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Phantasy Star II
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Achievement Guide

This is a very Easy 200 points I will tell you how to get 200/200 for this game.

Complete The Game 25
Finish the game by defeating Mother Brain.

Just as the the Achievement says defeat Mother Brain. I use a team of Rolf, Rudo, Kain, and Amy. Just make sure they have the Nei equipment on, and 2 sheilds for Kain, and Amy each. Rolf will be hitting with Megid until his TP is low, then attack with the Nei sword, and use a Starmist as needed. Rudo will just attack, and use Starmist as needed. Kain will use NaGaj, until his MP is gone, then use Starmists to heal or Moondews to revive any fallen allies. Amy will have to either use NaSar, then GiSar, and finally Starmists tp heal your party. Doing this it should take about 5-10 minutes to beat Mother Brain.

Dark Force 25
Defeat Dark Force.

See "Complete The Game" for the strategy for the boss fight. Also after beating the Darkforce you want to use the Nei sword to teleport back to Lutz to heal your party.

Level 30 25
Advance one of your party to Level 30.

The easiest place to do this is on Noa, since Everybody's attacks work on the monsters. Which means that Kain is very useful again here. You should get this by completeing the game

Where Credit Is Due 25
Watch the entire in-game credits roll.

Just complete the game and watch the credits roll. As simple as that.

Hidapipe 10
Use a Hidapipe.

You can first buy this item from Piata. It is a town that is out of the way, and has some of the best weapons before second half of the game starts. Piata isn't part of the storyline so you have to go out of your way to get there.

Teleport to Kueri, then exit town, and head for the shoreline to the west to find your jet Scooter conveniently waiting for you. Jump on board, then sail due west, and you should hit an island with some mountains on it. Sail around to the south of this island, then sail due west until you reach land. Park the scooter, then make your way across a series of bridges until you reach the final town, Piata!

Then go to the item shop and buy a hidapipe. Exit town, and use the Hidapipe for the achievement.

Escapipe 10
Use an Escapipe to escape a dungeon.

Buy a Escapipe from the very first town's item shop. Then when you go to Shure enter the dungeon, and use the Escapipe.

Level 20 15
Advance one of your party to Level 20.

You will get this achievement just by progressing the game. Just make sure to upgrade your equipment, and fight the monsters you encounter. You should get this achievement after you have opened up all of the dams.

Oh Dam 15
Open all four dams.

Again another achievement you will get from progressing the game.

Oh Yeah! 15
Acquire the Laser Cannon.

See "Hidapipe". Instead of going to the item shop, go to the Weapon Shop. This weapon costs 20000 Meseta. So if you are short on funds the monsters in the area around Piata drop a good deal of money.

Level 10 15
Advance one of your party to Level 10.

Again just progress the story. Odds are you will have this by the time you beat the first dungeon.

Nido? 10
Reach the Tower of Nido.

Story achievement, just progress the game.

Big Spender 10
Spend 1,200 Meseta on one item.

As soon as you hit Arima the Weapon shop sells a sword for 1200 Meseta. Just buy it, and the achievement will unlock.

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Nice guide. How long will it take to get all 200.
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It took me about 25 hours. But it can be done in less time, but the game will be much much harder, without the megid tech. That tech alone takes off 1/3 - 1/2 of the Final bosses HP. You don't want to be in a drawn out fight against the Darkforce
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