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Battlestations: Midway
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Quick (and risky) Mission 11

In a variation of the method mentioned in the guide...

1.) Use the Catalinas to sink (or damage) the first sub. If they don't sink it outright, send the DDs to finish the job.

2.) Lauch a single wing x3 of Wildcats, and seven x3 Dauntless wings.

3.) Send the Wildcats diagonally halfway up the map. These will be used to take out the spotter planes and eventually create a diversion. Avoid any ships.

4.) Send the Dauntless wings and one Catalina to square G10.

4a.) If the Japanese fleet is not at J9, move the Dauntless wings and Catalina straight north to J1.

4b.) If the fleet is not at H1, move the Dauntless wings and Catalina to D1, detecting the A1 fleet.

5.) As soon as you find the fleet, have the Wildcats get detected by the CAPs and then flee, hopefully taking most of them with you.

6.) Once the Wildcats have been detected by, and have drawn away, the Japanese CAPs send four Dauntless wings to the furthest carrier and three wings to the nearest.

The idea, of course, is that both carriers will be sunk in one fell swoop, negating the need for any additional waves. This method is quick enough that, even if the fleet is at A1, the enemy cruisers will not reach your ships. If need be, the Catalinas can be sent off to lure a wing or two of Zeros. It is not entirely necessary to take out the spotters. In fact, it is to your advantage if they find your carriers. The only problem is that they have a tendency of detecting your dive bombers. If they do find your carriers the JP fleet will send bombers, resulting in a wing that has no interest in the bombers attacking their mother ships. Dive bombers seem to work better than torpedos...and you don't have to steer dive bombers in order to have a good effect.

It's incredibly cheap but it worked for me.
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Cruiser is key.
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This is a pretty great strategy. I've already beaten this level but I might try it again just for fun after reading this.
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