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Site stance on Gamesavers

Way back in October, I wrote an Editorial on Achievement Points, entitled the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Well things have progressed enough now, and itís now time for a follow up. This time were going to skip out the Good and just go straight for the Bad and the Ugly. Thatís right, were going to talk about the Gamesavers.

Well it was inevitable really wasnít it? As an Achievement site, itís a subject close to our hearts, and something that we rightly feel passionately about. With the 360, Microsoft came up with a great new idea with Achievements. They let you show your skills in completing a game, and will then keep you playing a game, even if itís sub-par, just so you can get those final 50 points to complete the game. Not only that, but people will play a game no-stop after its release to become the first in the world to reach that magic 1000 out of 1000 points achieved- I know I played Football Manager 2006 far too much when it was released for this.

But this magic system brought a problem with it- humans. Whenever there is a leaderboard, people want to be at the top of it. No-one remembers second place after all. So when MGC started showing the worldwide leaderboards, not only for each game, but for each game genre and total score as well, people wanted to be at the top of those leaderboards. This is understandable, it was a great way to show your gaming prowess, and made it easy for people to recognise top quality gamers.

However, people soon started to come up with ways round the system. A website was soon created with Gamesaves uploaded on it. All a user had to do was go onto the site, select the game they wanted, download the file to their PC and then use a transfer kit to put this onto a memory card. From this, the user can simply upload a save just before a checkpoint or the equivalent, where they literally just need to take a step forward to unlock all the achievements. Like on FIFA saves, the user only needed to complete one challenge and the whole 1000 points would pop onto their score.

Now obviously to people that want to be at the top of the leaderboards, this is a gift from the Heavens. Now, instead of playing a game for 20 hours, they can play it for a few minutes and get the full 1000 points. So they donít need to spend anytime actually playing the game, building any skill up, or actually having fun with the game. You know, those trivial little things. I like to call them the points of gaming.

So what do these Gamesavers achieve? Well thatís a question that I have asked repeatedly to them and have never received an answer. I have sent messages on 3 separate occasions to StripClubDJ, the most well known cheat on the leaderboard, and have never gotten a response. Whether thatís because deep down he knows heís just a poor pathetic person or not, I donít know. As far as I can see, there is no benefit to the cheats. Yes, they get to sit on top of a leaderboard. But it is now such a mockery that no one takes it seriously anyway. Itís not about any talent, itís about who can cheat the most. As far as I know, our own Leaderboard is pretty much the main cheat free leaderboard, as well as Kaensí on MGC. So, it canít be because they get that recognition (if it is, Iím sorry for underestimating how stupid you are). So therefore they must think that they get respect from it. Now, no gamer with integrity, morals or intelligence to think on their own will be impressed with these guys. So maybe StripClub and the like enjoy getting messages from 8 year old gamers who donít know any better. If thatís what floats their boat, then fair enough. Sure that counseling or getting some friends could help your case, up to you.

Here at x360a, we have always taken a stance against gamesavers, since day one. We want an honest community, and anyone that downloads other peopleís saves to get points, or indeed pays other people to recover their account to get points for them, is not welcome here. Why would we want to let these people into the community that has gone from strength to strength on honest foundations? Now Microsoft has banned your accounts, does that make you reformed? Not in the slightest. It just means that youíve been burnt and donít want to spend the money on cheating again. Thatís not through choice, itís through the consequences of Microsoft. This only happened because of the consequences of your actions anyway. Itís called Karma. Or lifeís a bitch. Maybe you should have thought about that before you tried impressing those 8 year olds, just like Michael Jackson.

Anyway, our stance as a site is simple. We have never welcomed Gamesavers in the past, and why should we change this now, just because Microsoft have banned your accounts. If you had really wanted to repent your sins then you would have done this a long time ago of your own free will. Youíre no different to StripClub and the rest of the cheating low lives that have taken what was a great system, and ruined it just because you think people respect you. Well youíre wrong. We donít respect you, we despise you for ruining the fun for everyone else. Whilst I, Routine and Webby are running this site, you wonít be welcome.

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