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Final Boss Battle Guide

Major credit to GDMFS0AB for this guide. This was too long to fit in my guide so I had to create a new thread.

Legendary - 20
Game completed!
For this you need to complete all 4 levels and the epilogue.

THIS INCLUDES SPOILERS - Final Boss Battle Guide - by GDMFS0AB

PART 1/3

This is the start of the final boss battle. The final boss will be on a platform with a gyroscope like platforms moving around him. There will also be the over-shield. The shield will kill you instantly if you touch it, Falling will also do the same.

There are 3 elongated platforms with grey oval like shapes on them. Use your Magno Boots to lift the platforms and then use Nano trigger to activate the orange switch which appears at the back of each platform once it has been lifted.

This will stop the gyro one by one with the shield becoming smaller also. Enemies will appear each time you activate the orange switches. Until eventually the gyro stops and the shield goes down. Once this happens, All raised platforms will be reset and the boss will send his red elite robot (It looks similar to you) 2 hits from power arms will defeat this enemy. Although sometimes they will block your attack.

Once defeated the gyro and shield will power back up. Rinse and repeat 3 times.

NOTE: After each wave has been completed a spare part will appear at the front of the level for you to pick up!

On the final wave the main platform in which the boss is on will be raised and become a weapon. Shooting pink spheres at you. Once all enemies are defeated use power arms on all the silver pods. Once each level pods are destroyed the platform will lower and the boss will make his escape follow him to finish the level.

NOTE: The final spare part will appear behind the platform!

PART 2/3

The final boss battle will take place in the ancient temple (the level you were in before you went into the spaceship)

This will be part 2/2 of your battle with the final boss. I suggest upgrading Power arms and Rocket Boots for this fight.

First of all collect the 2 spare parts that are in the main part of the level. You will find them on the left side by the stairs.

The boss will walk around chasing you with his over shield on. The over shield will kill you if it connects. Wait until it is lowered and then attack with power arms. You're aiming to knock the white eye from his helmet (This may take a lot of hits)

Once this happens more enemies will spawn. Kill those enemies (I used power arms again) this time when the shield goes down, Use Rocket Boots and hover over the bosses head. He will be set ablaze and enemies will respawn. Kill off the enemies and then revert back to power arms. This time only one hit should be enough for parts of his armour to fall off, Rinse and repeat until you get the cut scene with the enemy going into the fire. Kill off any enemies around and try to get the boss to the fire, then power arm hit him into the fire. This will trigger a cut scene and the final part for the ship will be revealed, Collect to end the game.

PART 3/3

Ok. Now you need to start the ships core manually. From the main room go to the back right behind you and use Nano Trigger on the circle on the wall. It will have a red triangle above it. The move back to the middle and use Magna Boots on the floor to lower the middle platform. Jump down!

In This room (cargo bay) you will find spare parts on the metal strips on the walls. Once finished looking around jump down the hole to the engine room. In this room you will be asked to use Nano Trigger to activate part of the ships core (There will be spare parts down here also) you will then be transported back to the bridge (main room).

A cut scene will trigger and the final boss will appear once more. Yeah, you thought you got rid of him right? Wrong!! Use the Magna Boots to lower the platform once more and drop down to the cargo bay to meet the boss.

Ok, so last time I promise. The boss will be making his way towards the hole in the floor which leads to the engine room. You must stop him!

Firstly move away from the metal floor and choose X-Ray ability. Use it on the boss and he will need Power Arms. Charge up and hit him back to the cargo bay door. Then quickly move to the left and go into the little hole. Use Magna Boots to activate it and quickly use Nano Trigger on the panel next to the hole. A cut scene will show you a door opposite.

At this point, Switch to X-ray again (This seems to be needed every time on the boss in this battle) It will show Rocket Boots, as in previous battle hover over the boss to send him back. Then quickly change to Power Arms, Go to the door on the right and push it in, this will open the cargo bay doors. A new panel will appear from where you dropped down.

Use Nano Trigger on this and it will disable the airlock! Move over to the metal panel and activate the Magna Boots ability walk around and punch the boss. He will fall into space. Move around behind the panel, then off the metal floor. Change to Nano Trigger and turn the airlock back on. This will end the game and give you the legendary achievement

NOTE: If you need more time the powers to hit the boss back will always be Power Arms, followed by Rocket Boots, but it seems you will always need to use the X-Ray ability first.

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Nice guide, I just beat the shield boss in 10 minutes once I knew how to use the X-Ray on him.
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