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Darksiders: Wrath of War
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Hannibal king 88
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why i think the apocolypes started

ive been playin darksiders just for kicks and it actually got me thinking samiel is in a prison and u break him out and abadon starts off the war but wat if the two worked togther. this is wat i think happened. samiel bein so strong wants the destroyer gone that way he can rule hell. abadon just wants the demons gone so maybe they made a deal abadon . abadon forges the new seals and kicks off the war and when time comes samiel helps kill the dark one. well the plane back fired when war showed up causeing abadon to shyt his pants and get killed. so that means that now samiel is the only side left. so this means now he has to hide like a bitch so he doeant get his ass kicked .then sume how the destroyer finds out and locks his ass up and splits his powers up to the 4 gaurdian. now that he has his powers back thanks to war hes probly gunna be a pain in the ass in one of the later games. but then the council probly set it all up and asked them both to do it . so maybe the whole end war was set up by the council and they needed sumone to start it off and make it seem like they had nothin to do with it. and when wars blamed and gets sent back to earth they probly figure that hes gunna get killed fast. even in the game they mention they mention how there was a power strugle between samiel and the destroyer so that linda proves his part in the plan. abadpn clearly wants the demons gone so thats his side and the council dpesnt wanna et there hands durty. but now the 4 horsemen r involved and its all hell . and its funny how war tells ultrhan that deaths not the one he sould be worried about . that makes refrence to the brothers ha.well thats all i thought of. and yes i kno my spelling sucks. im on a phone with small ass lettersm
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No one cares.
Hamboning will save your life some day.
It'll be all like "What, you're trying to mug me?"

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Originally Posted by T3MP3R View Post
No one cares.
No need to be an ass. He is stating how he thinks the apocalypse started in the game and how it's related to the story of Darksiders.
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