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Achievement Guide/Roadmap


Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 12 (200)
Online: 0 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 200 : 40+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for game, multiple for stages
Number of missable achievements: 0
Glitched achievements: None
Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements: Cannot alter difficulty

If you're looking for a quick and easy 200, don't look here. For those who are looking for a beautifully crafted and challenging puzzle game, look no further. What feels like Lemmings meets the film Coraline, Lucidity is a rail-platform puzzler where you have to choose how to use the item that is given to you to not only make it across the stage safely, but to also obtain fireflies. For every 100 you collect you gain a bonus stage, and no you cannot go back and collect the same fireflies you already obtained.

There are three acts to the game, 27 stages in the main story with 16 bonus stages to unlock (one unlocks every 100 fireflies collected for the first 1,500. The 16th bonus stage will unlock after you collect every firefly in the game), and five items to choose from. You have the ability to put 1 item in the store spot on the top left of the screen, which can be swapped out at any time, but you cannot skip a piece, and the piece you get to progress through the stage is random. And if you miss any fireflies, don't worry, you can always select that stage again from the stage select map, which will also tell you how many fireflies you have left to obtain in that stage.

And be warned, you're not alone! There are creatures that will get in your way, as well as bushes on the bottom of the stages that, if touched, will kill you automatically, as well as some small, circular pointy bushes that appear on platforms in later stages. Also, starting in Act 2, if you happen to get stuck at a wall, make sure you obtain a means to escape (often a pipe bomb) as quick as you can, since you will either be devoured by a wall of darkness, or, in Act 3, a wall of ghosts (white) and have to restart the stage. You get infinite lives, so if you mess up, don't worry, you can always go back and try again.

In some instances, after a certain amount of fireflies have been obtained, an arrow will show up above the girl's head, which will help you find where the remaining fireflies are. And for those who have no idea how to find them, they are represented by four yellow, slightly moving circles huddled together (which equals 1 firefly for some reason, not 4). If you collected them, then they will be white and won't count. You also need these if you're hit, as you can only take damage twice. The bottom left of the screen shows how many fireflies have been collected, and if it's flashing, you need one firefly to prevent being sent back to the beginning if you take damage.

Step One: Runthrough
You only need to do one run through of the entire game, though it'll take a good while, especially if you're not too familiar with the mechanics of this type of game. Just try to make it through the game, collect as many fireflies as you can or are comfortable with at that time, and you should net a total of 100, obtaining First Steps, Wonder, Fear, Courage, and Firefly Collector. If you're good enough you can obtain Ouch Free, and Firefly Enthusiast for 25. I suggest that you run the bonus stages as they unlock too in this run through to aid in the firefly achievements, and the Mastering The Underground achievement as well.

Step Two: Clean up
Once you finish the third act, you're done and can go back to the map and finish cleaning house. Head back and obtain the fireflies on every stage in order to unlock the according firefly achievements (you need 1,500 total, so get cracking!) and work on the Shy of the Firefly and Cleaning Up achievements. For Cleaning Up, I have posted a rough map showing the locations of the fireflies to help you obtain this achievement quicker.

All in all the game is pretty simple and straight forward, but getting the proper pieces and acting quickly enough winds up being your worst enemy. The only advice I can leave you with is remain calm in the game and don't panic. Throw on your favorite relaxation CD if you like, make maps if need be, or record the stages and look them over, whatever you may want to do. In some cases you may need to practice the stages, as it's unavoidable. When you start going back, pick a stage (as you should be familiar with it) and don't let up until you get all the fireflies needed, unlock, and complete every bonus stage! This one will take all your inner strength to complete...

Now with film and game reviews (just for fun)!

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First Steps 5
Beat the first level of the game.

You actually get this on the second level, as the first level of the game just shows you what to do.

Wonder 25
Finish the first Act of the game.

See Courage.

Fear 25
Finish the second Act of the game.

See Courage.

Courage 30
Finish the third Act of the game.

Simply complete every stage in the act to unlock this achievement.

Mastering Of The Underground 10
Complete all Bonus Levels.

You simply have to complete all the bonus levels. There are 16 in all, and to unlock the last bonus level, you need to obtain 2062 fireflies (all fireflies in the story stages as well as the first 15 bonus stages) total. Once you do that, complete that last bonus stage and you're done! This is obviously the last achievement you'll obtain.

