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Easy Grim Reaper on Hard w/ Rogue

So, last night I finally imported a character into Golems and on my first try was able to practically solo the Harvester on Hard. I wanted to share my method hoping it could help someone.

This method is entirely gear and spec dependant.

What I was using:

Enchanter's Cowl (10% Dodge, DA:O version, you can buy it from the grocer in Amaranthine in DA:A)

Battledress of the Provocateur (5% Dodge, with 3 5% Dodge Evasion Runes)

Voice of Velvet (25% Dodge, with 3 Intensifying runes from the Bartender in Amaranthine)

Vigilance (10% Dodge, Longsword "Whatever aid it can lend me in defense." version from "Worked to the Bone" quest, also 3 Intensifying runes)

Cailan's Greaves (20% Dodge, Return to Ostagar DLC)

When you start Golems, you have a book to reset your spec. After using the book these are the parts of the spec that are required:

STR: 42 (Required for Cailan's Greaves)
Everything else in DEX


Master Combat Training
Master Vitality
Master Clarity

Put the rest of your points in your favorite skills.



Endure Hardship from Legionaire Scout spec (You can buy the book in Amaranthine)
The rest of my points I scattered in Assassin, Dualist, Dual Weapon Fighting and Standard Rogue talents.

What Endure Hardship lets you do is any damage you actually take is subtracted from your Stamina, not your health.

All the dodge allowed me to completely ignore the skeletons, not even once did they even hit me.

The only damage I had to worry about was during the Harvesters 1st form he reaches into his stomach and drops a bomb on the floor, you usually have enough time to kite before he drops it. Once I took enough damage to bring down my Endure Hardship shield, but all I did was kite until it cooled down. You can use stamina draughts during the fight, I used two suburb ones, and not a single health poultice.

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Sounds nice.
Already got the achievement but I'll try this method out with my Rogue on Nightmare ..
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SOMEONE STICKY THIS, IT REALLY WORKS AND IT'S VERY EASY!! Tried this with my Elf Rogue 34, using this method (42 str, other points in dtx), with this recommended skills, but with even better equipments!

Got the achievement in my first try using this method. Also tried this boss in Nightmare, and it's pretty easy too!


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ive been stuck on this for ages as i have a rogue not a warrior as most of the guides seem to be for. although i am lacking a few of the clothing items it gives me hope.
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