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2010 FIFA World Cup
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Win the 2010 Online World Cup with a "XX" rated Team - Achievement Boosting Groups

Right, i had a browse through the achievement trading section of this forum but found that most people had only written about the FIFA World Cup Fever achievement and not about the one mentioned in the title, hence the new thread.

I have posted a link to this topic in the original Achievement Trading Thread so that they can be redirected here if they wish to find/create a team for which to boost with.

There are two method's available that would work just as well. A 16 person method, and an 8 person method adapted by Nlkuysdf and myself. It's up to you which you use, but it is recommended that you use the 8 person method.

Both method's can be made easier whilst utilising these two vital steps;

1) Go to: Online World Cup Menu -> Settings -> Controls -> Assisted

This changes the controls of your pad to "Assisted" and so when it comes to searching (after switched the option to find only assisted controlled players) you should notice that finding each other much easier. Credit to Flips360 for this method! (:

2) Quit out after 5 in-game minutes to ensure you don't have to play any games and waste time.

The 16 Person Method

All people in the following description will be listed as P01-P16, where by P01 is the only person that needs to choose a team within the specific rating of whatever achievement they wish to go for.

P1 is the achievement getter (the person who picks the specific team) and P2-P16 would be helpers, until it is their turn to be P1. They would chose 5 star teams to make it easier on them and everyone else involved.

Now, only three steps are really needed for this to work.. and it should be noted that ALL matches should be QUIT OUT OF after 10 in-game minutes to make it go as fast as possible.

Step 1: Group Stage for "Achievement Getter"

Get P01-P04 together and search at the same time (i say use P01-P04 as it gives P01 a better chance if they are going for the 0.5 star team achievement). You will all need to be in the same group before starting.

Now, once you are in your group of P01-P04 you must make sure that P01 qualifies and advances to the Last 16. This is done by the other 3 teams quitting out when playing them. At this stage, you would also have another player get through in order to save some time.

You should now have P01 & P02 already though to the Last 16, and so it is time for the rest of you.

Step 2: Remaining Players Advance

Now, P03-P16 should compete in their own group stages with the good teams they picked at the start and make sure EVERYONE has advanced to the last 16 before moving on to the final stage. This is the most time consuming part of the method, as it relying on all other group members to play out all matches of the group. Assuming that everyone does this first time then you would be waiting approximately 30-40 mins before you could attempt the final stage.

Final Step, Step 3: Searching & Quitting

With all 16 players having advanced to the last 16, you have a perfect opportunity to get P01 to the final. Go get your list of all 16 players together so that when you search for games, you know who to look out for. Then, by using the "Assisted Controls" tip, you should search for a match until it brings up a member of your boosting group. Once you've found that boosting group team-mate, one of you should quit (after 10 in-game minutes) for the other to advance. Make sure that if anyone comes up against the person who is listen P01 in your boosting, that they should quit so he can advance to the next stage.

This would be repeated until one of your players is in the final ready to surrender to P01.

An example of this would be like so (simplified by showing the home teams as the winners and the away teams quitting out);

Last 16
P01 vs P02
P03 vs P04
P05 vs P06
P07 vs P08
P09 vs P10
P11 vs P12
P13 vs P14
P15 vs P16

P01 vs P03
P05 vs P07
P09 vs P11
P13 vs P15

P01 vs P05
P09 vs P11

P01 vs P09

This method can be repeated until all people have all the achievements that they need. It would require a group of highly dedicated people, and a lot of concentration when it comes to organising times, but could be easily done.

The 8 Person Method (Recommended)

Group Stage 1

Similar to the first method, only P1 will need to have a team within the rating of whatever achievement they are going for. P2-P8 will choose 5 star teams to make it easier.

Group 1: P1-P4
P1 & P2 should advance to the last 16
P3 & P4 start the next group

Group 2: P3-P6
P3 & P4 should advance to the last 16
P5 & P6 start the next group

Group 3: P5-P8
P5 & P6 should advance to the last 16
P7 & P8 start the next group

Last 16: Round 1

P1-P6 will have advanced to the last 16, matched up as so;
P1 vs P2
P3 vs P4
P5 vs P6
P1, P3 & P5 should win their matches and advance into the Quarters.
P2, P4 & P6 should get ready for the next group stage.


With P1, P3 & P5 in the quarters, the matches should line up as so;
P1 vs P3
P5 waits..
P1 should win, meaning he advances to the Semi-Final's, P3 would then go back to the group stages.

Group Stage 2

Now we have P1 in the semi'-final's and P5 in the quarters.

