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Old 12-28-2009, 02:12 PM   #1
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Exclamation About cheating on chessmaster live

This morning I was accused of cheating in a game by player gametag:
DOC FrogMan
This accusation is absurd and I'll tell you why.

First of all I have a 1900+ USCF rating and play with the Arizona State University Chess Club. This player seemed to be of a much lower caliber level of play.

DOC FrogMan played out-of-book opening moves, created many weaknesses in his own position, blundered several times, and finally lost due to the many imbalances I had in my favor after all this. In the endgame, after losing his queen to a discovered check in the last five minutes of the game, he let the clock tick down and wrote me a private message instead of resigning or finishing the game. Keep this in mind: he wrote this five minutes in into a ten minute game...:

His message read:
"every one of your moves matched fritz engine, you need to check chessmaster live forum because ive already posted that you are using software to cheat "
- He also send me a couple other spiteful and equally belligerent messages.

Second of all , this guy just admitted to running fritz chess software to check and compare moves during our game - because he wrote and sent me this message during our game. Is this not cheating?? In fact, what he admitted to doing in order to " catch me " was the same thing he is accusing me of having done !

This guy is an idiot, and a liar, because thirdly; the moves certainly would not match those of any chess engine for several reasons, just to name a few:

1. The opening moves where non-book moves after move #3, and I'm pretty familiar with virtually every popular modern opening line, based on this one can analyze the game with an engine and observe that it would readily produce more efficient opening lines then the one I played
2. The engine would propose different variations based on which position he started the analysis at {which begs the question- when did he start cheating? lol}
3. these discrepancies are testable and reproducible through analysis with any software

4. I wasn't cheating , in fact, I had been up all night drinking when I played this game
Anyway I looked around for his post about my being a cheater, and couldn't find it anywhere. This is my first time on any XboX forum as previously I had no reason for registering. Thanks DOC FrogMan, you poor sport, for giving me a reason to register,
because this is a nice forum! Readers I suggest avoiding games with this gentleman!

So, even though this guy admitted to cheating himself, I find him to be innocent of this, based on his own false logic! He only seems to be guilty of having really poor manners for a chess player. Chess is supposed to a game of gentlemen; having said that - here's the notation from the game you lost sir, just to rub it in, in case you are some how capable of navigating to this thread without your parent's permission.

UncleMuscles666 (white) vs. Doc FrogMan (black)
1.d4 d5
2.c4 c6
3.e3 Nd7
4.Nc3 Ngf6
5.cxd5 cxd5
6.Bf3 e6
7.Bd3 Bd6
8.Nb5 Be7
9.Qc2 a6 (blunder)
10.Nc7+ Kf8
11.Nxa8 e5
12.dxe5 Nxe5
13.Nxe5 Nd7
14.Nxd7+ Bxd7
15.0-0 Qxa8
16.Re1 Be6
17.Qc3 Bf6
18.Qa3+ be7
19.Qb3 d4
20.Qd1 dxe3
21.Rxe3 g6
22.b3 Bf6
23.Rb1 Rg8
24.Bb2 Bg5
25.Ba3+ Kg7
26.Bb2+ Kf8
27.Rf3 Bg4!
28.Rxf7+ Kxf7
29.Qxg4 Qd8
30.Bc4+ Kf8
31.Qf3+ Bf6
32.Bxf6 Qd2
33.Bc3+!!... Discovered check! The queen is lost.

Black loses: Clock Expired

Last edited by UncleMuscles666; 12-30-2009 at 09:08 AM.
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Old 01-03-2010, 04:18 AM   #2
Fall Be Kind
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Gamertag: Fall Be Kind
Yea the immediate "I know you are cheating because I checked your moves on Fritz!" is pretty much the generic response from disgruntled sore-loser chess players. Chess in particular can be tough on one's ego and not everyone can handle a loss properly, I know I for one haven't always been admirable in defeat.

Anyway maybe I'll play you some time, I'm pretty good myself, it'll be a good game I'm sure.
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Old 03-08-2011, 02:46 AM   #3
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Gamertag: slapdown463
Yeah, sounds to me like a sore loser.
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cheating chessmaster

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