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Clash of the Titans
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The Pyre Achievement

These are all the Enemys i killed i got the Achivement after i killed Sightless

To get this Achivement You need to Equip the Weapon called Flame core.. Or atleast that what i did. All the weapons come under Flame core but just to be safe i did it with just that Weapon, You can hit em with your sword to get em down abit but the killing blow
Must be from the flame Core

I tried to put them in order as you would come across em but they might not be.
(probably a bunch of Grammar mistakes in here :P)

Fallen - Found in Mount of Idols Challange go left and enter that section to find it

Fallen Warrior - Samee Area as Fallen

Bones - Found in Mount of Idols Challange go Right from where you start and your see it at the Y Section

Bone Soldier - Found in Mount of Idols Challange go right and when you get to the Y section take a left jump on the rocks and climb the wall then go back down jump back over the rocks and they will spawn

Bone Warrior - From Bone Solider jump the rocks Climb the wall and he spawns here

Skeleton Soldier - From where you get Bone Warrior .. Carry on Climbing up to the next section here you will find this guy. You will allsdo find
a Bone warrior up here

Skeleton Warrior - Found in Streets of Argos Second area in the Street like part

Skeleton Mauler - Same Area as Skeleton Warrior.

Skeleton Archer - Same Place as Skeleton Warrior and Mauler

Bone Archer- Found in Streets of Argos He right at they very end section of the place in the outsided part of the town.

Bone Mauler - Found in the same Area as the Bone Archer

Death Soldier - Found in Argos Castle Area . When u start in here go though The hall way into the Open Throne room(i think it is) then you get to the steps on the outside here you will find him

Death Mauler - Same place as Death Soldier

Death Warrior - After the Death soldier and Mauler you can carry on through in the very next Area you willl find this one

Death Archer - Sane area Death Warrior

Dark Archer - This guy is in the same Area as Death Warrior,Archer and only diffrence is this guy sorta rare.. What you need to do it keep going in and out of the area till he spawns. But make sure you run to the outside part of the town Else you will have to keep killing the mobs in other section to be able to get in.. So once your in the outside part Go in and out over n over intill he finnaly pops up

Dark Soldier - Found in Medusa's Temple . To get this guy , When u spawn in there area head down into the big round room, in here take the door to the left as u enter to emerge in a room with a totem in the middle, In here take the rock Formation door (the left one), Then follow this section all the way down.The next room you go into will be with a water Feature in the middle. This is the room that the Dark Soldier will spawn. Again this guys is a rare so pop in and out till he appears

Lost Spirit - Can be found in 2 Areas Underworld and Miasmic swamp.. either way it dont matter u need to goto both areas to get the Dark version on these. For Underworld hes right next to the 1st climb up part. Miasmic Swamp Location follow Dark spirit Description.

Dark Spirit - This guy is found In Miasmic Swamp Right then. To get to this guy From where you start. 1st go across the Bridge then drop off to the left into the next section. Once in the next section stick to the left side n go down that path. Go down there until you get to the jumping part
Once there Go left on the jumping bit then climb up the rocks and he should spawn up there.. He is a rare one so just keep jumping up and down from where they spawn till he finally shows up.. When doing the jumping up n down bit make sure they have Despawned b4 u jump back up

Soul Eater - Found in 2 Places Miasmic Swamp and Underworld . For the swamp Follow Dark Spirit Description For underworld Follow Dark soul Description

Dark Soul - Found in Underworld . For this guy u go though the underworld until u get to the bit where u go up some stairs, Standing at the bottom of the stairs u will see em behind u.. Now this guy hard to spot if ur at the stairs looking to ur left (if ur facing the stairs~) Then u will see Several
Rocks that u can Climb alittle into the distance. This guy spawns right up there and yes he rare so again wont allways be there . Easy way to get him to spawn goto the stairs and run up n back down and check in the distance each time u get down to see if he there.. Cant really miss him he's does glow bright red after all.

Sightless - Fond in Norn mountain , From where you enter Travel the 1st section get into the next.. You'll come to a T Junction .. Carry on straight.. travel the next bit. And the next section will be a Cross Junction Take a right here and follow this until u get to well a dead end this guy spawns in here (might aswell add a Dark Centaur spawns in here if you still need him
Deal with him like all the other rares pop in and out till he spawns)

Living dead - Found in The underworld just b4 the 1st wall climb

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Fantastic post mate, thank you very much for this.

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