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Post Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Saw There Was No G or RM So Here It Is :

Deluge DLC
Cost: 560 MSP
Achievements: 10
Points: 250

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 8
-Online: 2
-Approximate amount of time to 250 : 5-10 hours
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None


15 Minutes Of Maim
Survive the Deluge for 15 minutes in every arena.
To Obtain this achievement you need to survive for 15 minutes in every arena, achievement also unlocks Avatar Award

-Hope Springs
-North Green Bay
-South Unity Heights

When playing i have found that if you complete an entire game it is around 50 minutes, so 2-3 zones complete should be fine enough to secure it in each arena

Win a public match of Capture the Orb in every arena.

The arenas are as follows:
The Pit
Uptown Grrr!!!!
Figure of Hate
Hostile Takeover

To start a public CTO game , this a minimum of 4 players, it's not very easy to boost as no-one seems to play anymore.

Just get a group together of at least 4 players and start the match.

I recommend you decide which team will be winning first and whether you will do all 6 arenas for one team then the other, or if you will take turns and do each arena twice in a row.

Once the match starts all you have to do is have the winning team score to take the lead and then the losing team just has to quit.

This will count as a win and will take much less time than playing the full 10 minutes per arena, per team.

Destroy 10,000 wave enemies in Deluge.

One way is to play Zone 5, Wave 7 on South Unity Heights. Grab the rocket launcher from the weapon drop, jump on the launch pad and fire rockets into the crowd of enemies. Save and Quit-repeat.

With loading times (game's installed on HDD) I'd say I earn around 100 kills every minute or so. Works out to about 6000 kills an hour.

Once you finish firing the last rocket into the crowd of infected, quit to the main menu and reload the same wave. The crowd of infected netted me around 50 kills with the rockets in each run I did. Since the game was installed to my HDD the loading times were practically non-existant and I could navigate through menu, load up another round of 'Zone 5, Wave 7' on South Unity Heights and net another 50 kills in less then a minute, thus making it 100

Deluge Domination
Complete all 50 waves of a Deluge arena.

This achievement can be done on any of the arenas (Hope Springs, North Green Bay, South Unity Heights). Hope Springs is probably the easiest one to do. If you're playing with anyone that has access to the helicopters (via Project Sunburst achievement), this achievement will be much easier to unlock as you can just spam flockets at the enemies. There's a certain pattern to the waves, though. Every wave ending with a 5 is a "stronghold" round, meaning more enemies. Every wave ending with a 0 requires you to capture a location by standing in a blue hexagon. The more agents in the hexagon, the faster it will be captured.
But, just so you know, this achievement doesn't specifiy the order you must play each wave in. You can jump in the middle of the match, say Zone 2, Wave 7 and play until the end. Then, if you start up on the same map at Zone 1, Wave 1 and play all the way to Zone 2, Wave 6 the achievement will unlock. So yeah, you can play the 50 waves in any order.
101% Credit To MabusScarab For The Sig.!

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Earth Wind Fire
Achieve 5x Combo, Blast, and Air in Deluge.

Note that the 5x does not relate to your overall multiplier. Pretty much, you have to kill 5 enemies with an explosive, 5 enemies while in the air, and five enemies while on the ground before the game registers that particular streak and gives you points for it. In Deluge mode, pick out any wave with freaks. (Wave 1, Round 4 in Hope Springs works), Throw a grenade while hovering in the air, then shoot five enemies with your gun while hovering in the air. Land on the ground and either shoot or melee kill five more enemies. If you did this fast enough, you should get the achievement.

Project Sunburst
Play Deluge with Project Sunburst enhancements or with someone who has this achievement.

This is achievement is quite simple however there is only one method of getting it now due to an application on Windows Phone becoming unavailable.

You will need the Deluge downloadable content from the marketplace which will cost 800MSP

Simply search for a deluge match, once you join with another player who has this achievement then the achievement will pop up! If you can't get this the first time then keep trying, Crackdown 2 isn't as popular as it used to be online

Raging Bull
Kill 10 Freaks in 30 seconds by shoulder charging.

