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MX vs. ATV: Untamed
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R a z z a
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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6.5/10
- Offline: 39 (960 )
- Online: 3 (40 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-35 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes, if you unlock all items then you will not be able to buy all the products from the store for the shop-o-holic achievement. However to unlock this you can also complete the game 100%.

MX vs. ATV: Untamed is an off-road racing game developed by Rainbow Studios and THQ. The game encompasses several modes: Motocross, Opencross, Supercross, Supermoto, Endurocross, and Minibikes, among others. The player has a relatively wide choice of vehicles, from monster trucks, to trophy trucks, to ATVs to motorbikes. The achievements for this game are pretty straight forward and only require one playthrough, with the majority of them being unlocked by playing through the X-cross tournament and the event series.

Step 1: X-Cross Tournament
Make you way through the x-cross tournament and try to win all the races and you will unlock the achievements. However for the three achievements 'MXLITE', 'MX', 'ATV' you will need to win the tournaments driving the correct machine the achievements tell you to. For the MXLITE achievement you must win the MotoXXX Freestyle Series on a MX Lite bike. For the MX achievement you must win the Kicker Supercross Series driving an MX bike. To unlock the ATVachievement you must win the FMF National Series driving an ATV machine. For all of the other X-Cross tournament achievements you will be allowed to unlock them driving any of the provided machines. After completing the X-Cross Tournaments and receiving the final trophy you will unlock the achievement'Iron-man Champion'.

Step 2: Event Series
Race your way through the event series, ensure you get one gold medal in each of the series to unlock the achievement'Golden Boy'. Along the way through the event series you also want to get'ATV 'Triple Threat'' and 'MX 'Triple Treat''. The X-Cross and Event series may take a while but you may unlock other achievements along the way, these are: Longest Jump, Hall of Famer, Wreck-less, Hole Shot, Stuntman, Dardevil and Fearless.

Step 3: Collectibles
There are 10 collectible achievements throughout this game, one for each free ride location. In each of the free ride locational there are 26 hidden sprockets to collect, 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 20 Bronze. Gold being the hardest to collect and bronze being the easiest. These sprockets may take the longest out of all of the achievements to unlock due to the fact there is 26 of them in such a big area. Most sprockets can be found near structures, race circuits and freestyle ramps. If you are having trouble with finding the sprockets you may want to use the guide HERE.

Step 4: Online
There are only three online achievements for this game and all three of them shouldn't cause to much trouble. Firstly'Explorer'achievement is obtain by simply entering a free ride online game with at least one other person, this may be a friend or a random person. The achievements'Connected' and 'Winner's Choice'are also easy to obtain and can be done with a friend or in an online game. You will have to win 3 races in a row or let your friend allow you to win against him 3 times in a row to unlock Winner's Choice. As for Connected simply win 5 games over xbox live.

Step 5: Clean-up
Once you’ve completed the steps above you should unlock 'Shop-o-holic', if not then you should by now have enough cash to buy everything in the store. Make sure you buy all the graphics kits and accessories for every available vehicle. You now need to clean up the left over achievements. If your trying for wheelie and stoppie king remember that your first score doesn't count this is due to an instant point bonus due to a new trick. If your having trouble with the Fearless achievement click HERE for a video on how to get it the easy way. Lastly if you don't manage to unlock Longest Jump achievement whilst going through the game, set-up a free ride event with a vehicle that can't crash and hit big jumps.

Well, that should cover just about everything. This game is very exciting and outgoing but can be time consuming to achieve 1000. If your having trouble with some achievements use the guides provided and you should be able to eventually hit 1000. I wish everyone the best of luck!

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GsA UnReaLiZe
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6.5/10 ??!?! i would give this one a 11/10 just for the supercross records.

20 - 30 hours????? i think i spend that much time on 1 sprocket only on copper valley

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worest game ever.
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6.5 is a understatement. More like 9/10
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