively 425)..........i done it on king difficulty with all the cheats activated except for the song of death.......
Can anyone help me with this? I tried using stone prison magic on an Ape in the Elephant Graveyard level & used the Cimmerian Cyclone combo & it killed the stone ape. I only got to 14 hits before he shattered.

Can anyone confirm this actually works?
Does it have to be the very 1st Ape you encounter in the level or do you need to disable the Song of Death cheat?

I couldn't get to 325 hit combos during the last level with the oilmen on my first playthough & saved over that save file. I don't have enough time to play through the game again before I turn the game back in & was wondering if I can still get this achievement?

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If you've beaten the game in hard difficulty on your first playthrough and have unlocked infinite magic, you can have it any time you want. just call stone prison spell on an enemy (better if there are several ennemies at the same time) and keep casting until your combo count reach 325
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