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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
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Old 11-23-2010, 10:11 PM   #511
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 56

Gamertag: dadfrantz
I still need the dual crush and "seduced" achievement. aba03, I'll add you when I get home.
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Old 11-27-2010, 06:38 PM   #512
Dead End Kyo
Dead End Kyo's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: UK
Posts: 162

Gamertag: Dead End Kyo
Looking for players to do Grim Synergy, Poetic Justice & Boned.

I'll be on all night, just send me a message.

EDIT: Got all the achievements now.

Last edited by Dead End Kyo; 11-28-2010 at 10:25 PM.
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Old 11-30-2010, 09:28 PM   #513
Sakurafire's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: P-Dena, dawg!
Posts: 262

Gamertag: Sakurafire
I'm online right now. Looking to get Boned (lol) and Poetic Justice. I've got all DLC that matters.
"They like cheese-steaks and violence in Philadelphia."

Sakurafire's Deviantart website //
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Old 12-01-2010, 10:37 AM   #514
IISpiderII's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 188

Gamertag: li spider ii
Need the boned achievement message me whenever im on anything.
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Old 12-01-2010, 08:48 PM   #515
xionteikiatsu's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Reno, NV
Posts: 69

Gamertag: DXM Cake
Looking to do Poetic Justice.

Send a message to DXM Cake, I'll be on all day, probably.
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Old 12-01-2010, 08:53 PM   #516
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Fords, New Jersey
Posts: 104

Gamertag: OH BOY 3AM
Looking to get Boned just send me a message.


EDIT: Just got Boned by kicking Dracula's ass and avoiding the Mechido 4 times boss!
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Old 12-01-2010, 10:36 PM   #517
fiz's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 10

i can help out with boned, grim synergy, and poetic justice; i need them too

GT: fizlol
fiz is offline  
Old 12-02-2010, 05:14 AM   #518
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 203

Gamertag: KingRodedog
Alright, I gettin on right now and I'm gonna try to put a crew together for the "Boned" achievement. Starting the the most recent post, I'm gonna work backwards until I find enough people on. If you are one of these people please bear with the time this may take. If you don't have the patience or the time to stick this out, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I really want to get this done....Tonight/this morning. Thanks guys!

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Old 12-03-2010, 03:51 AM   #519
Reno Zero
Reno Zero's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 48

Gamertag: Scarlet Rain X
Looking for help with the Boned Achievement. Message me on XBox, gamertag is Moonlit Crow.

EDIT: Got the achievement but still willing to help others.

Last edited by Reno Zero; 12-03-2010 at 05:49 AM.
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Old 12-04-2010, 12:14 PM   #520
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 16

Need help with Boned.

Add me and let's do it!

tag: Retfil

Last edited by lifter; 12-04-2010 at 12:51 PM.
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Old 12-05-2010, 03:34 AM   #521
Bill253's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Westchester C.A.
Posts: 90

Gamertag: Bill253
looking for help with boned and poetic justice.
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Old 12-05-2010, 06:39 PM   #522
jaehyung83's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 13

Gamertag: Tei83
need help with 'boned' and 'poetic justice'
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Old 12-06-2010, 01:35 PM   #523
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 2

Gamertag: shaine the man
if any one needs help with achievements just let me know.
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Old 12-07-2010, 04:02 AM   #524
ShadowDante58's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 165

Gamertag: ShadowDante58
Me and my pal are looking to get the cheevie Boned. My GT is the same as my username. Fire me a friend request and a message telling me your from here, and I'l try and get to you asap. I'm willing to boost any other cheevies aswell, expect the 3 grinding ones. (Money, Items, Kills)
ShadowDante58 is offline  
Old 12-07-2010, 07:15 PM   #525
RedOblivion711's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 25

Gamertag: redoblivion711
Looking to do some of the online cheevos, namely Boned, the one where you kill a charmed party member, and finishing off a boss with a dual crush. Especially the last, as everyone seems to utterly refuse to use them lol. Send me a message, friend request, and hopefully we can even get a full party to do em all easy.
RedOblivion711 is offline  
Old 12-09-2010, 03:27 PM   #526
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 41

Gamertag: ferchokyzer
Hi, i need the "Boned" achievement, i'm welling to help with the other MP cheevos. My GT: ferchokyzer

Gamertag: ferchokyzer

kyzer is offline  
Old 12-12-2010, 01:43 AM   #527
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 126

