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Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath
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How to get Boot Camp chiev with NXE (sort of)

NVM, doesn't work with Kane's Wrath, only Tiberium Wars.

Close thread

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Why did you edit out?

Can you repost?
It will still be useful to know.

There is a new glitch for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
and Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath posted January 11, 2011 by Pyro Jigamafre (credit to Brandon1350).



I found your original thread:

Originally Posted by WheelzthatKeelz View Post
Okay. A lot of people missed this achievement even after the workaround (me included) because of the NXE.

There is some hope for some of you though.
If you have an xbox 360 with the old dashboard!!
Luckily I had my old xbox that got red ring, towel trick worked, happy days.

Okay so basically if you have the above then don't update it! Use a memory card to carry your gamertag over from your NXE xbox. Make a spare offline account as well - you can do this on the xbox with old dash.

Turn your gamertag so it doesn't auto sign-in, just in case.
Go through with the workaround as normal, two controllers, 1st controller with spare account and go to campaign and stop when it gives the option to skip boot camp.

Now in order for this to work, you must have your ethernet cable plugged into the back of your xbox (but not signed into live!).

Now do the trick, open up the dash blade with 2nd controller and press x, use first controller to select your real gamertag and hit a. Now select NO DON'T UPDATE!! and carry on, select no and get your achievement!!

If you don't plug in your ethernet cable then it won't work. A message comes up in-game saying the active profile has been signed out.

After trying with Kane's Wrath, it does not seem to work. It works on Tiberium Wars just fine though.
Originally Posted by Oblivion Knight View Post
There is another workaround, though it involves somewhat controversial means..

After discovering that the Transfer Cable could be used in order to roll-back an update in GRID (link) to make the "Gotta Drive Em All" achievement unlockable again - I decided to see if anything could be done to get Mister NO it all to unlock, and indeed it can.

I discovered that your gamer profile stores a file additional to the savegame. You basically have to go in and delete this additional file - I backed up and deleted my saves too, just in case - load the game up offline and you're once again presented with the notification about the game recommending you do the Boot Camp mission (hallejuah!). I signed in to Xbox LIVE, selected "NO" and the achievement unlocked.

I went back and restored this file, as well as my saves - and all is well. I once again have the motivation to some day attempt this difficult 1000G.
Originally Posted by Oblivion Knight View Post
I've been asked for more details, but I'm somewhat reluctant since the same tools can be used to achieve far worse things, that some users may find tempting to exploit (and probably eventually get banned).

First thing that's bound to get asked is, "Will I get banned for doing this?".
The long and short of it is, I don't know. Technically you're not gamesaving, nor hacking achievements. You're temporarily erasing your profile's memory of ever having played this single game. Technically, it's probably against the ToS since you are, to a degree, using a tool to modify or engineer your profile. It's a very grey area; Personally I feel that Microsoft should be doing more about glitched or unattainable achievements anyway, and if they have any issues about me doing this, then they'd have a heck of a battle on their hands!

** DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible for any adverse affects to your profile and/or console by using this guide **

Ok, so while I'm not giving any info on the tools used, I will go in to more detail about the file you need to delete; it's contained within your profile's file (make a backup!). You need to explore it's contents and you'll discover an additional folder with the same number - 4541080E - of where the game's saves are stored (you should have backed up and deleted the saves already), I think this folder just has a single .gpd file in it.. Delete the folder, save and rehash your profile (not sure if it's needed, but just in case), upload back to your HDD and go back to your console and play the game offline. Go through as normal, and this is where you'll be prompted with the in-game notice again.

It's probably safe to sign in to Xbox LIVE at this point if you want your achievement timestamped, I did, half expecting the game to moan about a sign-in change - but it didn't. Select "no" to playing the Boot Camp, and your achievement should instantly unlock. At this point, I quit to dashboard and went to upload my backed up profile file and saves for the game. I loaded back to dashboard whilst connected to LIVE, and the achievement was still present on my profile. I also tested to make sure my GDI campaign progress loaded as normal, and it did.

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