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Old 07-15-2011, 02:37 PM   #61
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I only have a handful of tips leftover from when my buddy and I beat it. Took us around 2 hours to complete (cuz we suck).

General tips:
-Play in Co-op. Another human player is far superior to the AI... most of the time....

-Keep Flashbangs handy. They will instantly kill all mutated Majini forms. Especially helpful in the first area against the Duvalia.

-Incendiary Grenades can sometimes kill Reapers instantly. I believe it must be a direct hit to the exposed chest. It is difficult to do and doesn't always work, but it's worth noting!

-Knife enemies trying to climb ladders. Conserves ammo greatly.

-Collect everyone weapon you can. Each player should be carrying unique weapons so they only use specific ammo types. Personally, I took the Machine Guns, Shotguns and Magnums. My friend took Handguns and Rifles

-Stockpile ammo and Healing items

-Learn the layout of each area

-Camp in more than just the finale. If you find a good camping spot, use it. Funnel the Majini in and kill them to continue unhindered.

Missile Area tips:
-Pray for Town Majini and Executioners. They are far easier to defeat than the Base Majini and Reapers. As an example, Base Majini with RPGs are replaced with Town Majini with Bow Guns. And noTown Majini will have stun rods...

-If you have the Rifle, snipe the Majini manning the Rocket Turrets. Shortly after killing their original operator, a second operator will man them. Kill him, and a third will arrive. Kill him, and it's done. They will never be manned by your enemies again!

-The moment you begin, there's a jump platform behind you, followed by another small area with a safe. Many people seem to miss this.

-There will be a door that requires both you and your partner to kick down shortly after you've use the Rocke Turret to destroy the first barricade. To the left of this door on the other side is a small area where you can jump down. In this area there is an assist jump which will lea to another ladder, at the top of which there will be a First Aid spray and an RPG. These are invaluable, for obvious reasons...

-Rush through the final area after blowing up the 3rd and final Barricade. It's the home stretch!

Finales tips:
The singal biggest tip for this area...

-After the cutscene where you are attacked, to your left (As Jill, Right as Josh, I believe) there will be a ladder onto a container. Climb it. There will be some woodn boards (or something like that) that form a bridge to the nearby building. Cross them. Stand in the far left corner, side-by-side with your partner, between the actual corner and the hole in the roof. It may takes some adjusting, but eventually you and your partner will find a sweet spot here which causes MOST of the Majini to hop up and down impudently between the rooftop and a hole in it off to the left (whoever is standing nearest the hole in the building will have a good view of this). Only a handful will climb up to you. They can be easily dealt with using Handguns and Shotguns. In this position, your biggest threats are the projectile wielding foes (Bow Guns if facing Town Majini, AK-47s and RPG if Base). Dispatch them with the Rifle quickly. Use the Magnum (if you have it) To stun Gatling Gun Majini of you were unfortunate enough to get them instead of executioners. Lacking the Magnum OR after the G.G. Majini is stunned, unload into it with Handguns and Machine Guns 'till it's dead. Repeat on the second one that will spawn later on. Finally, beware Chainsaw Majini (if you face them). They have the highest probability of of not going into "Derp Mode" and instead of hopping up and down through the aformentioned hole, will actually hop up to you. Stun with the Magnum if possible and unload Shotgun and Handgun rounds into it. Beware! It will get back up in fairly short order!

-Gather up all the ammo you can without triggering the cutscene. The Cutscene is triggered, by the way, shortly after passing the container on the roof.
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Old 09-23-2011, 11:41 AM   #62
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Beat it yesterday using local coop with a friend who played RE5 for the second time in 48 Minutes

We restarted till we got Base Majini, it was brutal in the first two sections, but the rocket section was quite easy. We basically ran through all sections, getting only very few kills but saving ammo.
The main advantage of Base Majini is the ending though. If you survive the first 2-3 minutes a rocket launcher guy spawns. If you stand at the right position on top of the "Ammo Room" behind the antenna, you're in a dead angle for the rocket launcher guy. This doesn't stop him from shooting rockets anyway, with the result that he kills all the bad guys for you. All enemies come from one side, stun them once and watch them getting destroyed by rockets

Same strategy worked for me solo on veteran!

So long story short: Don't kill the rocket launcher guy at the end if you get one and let him kill all enemies when you stand by the antenna.
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Old 10-15-2012, 04:09 PM   #63
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My friend and I beat the dlc on Veteran. We died at least 10 times. I don't even want to imagine what Pro is like...
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Old 12-28-2012, 09:09 AM   #64
Madame Kennedy
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My best friend and I just finished this on Pro, and for what we went through, he proudly said that he doesn't want to look at RE5 for a good while. It took us nearly 3 hours to get through, due to dying dozens upon dozens and dozens of times. We were a bit thankful it didn't tell us in the end how many times lol. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done on professional, period, and will never EVER do again. Least of all by myself. Eff that.

Conserving ammo is your best strategy, like always. If you're doing co-op, NEVER venture more than a few steps from your partner, unless of course you have to do the assist jumps for Jill, but cover her whenever possible. The way the game likes to pull its typical RE BS, some hits from a majini will take most of your health, and others will even take ALL your health AND rob you of your dying state. In other words, automatic kill, which is the stupidest thing ever. That alone was responsible for at least a dozen of our deaths.

My friend and I basically just ran most of the way through, only shooting what was keeping us from pressing forward. Not at all ashamed to say that most of the time we were running with next to no health, resuscitating eachother whenever needed lol.

The finale of the DLC probably shaved 5 years off my life, because it had to be the most stressful and aggravating stand-off/gauntlet ever. We quickly strategized by backing into the corner behind the small building in the far left corner, near where Doug lands and with a clear view of the elevator and where the rocket launcher dude likes to be. We basically just each took a side and stood back-to-back gunning down the normal majini, scrambling for any ammo that was near (including inside the small building, has quite a bit). We never ventured from that corner due to the assault rifle guys on the roofs which could take us down singlehandedly with basically 1-2 bullets. We co-op'd on taking down the 2 executioners, my friend with the sniper and me with the magnum. Same with the Reapers (which killed us a good number of times; my friend said he's gonna have nightmares of 'em). We used the electric conduits to our advantage too. There were times we got down to the last 30-40 secs, and we wanted to quit sooooooooo bad. I was like, "No, we've come this far. We're not all our effort go down the drain." The time we finally did it, we were literally dodging EVERYTHING the last 10 seconds. We had absolutely no chance to take out the agitator and his buddies. I'll take care of that achievement on an easier difficulty.

But yeah, we were over the moon when we beat it. And rightfully so. I don't think I've ever heard my friend say "F*** you, Capcom" so many times before.

I'd take Chris Redfield's campaign in RE6 on Pro over this shiz.
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Old 01-07-2013, 08:24 AM   #65
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Back when this came out, it took me an entire afternoon doing this solo. I got to that end part and fuck. I had never been so frustrated.

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Old 03-06-2014, 11:04 PM   #66
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This end part of this DLC is so hard! If anyone wants to help pro and vet run tags Toye89
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