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Jurassic: The Hunted
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Quick "Fix-it" Guide

Hey everybody, I want to just clear up some achievements that a few members may be having trouble with. These are my "Guaranteed" fixes to the "Hard as nails" "Gunman" and "I'm the king" Achievements. I Confirmed these on two seperate accounts and my buddy did as well. NOTE that the game's Client server can reward the achievements earlier then needed and these tips are for the select lucky few who've tried everything else and haven't gotten their achievements.

1. "Hard as Nails"
This Achievement's client server (Rewards achievements based on recorded data) is sticky, meaning you may have to repeat the first or last level or both for it to register, ALSO NOTE that if you stop in the middle of a campaign level for any reason that level too must be redone! EVEN if in the level selection it says all levels are completed!

It is also recomended to play non-stop from beginning to end to be rewarded the achievements by the server.

2. "Gunman"
This achievement MUST BE DONE IN ONE NON STOP PLAYTHROUGH ON HARD! You need to kill a DINOSAUR not a Scorpion in order to register it! You can't just load the first level and kill a dinosaur with the plasma rifle, it all has to be done on the same playthrough!

3. "I'm the king"
This achievement is 100% Straight forward, but the trick to passing the level without the birds or Tyrants hitting you is simple! Use the folowing method on your hard or normal playthrough.

When you get your fingers around the triggers of that fat .50 Cal, let loose! Fire every possible round into the T-rex before he gets to even look up, when he gets close use your slow-mo to hit him where it hurts. When he walks away to go walk it off, DO NOT BE A PANSY Only spray when a large group of 4-5 birds are about to hit you! You're holding a .50 Cal! Each bullet kills in 1 hit, so aim carefully and tap your RT slowly to allow a steady cool down before the T-rex returns from his walk, then slow him down and let every bullet fly into the lungs of that mutha. When his girlfriend arrives, the birds will increase in number, keep your cool and just like before when shes up close hold down RT, as she walks away, look up and get the jump them, put single shots into them! Only spray if you're about to be hit! Good luck and have fun!

I hope these quick tips help anyone who needs'em, I know everyone has diffrent levels of skill so if you already gott'em, get job hot shot you're my goddamn hero, if not then read these tips and enjoy, in retrospect the game is easy and fun to play, so don't get to upset if you die once or twice, have fun and good luck on you're playthrough hope these tips helped!

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Just wanted to add for gunman you can do it all on normal and you do not need to use the plasma. you also can go back to the level select to get a kill with a missed gun. Just went back and got the auto shotgun and the RPG and it unlocked. Also the auto shotgun is on "The Final Piece" level 13 right next to the ship you get the power cell from, not just from the last level where you are defending against the spine. Hope this helps.
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