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Old 04-17-2007, 11:17 AM   #1
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My360Achievements how to use the feature

The wait is over! My360Achievements feature is active on our loved site

I've summarized here how to use this feature:

1. First you must be registered on the site Click here to register.
if you already registered you can just log-in

2. Choose the type of game from here:

3. Click on the game name to see the list of achievements

4. If you want to enable the My Achievements feature for this game click on "here to enable" in the right side of the page under My Achievements

5. All The game achievements now will have this nice check mark beside them

6. Choose the achievements you've already achieved and click Save Changes

7. Now If you Click on Printable Version you will see this nice checked out version of the achievements you've earned:

8. You also be able to track the total points and the list of games you are currently having under the My Achievements.

Why should i use
My Achievements?
1. To Keep track of the achievements you are working on including the secrets one.
2. Easily nicely printed checklist of the achievements you are so dying to earn
3. Focus on the games you want to finish by shorting the list then the one on

Thank you
RoutineX for quickly responding and adding such a nice feature.
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Old 05-29-2007, 03:35 AM   #2
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Whoa, everytime I look around I find new things. I was about to make a post asking how to do this, but there it is. Good lookin

Oh, yeah and the printable list with achievents earned already marked out. Is f***ing bad a**. I haven't seen a site with as many nice features (features that people actually want to use and do) as Your admins and creative sources for the sites are really good at thinking of content that the people actually want.

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Old 05-29-2007, 04:50 AM   #3
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Any reason why PDZ is only letting me get 1 achievement?

EDIT: NVM Fixed it.

Anyway, nice additions to the M36A!

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Old 06-20-2007, 04:34 AM   #4
Most Frantic
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Is it sad that every time I go online I look at my checklist?
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Old 07-24-2007, 09:38 PM   #5
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How come my username does not appear on any leaderboards???

Can someone let me know how to do it please.

Rusty (pompeypirate)
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Old 07-24-2007, 09:57 PM   #6
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wrong thread by the way, oh and you have to meet the requirements to be put on the leaderboards

1.member for 2 months
2. 100 posts
3. don't gamesave

if you meet those requirements then you can go to the Official gamerscore leaders board and request to be put on in the Forum leaderboard sign-up thread
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Old 07-26-2007, 06:52 PM   #7
x McGrim x
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So this is how you get the checklist to work...thanks a bunch man!
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Old 08-23-2007, 06:35 PM   #8
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wow this is great dude. i was starting to think the check list would never work lol. thanks for the instructions dude
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Old 08-24-2007, 10:39 AM   #9
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I tried this out a while ago and got all confused and stuff, seemed like I reset it after ticking the achievements I had which was a nuisance.

I was unaware that you should print out the list so your able to see easily what achievements you still need to go for when you are playing, handy little feature this is.
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Old 08-24-2007, 02:45 PM   #10
teh x3nomorph
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Nice tutorial. Its a great feature that I hope to be using more and more.

Love the pictures as well.

Thanks to Flea for my sig <3.
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Old 08-26-2007, 06:34 PM   #11
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Ya I never saw this, this is a great guide, I like the checklist.
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Old 09-06-2007, 03:28 AM   #12
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I like the checklist idea. I just started using it. Is there any way to make the achievements I marked off more noticeable? I like to scroll through to see which ones I still need and sometimes I can over look the small little check marks. It would be cool if the whole achievement bar changed to a different color or something.

Can you make it sort by which ones you completed already?

Last edited by Lunacy182; 09-06-2007 at 03:35 AM.
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Old 09-07-2007, 12:46 AM   #13
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wow this is an old thread and I've been here for a few months and haven't heard of this awesome feature before, awesome, I'll definitely use this.
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Old 10-14-2007, 05:41 AM   #14
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great info

so that is how you get the checklist to work. love that you can print them off
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Old 10-25-2007, 04:17 AM   #15
Andrew x360a
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I LOVE this feature on the site. It makes this easily my favorite achievements site on the net. Its an even better way to track achievements and completed games than Very well done.
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Old 10-28-2007, 09:42 AM   #16
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Nice! I might have to check this out.
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Old 10-28-2007, 11:14 AM   #17
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yeah i just learnt about this feature a few days ago now and got to admit its a pretty sweet feature of this site.
Spider Pig is my hero!!

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Old 10-30-2007, 08:47 AM   #18
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Simply Great
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Old 11-21-2007, 01:41 PM   #19
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Glad I found this topic. I have been looking around to find out how to use this feature.
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Old 11-21-2007, 06:34 PM   #20
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I enjoy the feature although sometimes I lose track of them and it gets hard to keep it up to date. I've been using this for awhile it feels like, I'm pretty sure this has been out a couple months now right?

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thanks to Skillet98!
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Old 11-21-2007, 06:45 PM   #21
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I don't know how i missed this feature before, but WOW it's amazing.

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Old 12-05-2007, 01:27 AM   #22
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It won't work now?
Like it has an error, and that's it... =/
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Old 12-05-2007, 03:16 AM   #23
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yeah same here - not working. Any updates?
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:31 AM   #24
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Bioshock and Halo 3 are two titles which I can't get to mark the correct achievements. How do I fix this?
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Old 12-19-2007, 01:05 PM   #25
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Is there no way the site could automaticly check which achivements you got? I kinda thought it did thats why i registered lol
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Old 12-19-2007, 04:22 PM   #26
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Before I even signed up to this site, I was looking at the Ageis Wing achievement lists and it had them all except for the "get 185,000 pts" achievement ALREADY checked off. Was this just coincidence that I have all of the achievements for that game, or what?
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Old 12-19-2007, 04:28 PM   #27
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This is a very nice feature. Much better than the one on

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Old 12-19-2007, 05:02 PM   #28
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Originally Posted by Badname2 View Post
Is there no way the site could automaticly check which achivements you got? I kinda thought it did thats why i registered lol
Nope, Microsoft don't release that feed so we can't do it.

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Old 12-19-2007, 05:17 PM   #29
Adam Miller
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Look at it this way, you get the feeling of accomplishmnt twice..once when you get the achievement and again when you check it off here.

Is there a way of comparing your checklist with someone off the buddy list on this site though?
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Old 12-19-2007, 05:27 PM   #30
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Talking I love this feature.

This feature is what introduced me to this site, and it's only gotten better since. It's nice to be able to have a printout of the achievements so I don't have to keep hitting the menu button, selecting view games, etc, etc... My compliments and gratitude to the ingenius individuals who came up with this and put it into play!
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