I'm looking for help with Poetic Justice and Grim Synergy

I am also willing to help anyone who needs Boned.
Squalasura is offline  
Old 12-12-2010, 10:18 AM   #528
Johiden's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 81

Gamertag: Blue Wolf Roach
Looking to get Grim Synergy, Poetic Justice and Boned.. Send message to iI r0ach Ii <- Zero not an O.. Would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Johiden is offline  
Old 12-13-2010, 10:26 AM   #529
x IF L ii P
x IF L ii P's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 40

Gamertag: x if l ii p
looking 2 do boned need 5 ppl send me a msg x IF L ii P
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Old 12-13-2010, 12:05 PM   #530
Riley Escobar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 23

Gamertag: BIG TEK9
Looking for help with all mp cheevos, boned especially...
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Old 12-14-2010, 03:24 AM   #531
LouTenit Dan
LouTenit Dan's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Ny
Posts: 244

Gamertag: LouTenit Dan
add me..still need boned,poetic justice ,etc.... maybe we should get a list going for boned? Im off work tomorrow and wednesday..just put castlevania in the message so I know.

gt - Loutenit dan
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Old 12-15-2010, 03:38 AM   #532
Calandril's Avatar
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 26

Gamertag: Nookworm
Looking to get Boned, Poetic Justice, and Grim Synergy as well.. send me a message if you are interested.

GT : Nookworm
Calandril is offline  
Old 12-18-2010, 04:57 AM   #533
Ganon113's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 227

Gamertag: father of pain
Looking to get Boned, Poetic Justice, and Grim Synergy. I'm online just about every day and all the time. If anyone is interested message me on xbl.

GT: My Penance

Edit:I just need Boned and Poetic justice now. Yeah any one who whats to get Boned should message me or SkirkRidge EX.

Thanks xFortySeven for the sig!

Last edited by Ganon113; 12-19-2010 at 04:19 AM.
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Old 12-18-2010, 06:17 PM   #534
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 15

Gamertag: SkirkRidge EX
Looking for Boned, Poetic Justice and Grim Synergy, the same ones most people are looking for. Boned is more important than the others as I can get those with one of the people I know who has the game, but I don't know 5 others. Please message my Xbox gamertag if you can help, putting in that you want to help me boost. Will be willing to boost others on other cheevos if needed.

UPDATE: Just need Boned now. Anyone who wants this too should head up myself or Ganon113. Need four more players.

Last edited by SkirkRidgeEX; 12-18-2010 at 11:22 PM.
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Old 12-19-2010, 03:05 AM   #535
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: California, USA
Posts: 14

Gamertag: MetalSmasher86
Still looking for Grim Synergy and Boned.
MetalSmasher86 is offline  
Old 12-20-2010, 06:05 AM   #536
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 28

Hi there, i am looking for all the achievements in this game,so let me know if someone want to do this. Thanks. GT LORD DISGORGE
Christhammer is offline  
Old 12-21-2010, 08:19 AM   #537
rng cougar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 26

Gamertag: rng cougar
Alright I need boned and i see that other people need it plus other achievements so heres the deal first 6 people in line that add me wanting to get castlevania cheevos can have every achievement we can do no prob But only add if Boned is 1 of ur needed achievements GT rng cougar

central US time looking to do this sometime today if u need it add asap
rng cougar is offline  
Old 12-24-2010, 01:06 AM   #538
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 111

Gamertag: Elarris
Need to get boned and grim synergy. Gt is Elarris. add me or message me
Elarris is offline  
Old 12-24-2010, 09:21 AM   #539
Reno Zero
Reno Zero's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 48

Gamertag: Scarlet Rain X
Looking to get my collecting achievements (Money, Enemy Kills, Items) I know I can do this alone but i need to switch characters and i'd be too weak so how about a trade? I'll collect the treasures in the level as others fight the bosses, working towards everyones goals. Message me on live if interested. Gamertag to the left.

Also willing to help with Poetic Justice, and will participate in Boned.

Last edited by Reno Zero; 12-25-2010 at 01:25 AM.
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Old 12-26-2010, 08:20 PM   #540
Orochi Kusanagi
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 5

Gamertag: Orochi Kusanagi
Need help getting Boned and Grim Synergy. Message me on live if anyone's up for it. My GT is Orochi Kusanagi, I'll be on tonight.
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