Ouch Free 10
Beat 'All Around is Petrified' without taking any damage.

Just as it says, beat the stage without taking any damage and you'll get the achievement. You CAN use the pipe bomb and have it explode on the little girl, that does not count as damage. I suggest taking the middle road for this achievement.

Shy of the Firefly 10
Beat 'Deep Sleep Dive' without collecting any fireflies.

This stage unlocks in Act Two. The easiest way is to take the middle path straight through, but make sure you keep a pipe bomb in your storage space at the top left, at one point there will be two fish and a snail with thorns. Early on is a frog that jumps, so if you cannot kill that, you only need 1 more hit and you're gone. So unless you feel you can avoid the fireflies on the top and bottom by the time you reach those three creatures I just mentioned, make sure you keep an extra pipe bomb in there!

Cleaning Up 10
Collect all the fireflies in 'Every Kite Soars' in a single run.

This stage unlocks in Act 2. You need to obtain every firefly in one run, and it's easier then it sounds. Not counting the platform you start on, grab the four on the upcoming platform, then grab the four IN the platform using pipe bombs and fans, then the fireflies start going upwards, there's two sets of two before you reach another platform when it follows the pattern of platform, two, platform with two IN it, two, and repeat. There are six platforms in the sky, and the last two just have four fireflies on the top. Just make sure you move fast to get the pieces you need.

If you are still confused I drew up a small map in Paint. It's not the greatest but it'll give you a rough idea of what you want to do to get all the fireflies.

Firefly Collector 10
Collect 100 fireflies.

See Firefly Master.

Firefly Enthusiast 15
Collect 500 fireflies.

See Firefly Master.

Firefly Lover 15
Collect 1000 fireflies.

See Firefly Master.

Firefly Master 30
Collect 1500 fireflies.

You do not have to collect all the fireflies in the game for this achievement to unlock, just 1,500 of them, so stick to the levels you find easier to maneuver around in and accumulate as many as you can. There's well over 1,500 if you also factor in bonus stages so if you just really concentrate on getting them, this shouldn't be a problem, especially since some stages, like the first couple and the very last, are pretty much free fireflies if you at least pay attention and use common sense.

Lucas Arts Workshop Wordpress Web Site

Now with film and game reviews (just for fun)!

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thanks for the guide man
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here's the game icon:
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Nice Guide
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'Every Kite Soars' is the last stage of the first Act.

Aside from that error, great guide.
I made the beat retarded so I'm calling it a slowjam

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Naked Blaze
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There is a mistake in a "Mastering the Underground" guide. You must collect all the firefly's to unlock this achievement not just 1600.
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I'm aware of the mistake in the guide. I made it aware to the guide team of the mistake and informed them the change was made in the guide. I have also put the information in the submit guide. The 1,600 total came from 2 people who had 200/200 on the game, but clearly they were wrong, as I found this out once I hit 1,500 fireflies myself.

Anyhow, finished the game. I was insanely addicted to it and had to take two days away from it cold turkey. The guide is complete and everything can be 100% confirmed by me. Hope you all enjoy it, as well as the bonus stage at the end. Don't worry, that last bonus stage's 126 fireflies will fly by (see what I did there? ) and NO you don't have to get them, just beat it and you're golden for Mastering The Underground. I did it so I can officially QUIT playing this game and let my addiction friggin' die...

40+ hours confirmed for me as it took me a little more almost that, a little less, I'd say maybe 38-39, but some stages are tricky and can definitely cause people to waste more time on them then I did.

Glad to see some people found the guide useful, and hopefully anyone considering this game, or who has purchased it, will find this guide helpful as well. I'd like to do more guides, so perhaps someday soon I'll tackle another "obscure" game for the community.

Happy hunting guys, and enjoy the beauty that is Lucidity...

Now with film and game reviews (just for fun)!

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I can't figure out how to get some of the fireflies. Some of them seem impossible. For example, in the one level where you have to blow up a path around spikes to get through, some fireflies seem too low that you can't dig yourself back out. Any ideas or videos that could help would be greatly appreciated.
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I used this guide when I went back to finish this game a few years ago, and I forgot to thank you for the tips you gave me on the way and this guide. Much appreciated!
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