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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
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Easy/Fast Strategy for LVU Campus Hunt online

Hey all, just wanted to share a method of running through LVU campus for those on the Elite grind.

Gun doesn't matter (I end up switching between all of them since I get bored lol) but make sure you have breaching charges and grenades (although incendiaries work also).

Go through the bottom and shoot the bell on the wall a couple times before hiding behind the wall and killing the few guys that come through the door/are outside behind the sign. Go up the stairs and quickly plant a breaching charge on the door to the computer lab(?) room. Now the trick is to stand directly in front of the door while rapidly opening and closing it as this somehow triggers the AI to show up in the room. (Note: You can also check how many people are in the room by crouching and having a teammate turn on heat vision to look through your player icon at the door and they should be visible, not sure why this works)

Open and close the door for at least 30 seconds and then blow it. You should get about ~6-8 kills this way (more time opening and closing = more terrorists in the room) given that a teammate hasn't gone around the other way upstairs which causes them not to spawn.

From here clear out any remaining terrorists before heading down the hall to the next computer room and finally out onto the far catwalk. Make sure you close the door behind you as a terrorist can sometimes follow you out there. It helps to have a teammate on the catwalk with a bead on the doorway after you blow it to pick anyone off as well.

Next you're gonna want to do the same breaching trick on the double doors in the secretary's office thing. Make sure you close the doors around you as you might get run up on from the sides. Once it's blown you should only have a few more terrorists inside the main room. There's a room on the back right side through a glass panel that spawns at least 3 terrorists if you throw a grenade at the door.

After all that you should be close to if not completely done. I realize how old this game is but I thought someone might find this method useful as it cuts down the time spent grinding significantly, even if you're the only one in the lobby who uses it.
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Nicholas x
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the t-hunts are easy on that

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I know. just sharing the fastest way i've come up with.
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