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Crash of the Titans
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Crash of the Titans roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline:47 (1000)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000:10-15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: Numerous, read below
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?:No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: Two Xbox 360 controllers

Welcome to Crash of the Titans, this is Crash Bandicoot's first appearance on the Xbox 360. Crash of the Titans is a very linear action game. It will take a bit of effort to get the full 1000 because you have to get gold on every episode whilst playing on hard difficulty. Hard difficulty will be infuriating at times but if you perceiver you will make it through.

Step 1: Preparation:
To collect the hidden idols and find the Mojo rooms please use this guide: here (credit to "Mario 1997" on gamefaqs).There is one Mojo room and one hidden idol per episode. I recommend starting the game on hard so you can get the full 1000 in one playthrough.

Step 2: Full Playthrough:
For help on getting gold on every episode please use this guide: here (credit to "Mario 1997" on gamefaqs). This guide will help you find the three Spybots for each level. It will also give you great locations where you can attempt Combo king (where you have to get a high hit combo). You should unlock Master at Harms while playing through naturally if you kill every minion you come across.

I have sorted the missable achievements into sections below:

Gold episode achievements:
To get gold on an episode you need to do three things; kill a certain amount of minions,destroy the three spybots on the level, and achieve a certain hit combo. I have put a link for the Spybots locations and locations where to do combo king in step 2 of this roadmap. If you struggle getting combo king on certain episodes wait until you fully upgrade Crash, and replay them because you will unlock infinite spin which is really useful.

Gold episode requirements:

Episode 1 - Minion Master: 65 / Combo King: 15
Episode 2 - Minion Master: 25 / Combo King: 45
Episode 3 - Minion Master: 80 / Combo King: 30
Episode 4 - Minion Master: 30 / Combo King: 15
Episode 5 - Minion Master: 20 / Combo King: 15
Episode 6 - Minion Master: 50 / Combo King: 25
Episode 7 - Minion Master: 50 / Combo King: 30
Episode 8 - Minion Master: 15 / Combo King: 40
Episode 9 - Minion Master: 40 / Combo King: 50
Episode 10 - Minion Master: 20 / Combo King: 15
Episode 11 - Minion Master: 130 / Combo King: 25
Episode 12 - Minion Master: 35 / Combo King: 20
Episode 13 - Minion Master: 35 / Combo King: 15
Episode 14 - Minion Master: 55 / Combo King: 35
Episode 15 - Minion Master: 40 / Combo King: 25
Episode 16 - Minion Master: 65 / Combo King: 25
Episode 17 - Minion Master: 19 / Combo King: 30
Episode 18 - Minion Master: 25 / Combo King: 35
Episode 19 - Minion Master: 65 / Combo King: 80
Episode 20 - Minion Master: 35 / Combo King: 35

Remember there is also 3 spybots per level you need to get for a gold rating.

Missable misc achievements:
At any point during an episode get a second controller and hit this will get you Duplex Planet the only co-op achievement in the game. For Five by Five, Like a Cat, and Stayin' Alive you need to accrue a total of 5,9, and then 15 lives at once. If you don't unlock these through natural play just keep replaying a level you can do without losing lives and build up your lives that way. Remember to smash every crate you come across for Crate Crazy.

Jackable achievements/creature skins achievements:
I would recommend going for these after you complete the game on hard. This is because when you complete the game on hard you unlock "Free kick" () which lets you jack any Titan with one hit (bosses take two hits). This makes the jackable achievements extremely easy. To unlock the minion skins you need to defeat a certain amount of that minion type. You can replay levels to get minion kills if needed. You will also need to jack each Titan a certain amount of times for the creature skin.

Secret achievements:
First things first for the Right Stuff achievement jump up the building that is right next to you at the beginning of the game, jump up to the top ledge and double jump off, this should get you the achievement. For Eavesdropper you need to stay out of sight when you hear NPC's talking, the music will go quiet when they are talking, after the conversation is over the music will go back to normal and it's safe to kill them. For Where Did The Time Go? and Idle Hands just start up an episode and wait for 25 minutes and you will get these two achievements. For Big Spender you will need to die 9 times in one episode (shouldn't be that hard on hard difficulty :-P).

Upgrade Achievements:
For Self-Help Guru and Mojofied achievements use this guide: here(thanks to cbssi for this method). This method is on episode 10 and it may help you later on in the game. You need 1,205,000 to fully upgrade Crash. It should take you about 40 minutes with this method to fully upgrade him.

Step 3: Mop Up:
After you have completed your first playthrough you should only have the jackable achievements left, and maybe some episodes you haven't got gold on. Simply replay certain episode/s again to get a gold rating, you have to do all three gold requirements again, not just the requirement/s you missed.Simply replay episodes for the jackable achievements as well. After you have completed everything Jack King should unlock, giving you the full 1000.

What do you think? Can anyone notice any discrepancies?


Thank you Audacious for the sig

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Thanks, I was wondering how long this game would take.

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Getting this from gamefly looks easy

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How are any of the achievements missable, if you can replay levels as much as you want?

I'd say because of that, none of the achievements in this game are missable.

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Just 1000'd this, and yeah, none of the achievements in this game are missable.

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