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Orion Ben
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Mahjong Wisdom GFWL [G+R]

Map needs body with overview, guide needs a little polish


I will try to merge all the info in one thread.
First attempt as a guide.

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 0 (0)
Online: 12 (200)*
Approximate amount of time to 200 : Depends on your skill level. 10-20 hours.
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 in each mode: Tales, Motion, Infinite.

Number of missable achievements: 6 (Bonus Bonanza, Look No Feet, Look No Hands, Recycler, My Own Power, Motion Master)
Glitched achievements:
Recycler, My Own Power, Motion Master

*: All achievement are single-player, but they must be done while connected to live or they will not unlock.

Speed Matcher 10
Make 5 quick-matches in a row (any mode)

In infinite mode, build a layout with ten pair and no blocking tile. Play the layout. Before starting notes all the pair and when you notice all the pair, pick them up quickly.
Finite Infinity 20
Complete 100 unique layouts in Infinity mode.

Thanks to Steel Stealth:

The word "unique" might mislead you. You don't need to play 100 unique layouts but just 100 saved layouts. All you have to do is:
1. create a layout with 2 pieces;
2. Save it 100 times (call the saves: 1, 2, 3 etc. )
3. Play all the layouts

Builder 15
Create 20 tile sets in the Infinity level editor.

Thanks to Jorax:

The way I got it:

1. Create a 2 tile map.
2. Test/play the map
3. Save the map (use unique file names)
4. Add 2 new tiles and go to step 2

Look, No Hands 10
Complete a story in Tales mode without using hints.

See Wisdom.

Look, No Feet 20
Complete Tales mode without using hints.

See Wisdom.

Wisdom 20
Complete all 5 stories in Tales mode.

Each story is composed of 9-layout. When you start a level noticed where the gold brick are and always aim to uncover those brick the fastest possible. The more tiles are left the quicker you will get the Bonus Bonanza.

In this game there is always a match (you see how many combination are possible at the top of your screen). If there is no match, you can reshuffle up to three times (I never did more than two) and shuffling does NOT count as a hint.

So never ask for a hint and find the matching 2 light tiles, or you will have to restart the tales modes to achieve Looks, No Hands and Look, No Feet.

Bonus Bonanza 20
Score 25,000 remaining tiles points in Tales mode.

See Wisdom.

Using the technique, I got the achievement at the sixth layout of the fifth tale.
Mega Matcher 15
Match 2,000 sets of tiles (any mode).

You should get this achievement while working on Wisdom.

Dragon Keeper 10
Complete all levels in Motion mode.

Complete all the 45 levels of the motion mode, you can use any help.

Recycler 15
Finish Motion mode without throwing any tiles into the trash.
Complete all the 45 levels of the motion mode without throwing a tile in the recycler (top left)

Glitched for some

My Own Power 20
Complete 5 levels of Motion Mode without using bombs, cannons, ice or magic wands.

Complete any five-level in the motion mode using only the recycler as a helper. This cannot be completed in the first level of the motion because of the items tutorial.


Motion Master 25
Complete Motion mode without losing a life.

Complete all the 45 levels of the motion mode, you can use special-tiles, but you must not lose a life.

Glitched for some

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I'd like to add a couple of things if I may, just in order to help out.

- My Own Power is glitched for everyone, there is no way to unlock it. The only people who unlocked it cheated their way to it in some fashion, and by tracking some of them, I've seen their entire profile reset and marked as cheaters by Microsoft. I have tried to contact Tik Games about this error, but they have not responded to a single e-mail. So I assume they will not fix it, since the game is not even mentioned in their list of games.

- In Tales mode, it is possible to get stuck without a match, but then you can use the Reshuffle button. Using it does not affect the hints related achievements.

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Orion Ben
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 46

Gamertag: Orion Ben
Thanks Bistric.
1. Good to know
2. I wanted to put it down, guess it slip my mind.
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