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BlackSite: Area 51
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Blacksite: Area 51 Road Map

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline 27 (575 )
- Online 17 (425)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Are there any achievements that can be missed? Yes, Beware! Octopus Dog!, Rapture, Master Delegator, Investigator, and all weapon achievements can be missed if you dont try for them.
- Glitched achievements? No
- Does difficulty effect achievements? Yes

Welcome to the Blacksite: Area 51 road map. The game isn't really bad at all, and the achievements are easy, but time consuming. The game plays like almost every other shooter.

Step #1: Easy Playthrough
OK, so start up a game on easy. In this playthrough collect all of the Dossier files (a great guide can be found HERE), go for focus fire kills, beat down Dredges for Beware! Octopus Dog!, you should get Professional Motivator by just playing, and go for individual weapon achievements, which are, Small But Mighty, Magic Bullets, Long Distance Charges May Apply, Meatseeker, Geometry Kills, and Dodge This!. By the end of this playthrough you'll also have acquired the achievements for completing Episodes 1-6, The Downward Spore, and I Said Drop And Roll!.

Step #2: Normal and Hard difficulties
Now, if you want to get these achievements as fasta s possible, there is a glitch. After you complete the game on Easy, load up the last checkpoint of the Episodes on Normal and Hard (they dont stack). Complete that Episode, and repeat for the other 5. If you want to play through the game 3 times legit and work on focus fire kills and Reborn kills, that's fine as well as the game is pretty easy on Hard.

Step #3: Weapon Kills
The reason why this game is a 4/10 diffculty. If Look Upon My Works and Despair! didnt exist, this game would be a 2. You need to kill 400 enemies with every single weapon. There is no tracker either, so you have to guess as to when you have 400 kills with everything. I make a checklist and tallied off every 5 kills with each weapon, but it wasnt really effective. The best place to try this is any later level with a Spore Tower, as they'll provide a good amount of weapons and ammo, and as long the Tower stays standing, unlimited Dredges. This and Vae Victus will take up the most time. You'll also get Going for The Gusto! and Instrument of Your Doom! at 100 and 200 kills with each weapon.

Step #4: Campaign Mop Up.
If you didnt get 250 Reborn or 250 Focus Fire kills start up level 2 on easy and just keep playing until they pop.

Step #5: Online Multiplayer
The online achievements for this game are very easy for the most part. If you want to find people to boost with, check THIS thread. Host a ramled Capture the Flag game with whatever rules you want and win. You should get Home Field Advantage, Boot Camp, ...And Justice For All, Flag Feeler, Always Remember Your First, Exposed, and Blacksite Virus Carrier. Win ranked games of every other type to get the achievements for playing that type, Around the Block, and King of the Block. Just keep playing CTF games and winning and you'll get Flag Dealer and Vae Victus. Either boost or play really well to get The Skulls of the Vanquished, the only "hard" achievement in the game.

Well, enjoy your 1000! Thank you for reading my road map!

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