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No, Seriously Info Tips/Tricks

This is the best way to do it for sure. I recommend doing this AFTER you have done all other online achievements to cut time down.

Credit to AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on true achievements for part of this solution but i expanded on it a bit

Pre Requisites:
- 2+ Consoles, each with a copy of the game, installed to the HDD (if possible if not no big deal its not like it wont work on a 4 GB console or something)
- 2+ XBL Gold accounts (i.e, your main account + 1 or 2 gold trials/1 months/friends accounts)
- 1 Turbo controller (i.e., HORI EX2 Turbo/SF IV Turbo)

Sign in with your main account on your turbo controller and host a match with these settings:

- Ranked:
- Team Skullshot
- Warzone
- 2 Players (or more if you are doing more than 2)
- 1 Round
(Keep the main account on the Red Team.)

Have the other consoles search Ranked and join the host. Place all other players are on the Blue Team. To start the match, you need at least 2 players and balanced teams.(The more consoles and copies you have the faster this will be but its prob easier with just two)

Controller 1 Red Team:

First off you want to take your controller and walk to where the second player is. You have to go through the subways and out the other side. The second player will be directly across from an alley as shown in this picture

*NOTE if you are using the street fighter turbo controller it will be a chore to walk to this spot because there is not two sticks, therefore what i did was used the normal controller to set all this up then when i was ready to turbo i took the battery pack out of the normal controller and then plugged the turbo controller in.

Ignore the arrows in this above as the picture above is the this pic from the ta solution and mine differs slightly from its solution. Anyway this is where you will find the second player. Now you want to take the first player turn around from the spot in the above picture and shove the first player in the bottom left corner as pictured here:

Now turn on the turbo for the left bumper button, this might take a little grip to keep it held down or alot of tape. I used a Rad 2.0 robot as pictured here:

but for people who dont have one you can easily just use some pilars or something i assume.

So now player one is standing in the corner and meleeing over and over.

Controller 2 Blue Team:

Take your wired controller and rubber band it EXACTLY like this:

Anything else and it will not walk in the right direction.

This should put the guy going backwards into the same corner player 1 is standing and the two of them should meet. This causes a melee death in 3 hits. 250-300 kills an hour, roughly 38-40 hours to completion. Every 3000 deaths i saved by shooting all the targets and reloading the match.

**TIP** When ending the match make sure you unplug your rubberbanded controller once the match has completed and saved and is now back on the main menu that way you dont have to rerubber band it each time. Use a normal controller to join the match and stuff then when the match starts pull the battery pack or unplug the non rubber banded controller and then plug the rubber banded one back in.

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This works great, thanks!
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lol at the robot getting you achievements
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