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Hardest Character?

Who was the hardest character to play in your opinion?

I'm saying mine is Catwoman. I haven't played much as robin or nightwing yet... but Catwoman is such a pain in the butt.
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I'd have to agree with you, I liked how agile she was. But gadget wise she just didn't much for me, I figured after playing her DLC I'd warm up to her. But it never happened.
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Originally Posted by Sesshomaru697 View Post
Who was the hardest character to play in your opinion?

I'm saying mine is Catwoman. I haven't played much as robin or nightwing yet... but Catwoman is such a pain in the butt.

Oh yeah... I see what you did there.

OT: I'd probably say Robin because is gadgets suck. Catwoman doesn't have much but they are at least somewhat useful.
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I'd have to go with Catwoman. Unlike Batman, she can only take a few bullets before going down, which makes it relatively hard to complete some of her campaign challenges.
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Old 06-15-2013, 02:37 AM   #5
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It would have to be catwoman. Took forever to get from one side of the map to the other.
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i personally don't have problems with catwoman on combat maps. she's crazy fast, & the breakdance move is sweet.

as for predator, she's got the least amount of gadgets. all she's got is the whip, caltrops & bolas. which some ppl find a little frustrating. at least she's more quiet than the other three characters if used properly
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Old 08-20-2013, 08:04 PM   #7
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Nightwing, he's mostly luck based on for the predator maps medals. His gadgets are cool, but clunky, and he seems to like to fall off ledges and catch himself rather then jump off, or he jumps off at a weird angle, like the wrong way from what your pushing the joystick in. in combat he's slow, and his gadgets take too much time to deploy.
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Nightwing as well for me. Too slow in his reaction time. Catwoman has a great freeflow feel to her (plus, she's the best looking of the lot).
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Old 12-26-2013, 12:30 PM   #9
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Agree on Nightwing as well.
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Nightwing because he's so different than the others in combat, and his predator stuff can be really annoying. You don't want to know how frustrating it can be to do Top of the World Extreme and miss once with the Wrist Dart. On the other hand he rocks for clearing out armored foes with his abilities.
Catwoman would be next due to her lack of gadgets in Predator and her lack of health. You get spotted and you might as well restart instead of watching her die. But in combat she's a point machine. Only hindrance is she doesn't ride the titan's.
Robin can be a little hard in the combat because he doesn't have a great group attack for Combat challenges that ups the multiplier easily. The staff sweep is good, but it will usually only hit 3 or 4 if you are lucky. In predator though he's good at making traps. Plant a bomb on some unlucky guys back, do a silent takedown and then hide and wait for his even unluckier friends to show up.

In the end though I completed them all and it's not so hard if you watch a few videos for the predator stuff and then try to come up with your own strategy that works around your own skills. None of them are impossible, just be prepared for some frustration with some of the later maps. Oddly enough with Robin I had an easier time with his last few than any of the others lol

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Old 01-08-2014, 09:12 PM   #11
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No one really. But I think Catwoman is the easiest to play with.
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Fallen M Hunter
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Going to have to vote for Robin.

Batman: Probably the easiest as you've had the most experience with him. His combo moves really come in handy (breaking an annoying weapon, bat clouding to get some breathing room). While he is definitely the strongest (which I often miss that strength when playing the others) his speed is the worst. Great gadgets, great combos and overall fun, but really wish he wasn't the slowest.

Nightwing: The perfect balance between catwoman and batman. Just a bit more agile than needed, second most powerful and has some great combos (crowd control). He has a few more gadgets than catwoman, some of which are pretty useful (if I'm ever feeling the pressure in a predator challenge, his wrist darts can very quickly even the score). He can be a little clunky at times, but he brings a certain finesse that definitely makes him his own person.

Robin: The imperfect balance of catwoman and batman. Ranking in third in both speed and strength, his greatest strength are his gadgets, which often bring some unwanted frustration (Sometimes you just want to bat-claw someone to you/off a rail, not fly towards them. Snap flashes occasionally don't get placed where you want.) Sure the bullet shield is nice, but ask yourself this: How often are you charging head on at enemies/should you really be caught with your guard down? His stun misses sometimes in combat, which really sucks for me when it does. He just doesn't flow right sometimes, which definitely makes him his own person (The developers stated they made it appear like he had gone into some MMA fights to improve his lacking fighting skills. Tim Drake was never made to be a fighting robin, he's the brains. He's the only other person to ever earn the title of "Detective" from Ra's Al Ghul, and that's pretty f***ing impressive).

Catwoman: Show me the developers who made her flowing system, they deserve a hand shake. Catwoman has almost always had a "better than you" attitude, and with her abundance of speed, you can feel it. The only times you should ever be hit while playing her is when your playing a little heavy handed/risky. Her beatdowns allow you to quickly rack up a great score, almost instantly vault over incoming enemies, and her combos are great at crowd control. Use a combo to get some breathing room, than drop a few henchmen before the rest can regroup. Her gadgets are a little lacking, but when have you ever thought catwoman and arsenal (not the character) in the same sentence. And for predator, she has silence in spades. Yes she's the weakest in strength, but when have you ever heard of the Flash be called weak. Sure his punches are lacking, but at his level of speed, no one is going to complain. As far as this game goes, Catwoman is the resident speedster.
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Catwoman was easily the hardest because she really didn't have any good gadgets during combat or predator.
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Old 03-20-2014, 11:31 PM   #14
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Definitely Nightwing
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