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Mod/Maximum Clubs' Jester
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- (3) Sign-Up Retail Clubs & Completion Leaderboard

Retail Club & Completion Leaderboard Sign-Up

Maximum Club Rules
All Rules must be followed or your addition to the Maximum Clubs will be delayed!

1. You must have been a member of XBA for 1 month. You must also be an active user, and have 100 non-spam posts for ALL club sign-ups.*

* Rule does not apply to subscribing members

2. Your game postings are limited to 10 games per submission. You are not allowed to post again until your submission is processed (unless you are posting again specifically to be added as FIRST or SECOND in a club). Doing so, or posting in with more than 10 games in a post will result in your submission being DELETED.

NEW: If you are planning to sign-up for more than 10 Retail games and would like to be notified when your post has been processed, please let us know in your sign-up and a PM will be sent directly to you when your submission has been completed.

3. If you are signing up for 5 or more Retail games, please hyperlink the clubs you are listing in your post. This can be done either by copying and pasting the URL of the clubs into your posts underneath the name of each club, or by highlighting the name of a Maximum Club you've written in your post, pressing the 'Insert Hyperlink' button in the posting window, and entering the club's URL into the pop-up box.

4. List your games in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

5. ALL achievements must be obtained and ALL gamerscore must be unlocked in a game in order to sign-up to be part of any Retail or Arcade maximum club.

6. Every game with its own unique gamerscore will have its own club. Any sign-up that has multiple regions of the same game ie. NTSC & PAL or NTSC-J, German, Korean etc. OR is not played on Xbox ie. Windows Phone, Games for Windows MUST be specified in the sign-up.

7. If you are signing up to be FIRST or SECOND for a club, DO NOT EDIT an earlier post if you have one. Please post again to sign up for this club. Remember members are added based on sign-up date NOT timestamps on Xbox Live.

8. All achievements you've unlocked that specifically require you to be connected to Xbox Live to obtain (kills in online multiplayer, for example) MUST have a timestamp.

9. Your privacy settings must be turned off so we can see your profile, you must also have your gamercard attached to your profile. If we can't see your gamercard or access your profile your post will be removed.

10. CHEATING OF ANY SORT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If you are caught cheating in any way deemed unfit by this site, or by Microsoft, you will be banned from the Clubs, and possibly the site.

11. Mixing your achievements with retail and DLC does not count towards a retail 1000/arcade 200. You must earn all the retail/arcade achievements that come with the game. If you complete the DLC before the retail achievements you may sign up for those clubs.

12. While making submissions do not use colored text, post images, use alternative fonts or use any text styles. Doing so wastes our time removing the styling from your post.

13. You MUST link your Gamertag to your profile! To add your gamertag to your profile go to User CP>Edit Your Details> Fill in Gamertag field at the bottom of your profile.

14. No member of the staff with the power to edit the clubs are allowed to CREATE a new thread for the sake of adding themselves as FIRST or SECOND. They must post in the appropriate threads regarding sign-ups to be added just like everyone else.

How to Post Correctly


GT: (Insert Gamertag)
Game: (Insert Full Game Title, Region if Applicable, Platform if Applicable)[Amount of Gamerscore](Name of what was completed, ie. Original or name of DLC)

GT: bplayak
Game: Madden 12 [1000] Original 1000

GT: bplayak
Game: Bioshock 2 [1400] Original 1000 + Minerva's Den 150 DLC + Protector Trials 100 DLC + Rapture Metro 150 DLC

GT: bplayak
Game: Bioshock (Japanese Version) [1000] Original 1000

GT: bplayak
Game: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) [1000] Original 1000

Completion Leaderboard Updates

In addition to posting the Retail Clubs you wish to be added to, please also use this thread to update your completion totals on the Retail Completion Leaderboard, which can be found here.

[# of completions] 'New Addition' or 'Updated Count'

If this is your first time using the Maximum Clubs, please use New Addition. For all subsequent sign-ups use Updated Count.

~ Thanks to troy for the innocent looking hamster! ~
~ I'm Radioactive! Radioactive! || Shiny orange MCD awards! ~
~ Swashbucklin' Diplomas for all || Xbox One Points Breakdown || Tales from the Jester's tower ~

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Mike Pitch
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Awards Showcase NBA Live 07 - 1000 People Online...Again
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
GT: Mike Pitch

1. Mass Effect 2 [1355] Original 1000 and ALL DLC
2. Mass Effect 3 [550] ALL DLC
3. Microsoft Flight (PC) [60] North American P-51 Mustang DLC
4. My Horse and Me 2 [1000] Original 1000
5. NBA Jam [1000] Original 1000
6. NBA Live 08 [1000] Original 1000
7. NBA Live 10 [1000] Original 1000
8. Sega Superstars Tennis [1000] Original 1000
9. Split Second [1000] Original 1000
10. Star Wars The Force Unleashed [345] ALL DLC

Please PM me when complete. Thanks!

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Der Nacho
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Awards Showcase Staff Club - TemporalWizard
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)

[69] Updated Count

Assassin's Creed III [1350] Original 1000; Battle Hardened Pack DLC 100; Tyranny of King Washington: Part 1 - The Infamy DLC 90; Tyranny of King Washington: Part 2 - Betrayal DLC 75; Tyranny of King Washington: Part 3 - Redemption DLC 85

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag [1250] Original 1000; Blackbeard's Wrath DLC 80; Freedom Cry DLC 170

Assassin's Creed: Revelations [1490] Lost Archive DLC 250

Cars: Mater-National [1000] Original 1000

Hannah Montana: the Movie [1000] Original 1000

Lego Indiana Jones [1000] Original 1000

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues [1000] Original 1000

Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper [1000] Original 1000

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Queen's Final Reign
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Total Awards: 34 (more» ...)
x1001x Puppys

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing [1000] Original 1000

Update Count: [188]


10,000 achievements obtained 6/24/14 with Maximum Efficiency - WET!
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Awards Showcase VGO Bronze Medal   VGO Silver Medal   GRID 2 Award   Staff Club - Tyger7   Submit - Silver
Total Awards: 5 (more» ...)
GT: MeltingBalloons

Game: Alpha Protocol [1000] Original 1000
Currently Working On:Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Currently Working On (Arcade):

Upcoming Games:Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sniper Elite V2

Join The Fun

Thanks to Gackt for the terrific sig and avatar!
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GT: BrokeToker

Alice: Madness Returns [1000] Original [1000]
Call of Duty 2 [1000] Original [1000]
Mass Effect 2 [1355] Original 1000 and ALL DLC
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GT: prowlerdante

Murdered: Soul Suspect [1000] Original 1000

All my soul am belong to Night
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