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Space Giraffe
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Achievement Guide

This thread will be unlocked and added to upon the game's release.
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Long-Necked Long March35 Finish level 100, having started on level 1.
This achievement is nearly impossible. You have to start on level 1, and reach level 100 without continuing once!!!!! This achievement is for the best of players. A couple suggestions is to definitely practice the later levels, and try and get a good knowledge of how all the enemies move and attack.

ERROR_SUCCESS50 Finish level 100.
You need to reach level 100 obviously and then beat it. You can continue as much as you'd like, and it doesn't have to be in all one sitting.

Ewige Blumenkraft15 Keep the very first flower to grow alive until the end of the level.
I think it might be level 7, but I'm not for sure. I did it on the first level that I seen a flower. Anyway, the first flower you see you need to keep it alive until the level ends. Just shoot it for a bit w/out killing it and then sweep the area of enemies. Then come back to the flower and shoot it some more. Rinse and repeat until the level is over.

Great Green Arkleseizure10 Get more than 20 Sneeze Bonuses leaving a level.
When you reach level 5, all you do right when the level starts is hold the joystick left. When the level is over, you should get the achievement. If this does not work, try it again or hold the joystick to the right instead.

Professor of Giraffeology10 Score over 10 million on Tutorial Level.
This one is a bit annoying but doable. Just focus on getting bull runs a lot. Never just go across the top shooting everything, you need to wait till as many enemies as possible are on the rim, and just sweep across them.

I Adore My 6415 Complete level 64 without losing a life while playing it.
You need to stick to the sides mostly, and make sure you pick up as many pods as you can. Try and stay away from the flowers, and use your jump pods whenever you need to. You can do level select so keep trying until you get it.

Klepto-Giraffe10 Collect 20 powerups without missing one.
This achievement is fairly easy. Just start on level 1 and focus on nothing except for colletint 20 powerups without missing one. It might take a couple levels to get, but its very easy.

Girafa Caprichoso15 End five consecutive levels with Bonus Multiplier 9x.
You need to start on level 2 and focus on doing NOTHING but bull runs. Levels 2-6 you need to finish the level with a 9x multiplier. Once you finish level 6 with a 9x multiplier, you'll get the achievement.

Girafa Garantido10 Don't lose a life for 16 levels.
I suggest starting on level 1 and making it through level 16 without dying. This is difficult for me but a bunch of people claim that this is easy for them. I leave it up to you. Just focus on getting a bunch of jump pods and try to memorize the levels. If you have trouble on a level, go select just that level and practice it until you can do it without dying.

Pod Presever10 Complete 16 levels without using jump.
Samething, I suggest you start on level 1. Try and get as many lives as you can starting out. You should make it pretty far without dying. You CAN die though on your way for this achievement, you CANNOT continue however. You must make it to level 17 on 1 continue without using the jump button. Making it that far without continuing is the hardest part.

Boi Bumbá10 Get Bonus Multiplier up to 9x in one Bull Run. Best done on level 2, but you can do it on almost every level except for level 1. But on level 2, try and stay to the left or right and stay within' 3-4 lanes. Shoot everything that comes up those 3-4 lanes. At the last second just swoop across the rim and kill everything and you should easily get a 9x in one Bull Run.

Mine's a 9910 Get 9 lives and a 9x Bonus Multiplier. Just start on level 1 and focus on not dying. Once you get 9 lives, get your multiplier up to 9x and you'll unlock the achievement.

This is only my second guide here but hopefully this helps anybody needing it.

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Long-Necked Long March


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Truely awfull at this game, but this guide seems really helpfull.
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I NEED elaboration please.

I have a few more achievements...
Very few seem to play anymore,
also it seems like nobody responds to Space Giraffe stuff!!

Can somebody please help me with some achievements because although the guide is helpful I still need some more guidance* ....

1. I cannot get Score 10 million on the tutorial.

2. End five consecutive levels with Bonus Multiplier 9x.

3. Get 9 lives and a 9x Bonus Multiplier.

I'm sure I can get don't lose a life for 16 levels but these Four achievements I really would hope for somebody to let me know their strategy and how I can accomplish it.

Thank You,

- Payshince.
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