This achievement can be unlocked in Campaign or Deluge mode. If you're playing in Campaign mode, you must have a Strength level of 4 or more to unlock the shoulder charge. To shoulder charge, run and press & hold B. The camera will zoom in and you'll have these wind lines going over your body.
Just do this at night in an area heavily populated by freaks and the achievement should unlock in no time at all. For Deluge mode, you can do this on your own. Play on Hope Springs Wave 1, Round 2 for this (You can do this with other players but they might screw you up with helicopter fire, explosives, or ground pounds).

Speed Scorer
Score 20,000 points in 1 minute in any Deluge arena.

If you are having trouble, communicate with your teammates and have them let you attack a group of freaks by yourself. Pick up a grenade launcher or rocket launcher at the weapons drop (you can see this on your map once each round is complete) and when you hit the air lift (next to the weapon drop) it will usually warp you directly on top of the next group of enemies. Just shoot your rockets/ grenades and continue doing so and the achievement will pop after 20k. Keep in mind that a minute is longer than you think in this game, just keep firing. You get more points later in rounds and if you stay alive your multipliers can get very high. Towards the end you can get in upwards of 8,000 points for killing a heavy opponent.

Alternatively, if you have the viral achievement for playing with someone that has the WP7 achievement, you will start and have the option to use the helicopters with rockets. Just keep in mind that early on your multipliers will be low, so if you want to get this using the chopper, it might be best to wait awhile until your multiplier is higher.

The Big Score
Score 1,000,000 points in any Deluge arena.

I found this achievement easiest to obtain solo. Pick the map "North Green Bay" and set the difficulty to fragile. The strategy I used was fairly simple:

Make sure to always grab a power weapon at the end of each wave at the blue ammo box; whether it be the Rocket Launcher, the Grenade Launcher, or just another assault rifle they will all come in very handy. Also, do not forget to replenish your grenades if they appear (they almost always do. Don't bother with the proxy mines). Each wave, try to utilize all of your grenades and power weapon ammo. It speeds up the wave magnificently. However, don't simply rely on those to complete the wave. Start each wave by hovering in and throwing your grenades and shooting rockets/grenades in, then switch back to your rifle and headshot the remainders.

Never bother meleeing or anything else other than simply shooting/throwing grenades. Also, it is very, very important not to die. While it isn't a total game breaker if you do, it will however slow your pace down significantly. Try to stay alive the entire time and ALWAYS keep moving, never sit stationary and if possible, try to use your boosters as much as possible. Of course, watch your time and make sure you're at a good pace--if you don't die, however, the time should hardly be an issue.

Using the simple tactics provided above, I was able to achieve 1,000,000 points by Zone 3, Wave 9. It took 28 minutes, and I ended with a 7x multiplier. Again, key things are:

-Pick up and use power weapons/grenades each round for clustered enemies.
-Don't bother meleeing or anything else other than shooting.
-Maintain movement and thruster usage at all times if possible.
-Most importantly, try your hardest not to die. It will reset your multiplier and take away 30 seconds of your time.

Overall, this achievement is actually very easy to complete. Just be competent, have situational awareness, never stop moving, and DON'T DIE.

The Blender
Kill 60 Freaks in 60 seconds using the blades on the helicopter.
1) Start a fresh campaign
2) Call in Squad Chopper (Toy Box DLC)
3) Proceed to "The Quary" located in the NE section of Hope Springs
4) Hover above the lower part of the quarry, waiting for night time, watch as the number of Freaks slowly increases, let them stack up quite a bit.
5) Once enough Freaks have appeared go to furtherest side of the highest tier and lower the chopper to about ground level.
6) Proceed to strafe sideways letting the blades of the chopper cut apart the Freaks, watching out for the wall and piles of rocks/rubble.
7) After you have completed one level move down to the next and proceed to strafe to the opposite side until you get to the very bottom strafing back and forth. If you have not managed to obtain the achievement still, proceed to the middle of the quarry where it shows a winding road leading from the upper level to the lower there should be plenty of zombies there to help finish off the last few stragglers.

Keep in mind it may feel like you've murdered hundreds of them but don't let your guard down just keep chopping away until it pops. Although glitched when I did it, the narrator should mention something about "holding onto that orb" and with that the achievement should follow. I tried using the agency choppers but I didn't manage to get it using them, that may have just been me but I stuck with the DLC Squad Chopper and it worked fine.

*Please comment if you know something that should be added to the guide. Thanks for any input! This is my first guide and roadmap
101% Credit To MabusScarab For The Sig.!

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