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Post Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Wolfenstein

Hello my fellow gamers. There is quite an inconsistent amount of information on "Wolfenstein" as far as the achievement limitations are concerned, so I thought I would clear at least some of them up. It may be a good idea to sticky this, because I honestly wish I knew some of this information before beginning myself. Anyhow, let's get started:

Can you go back and obtain collectables after completion of the game?

You can certainly go back and obtain the collectables after beating the end boss, which is the end of the game. Simply select "Continue" at the main screen, and this will load up your last checkpoint on the last level. Now, simply press "back" (select) and choose to abort the mission. This will drop you right back in town, and you will be able to revisit any mission. Whether this method allows you to complete the side missions that you have missed is unknown to me. The best advice is to still play all the missions before beating the game, but don't worry about the collectables as I have more information on that shortly.

Do you have any tips for making the collectables easier to obtain on uber difficulty, or perhaps any playthrough tips?

DO NOT worry about collecting the collectables in one run. There are many reasons for this, so let me get started with some explanations. You may think that collecting them in one run will help shave off some time because then, you wouldn't need to replay the missions later. However, there are many collectables that you will certainly miss without following a guide, and I think following a guide isn't the most fun way to play this game because it makes it a chore, trust me. Beat the game on Uber, and don't worry about obtaining every last one of the collectables (but still try, and see how many you can collect!). Once the game is beaten, you will be able to replay previous missions. Not only this, but once beaten, you can choose to lower the difficulty from "Uber" to "Easy" in the options menu, making the previous missions easier than ever in order to obtain your collectables and to re-complete. Lowering the difficulty will not effect your collectable status.

The last reason for not exhausting all collectables in a single playthrough (not using a guide) besides having more fun, and also making it easier later when you can lower the difficulty, is you will be more likely to get the "Blitzkrieg" achievement, which is worth 30G, and requires you to finish the game in 12 hours or less. If you spend all your time scouring the town and the mission areas for collectables, you will most likely finish at over 12 hours like I did, and you will not be able to obtain the "Blitzkrieg" achievement for 30G.

In conclusion: Play the game without a guide the first time (more enjoyment) on Uber, and don't worry about exhausting the collectables. You don't need to "rush", but you certainly need to make sure to not sit around and leave the game running while making food or anything, and sprint whenever you can. If you do this, you can certainly spend some time looking for collectables, but always keep "on the go" whenever possible. If you do this, you'll easily obtain the "Blitzkrieg" achievement (30G) at the very end, and you'll be able to replay the missions at an easier difficulty, while using a guide if you wish to obtain the rest of your collectables. Of-course, make sure to select "main menu" when you die in order to obtain the "Single Quarter" achievement at the end of the game.

This game has ridiculous achievements. What do you think about this?

I think this is largely, incorrect. Sure, the achievements are slightly geared toward the multiplayer experience (much like Gears of War, Halo 3, etc). However, the single player and a few of the multiplayer achievements are still pretty easy to obtain for the most part. If you choose to beat this game without exhausting the collectables, on uber difficulty, without beating it in 12 hours or less, then you will get around 400 achievements. Even many of the multiplayer achievements can be had without much trouble (a large chunk of them just require you to be on the winning team for each one of the levels). So honestly, do you think roughly 600 achievement points in about 12-14 hours is really that bad? The answer is, not at all. They could have clearly been worse, just as they could have been better. This game is WORTH playing, not only for the achievements, but for the very solid gameplay. The multiplayer is actually, pretty competent as well. If you are whining about this game, then you sadly have no case, sorry.

Is there a freezing problem?

If you have updated your game when it asked, you will not exhibit any freezes.

Oh crap, I accidentally hit "continue/load checkpoint" instead of selecting "back to main menu" in order to obtain the "Single Quarter" achievement. Does this count as a death?

When this happens, IMMEDIATELY hit your Xbox guide button, and go back to your dashboard, and then re-enter the game. If you do this within 2-3 seconds (which is plenty of time), this will NOT count as a death. If you wait any longer than this, you can surely count that as a death. The reason being for this "2-3 seconds" timeframe, is that I have accidentally done this over three times in this timeframe, along with continuing once on accident (summating to over 5 deaths), and the achievement still unlocked.

If I beat the game on easy, normal, or hard, can I replay the missions on Uber difficulty for the Uber achievement?

No. In order to obtain both the Hard or the Uber achievements, the game has to be played on the appropriate mode. The reason is simple-- sure, it may change the difficulty for the missions, but the fighting that takes place during your travel from the missions and for exploration must also be done at the appropriate difficulty settings for this to unlock. The reason being for this is fairness to the players that have done everything with Hard/Uber difficulty, and not just the missions.

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Very useful. Thank you
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