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Alpha Protocol
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Old 03-19-2011, 06:26 PM   #1
Sang Hee
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 7

Gamertag: Sang Hee LIVE
Stealth build

I've finished the game as a soldier type and now I wanna go stealth.
How should I build my character to be stealthy and actually take bosses out at the same time. There are some horrible fights along the way (Brayko, Deng) where you just can't hide.
If you finished the game using stealth, what did you do?
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Old 06-17-2011, 08:38 AM   #2
Chef Stoner
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 8

Gamertag: Chef Stoner
Personally, I max out Stealth, Martial Arts, & Technical Aptitude on my stealth character.

Stealth - With Shadow Operative, you can tun invisible, buying you time to recover or take out henchmen (doing the sneak attack take-downs doesn't cause the invisibility to wear off), or just getting the boss to drop their guard so you can pummel them with a free chain of melee strikes. Once Shadow Operative reaches Master level, you can be invisible for 20 seconds & even run without losing the invisibility, giving you time to recover some Endurance & sneak up to a boss to punch him (if you plan to run while invisible, activate Silent Running so they don't hear you).

Martial Arts - The first time I chose Martial Arts as one of my specialization skills was on my 2nd playthrough & it changed how I fought bosses. Instead of peaking out from cover to shoot them while they're reloading, I now just start pummeling them with melee combos. The 8th level of Martial Arts increases your combos to 5 hits, meaning you can get in extra hits before they can block/hit back; the 12th level raises your strike damage to 60, which is triple the base value; the 13th level allows you to chain pistol shots into the end of your combo & the 14th level halves the damage you take from enemy melee attacks (especially useful for Marburg & Brayko). Fighting Marburg, I'd punch him 5 times then chain that into a quick draw for 5 or so pistol shots to the face, then chaining that back into more punches. Once I got my first hit in, Marburg wasn't able to touch me again for the remainder of the fight.

Tech or Toughness - Maxing out Technical Aptitude grants you the Brilliance (Master) skill, which instantly recharges your other abilities & has a cooldown time of 45 seconds. This allows you to use even your best skills at least twice with only 45 seconds of cooldown (for Shadow Operative, that's 4 times faster than letting it cooldown on its own). The increased gadget slots are useful & the Medic skills give you a combined bonus of +150% health recovery. The extra slots & recovery bonus more than make up for the 75 HP you miss out on by not specializing in Toughness (besides, if you're being stealthy, you shouldn't be taking much damage anyways :P).
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