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Earthworm Jim HD
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Gareth Dent
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Guide for Earthworm Never Dies/Super Hero

Hey, this is a general guide for the achivements Earthworm Never Dies + Super Hero or if you may Original Difficulty.
I will finish this either later tonight or tommrow when i get time, but i have been wanting to write a guide for this for a while and thought id reserve it before anybody else gets the chance, in the mean time if anybody has any questions i can use for a general FAQ at the end, let me know and ill include it when i right this up

Super Hero Guide:

New Junk City -
My Major tip would be to use the warp at the start of the level, if you go along untill you reach the tires and then jump up on the rocks to the left slide down the hook untill the end and jump off and whip onto the moose head it'll take you to the warp (Will Get Video Here) Aside from that, rushing is a must and try to whip the birds as they'll die in one hit rather then to stand around shooting.

Andy Asteroids 1 -
Good tip for these is to intentionally avoid the blue orbs grabbing 50 of these will give you a continue in a cutscene which is about 5 seconds long it will shave the vital seconds off you may need (Dont forget to grab the speed boosters and shields if possible though)

What The Heck? -
A good exploit here is the fact you can whip the blue hooks through the floor, skipping the snowman mini boss and a good 30 seconds of the level, you can do it again just after meeting the first banker to skip the shower of spikes that ends up killing alot of poor rushers i promise i will get videos for the hooks soon.

Andy Asteroids 2 -
The only at all tricky thing about this is getting Psycrow out of the way. Once that's over with this is probably the easiest of these levels.

Down The Tubes -
Isnt really any exploits or tricks i can give here other then if you jump along while in the tubes rather then walk its actually faster and the second time when using the submarine you can skip the 3rd air pipe and still make it shaving a good 5-10 seconds off

Andy Asteroids 3 -
Again, Shields + Speed boosters good, Blue orbs bad.

Snot a Problem -
A very hudge problem its harder than it may look (the physics to these fights are pretty screwy), this level alone has stopped alot of people in their runs, luckily this is the superhero run and so dying once or twice is allowed. My advice would be to try to smack him as much as possible when you first start the round on the way down, if he spins either move up or down, if not piossible then just move yourself up agaist the wall as much as possible, its easier to put yourself their then for him to hit you their trust me on this. On round 2 to 3 you will notice that as you come up he will move close to you, so if you go near the wall he will be beside you, you can then go up and over him and you can smack hima gaist the wall that you were both so very close too

Andy Asteroids 4 -
First one that may present a challenge, but it's still not that hard really.

Level 5 -
Apprently theirs a warp for this level, im looking into it and will complete writing up this level after.

For Pete's Sake -
Definitely a level that takes practice. One mistake here usually means the run is over. A few basic tips for this level:
- Pete moves faster when he's in the air.
- Level checkpoints are only triggered when Pete walks over them.
In the favour of speed, you don't trigger very many checkpoints, so dropping him can be a huge setback. It's possible to whip Pete over the two cranes, but getting him safely by the cement mixers after the first one and the huge gap after the second is very tricky.
I would suggest keeping him in the air by jumping and whipping untill you come onto a tricky part then take it nice and slow.

Andy Asteroids 6 -
Tough stage, it's just some tight dodging.

Intestinal Distress -
Ah, as i owned a snes as a kid this level was completely new to me. Really not too much to comment on here the boss is fairly easy if you know his pattern, shoot then run under him to dodge his second jump, repeat.

Andy Asteroids 7 -
Another tough stage (lucky its the last one). Psycrow at least gets out of the way early, but from there it lots of tight squeezes when gaining a speed boost try to go out of your way for shields, then use shields to get through any tight gaps.

Buttville -
You can do a little free falling, here but not too much try to keep your head spining. The main section of the level is pretty simple Sacrifice a few seconds for caution around the worms that come from the background (for those who don't know, they're one hit kills) but luckily you can whip them for one hit kills save a plasma shot for the mini-boss as you can take him in one hit. afterwards. Once your on the last platform the final boss is a joke, whip her once and shes down enjoy your achivement.

Any questions either post here, Pm me or send a message to my gamertag.

Gareth Dent

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Gareth Dent
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Reserved for backup.
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Some good tips and a good guide, tho i am pretty certain the cutsenes for getting the extra continues dont count towards the time, its only the times posted at the end of each level.
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Any chance of somebody doing a speedrun on Youtube? I've looked but can't find one for the HD or original version.

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