P7, P8, P2 and P4 will start a new group.
P7 & P8 should advance to the last 16 in which they play each other.
P7 should then advance to the quarter-final's, who then meets P5 from earlier.
P5 should win this and advance to the semi-final's, meeting up with P1.
P1 obviously wins this and is in the final waiting.

Now we have P1 in the final and the remaining P2-P8 available, we start over.

P2-P5 start a group.
P2 & P3 advance to linal 16
P4 & P5 start new group

P4-P7 start a group
P4 & P5 advance to last 16
P6 & P7 wait to start a new group.

We now have P2-P5 in the last 16.

Last 16: Round 2

These matches are as follows;
P2 vs P3
P4 vs P5
P2 & P4 should win and advance into the quarter-final's to face each other.
Here, P2 advances to the semi-final and waits.
P3, P4 & P5 return to group stages.

Group Stage 3

P3-P6 start a group
P3 & P4 advance to last 16
P5 & P6 start new group

P5-P8 start a group
P5 & P6 advance to last 16

Last 16: Round 3

These matches should be as follows;
P3 vs P4
P5 vs P6
P3 & P5 should win and advance into quarter-final's to face each other.
P3 should win, advance to the semi-final and meet up with P2 from earlier.
P2 would win and meet P1 who has already got to the final.


Now with;
P1 vs P2
P1 should win and get the achievement.

Rinse and repeat for all achievements needed to boost.

Like i say, the 8 person method would be the best time-wise, however if you can get a group of 16 together that would be available at the same time then go for it!

Once again, credit to Flips360 for the "assisted controls" tip and Nlkuysdf for adapting the method to and 8 person strategy.

Use the "assisted controls" and "quit out after 5-in game mins" tips to ensure that the methods go as fast as possible.

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Ok guys, bear with me. This might sound confusing so I'm gonna try and break this down as simple as I can. Here we go.

Requires 8 players and good communication by all players involved. You will never have to play any full matches. Just join and quit aftre 5 ingame minutes. This includes the group stages. So you will never have to advance legitly with any of the 1, 2, or 3 star teams.


Group Stage 1

Groups of 4 in the group stages. You can use whatever team you want. Only player 1 will get the achievement this time.

Group 1- Players 1-4.
Players 1 and 2 advance from this group to the final 16
Player3 and 4 start next group

Group 2- Players 3-6
Players 3 and 4 advance from this group to the final 16
Players 5 and 6 start next group

Group 3- Players 5-8
Players 5 and 6 advance from this group to the final 16
Players 7 and 8 start next group.

Final 16

We now have players 1-6 in the Final 16 matched up P1vsP2, P3vsP4, P5vsP6.
Players 1, 3, and 5 advance into the Quarters.
Players 2, 4, and 6 go to the groups.


Players 1, 3, and 5 in quarters. Players 1 and 3 square off with P1 going into semis. Player 5 stands by for opponent. Player 3 goes to the group stage.

Group Stage 2

So now we have P1 in the semis and p5 in the quarters.

Players 7, 8, 2 and 4.
Players 7 and 8 advance to round of 16. They also meet in round of 16 and player 7 advances to quarters. Player 7 then meets Player 5 who's already in quarter and P5 advances to semis. Now P1 and P5 are both in semis. P1 advances to finals.

Now we have 1 player in finals and 7 players available, so we start over.

Players 2-5 start a group.
Players 2 and 3 advance to Final 16
Players 4 and 5 start new group

Players 4-7 start a group
Players 4 and 5 advance
Players 6 and 7 start new group

This gives us 4 players in final 16, P2, P3, P4, and P5.

Final 16 #2

P2vsP3 and P4vsP5
P2 and P4 advance into quarters. They meet in Quarters and P2 advances to Semis. Players 3, 4, and 5 return to group stages.

Group Stage 3

Players 3-6 start a group
Players 3 and 4 advance
Players 5 and 6 start new group

Players 5-8 start a group
Players 5 and 6 advance

Final 16 #3

P3vsP4 and P5vsP6
Players 3 and 5 advance into Quarters. They meet in quarters and P3 advance into semis. Now P2 nad P3 are in Semis. They meet at semis with player 2 advancing into Finals.


Now P1vsP2. Player 1 wins and gets achievements.

Now do it all over again

I know this sounds like alot of work, but it honestly isn't. It's just alot of wording. You never have to play a game longer than 5 minutes, not even in the group stages, so it will go quick. There's no points for boosting or anything like that. Everyone just does what they can. I know in my outline it looks like players 2-5 do alot more than 6-8, especially 8, but that was done just to keep the numbers in numerical order. Obviously anyone not in the later rounds could just fill in for anyone. This will help out due to time zones and what not. Hope this makes sense to everyone. Any questions, just ask.
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