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Thumbs up The QUICKEST way to get TAKEDOWNS!!


After restarting my career thinking the chip for 1000 takedowns wouldn't unlock coz I got to 1020, I tried to find the quickest way to get back to 1000. I now have the chip which unlocked @ 1028 takedowns. If I had continued with my old career it would've unlocked :-/

The quickest method is as follows:
Set your options to:
game speed - fast
allow cpu skipping - yes
auto peek - yes
(this goes pretty fast but just watch for the tick next to who wins)

Go to tunica event 2 (no limit $750).
SAVE IT (start) as soon as you get in there.
If you take someone out or go a few hands with everyone folding SAVE IT (start).
If you get taken out OR if two people call you and you DON'T win, RELOAD so the person taken out comes back for you to take out. (Quickest way to reload is to press the guide button then sign out then back in).
If you lose a hand keep going ALL IN. You shouldn't have lost many chips and most of the time you take someone out in the next hand or two. If you get taken out reload it.

The first takedown can take a few reloads sometimes but once you get up and running they come pretty fast most of the time. (5+ in a row sometimes!!)

It should take you around 10-15 mins to reach the end which will give you 18/19 takedowns. Quite a few times I got to the end in less than 10 mins.

Keep repeating the tournament until you get the takedowns needed.

The best I did was 230 takedowns in 2 1/2 hours!!

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another option

I'll give you props for the trick to get all your hands

however the way I found to get to 1000 takes that seems to be faster and you don't really have to pay as much attention is to just pick the 4th event on the 4th tournament (forget the name but it's the 10,000 buy in)
and just go all in every hand no reloading.

If you lose that sucks but if you're like me and just have those last two achievements your bank roll should be pretty high. Mine is 24 million so if I lose 10,000 right away it's no big deal, this way you can still watch tv or something while you do it

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Theres probably a few ways that are quick to get takedowns. The method I used was just the one that seemed to work. The tournaments with the higher buy-ins seemed to take longer due to everyone having more chips. How long was it taking to get how many takedowns with your method? Was there alot in it? Its good that there are two methods that can help people get the last few hundred takedowns after they've completed all the tournaments etc anyway. :-)

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Saint Jericho
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thanks for the tip man. quite helpful!
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TizZle xR
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Thanks for the help! This has helped me take down a few of 'em.
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