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Old 06-28-2007, 05:31 AM   #1
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Boss Strategies

Bosses are listed in order of appearance.


When Melvin first appears in the Halfling camp and your minions start dancing, turn around and kill the Fiddler on the picnic table behind you. Your minions won't stop dancing until he's dead and the Halflings will kill them while they dance.

Fighting Melvin is fairly simple. The first part of the fight, he acts much like the Trolls you fought earlier. When he starts to wobble back and forth, hold B to make your minions come to you. Any minions under him when he does the bellyflop will take serious damage. Once you get his health to 50%, phase two of the fight starts. Now instead of jumping in the air, he'll start rolling around the room like a bowling ball. When he starts to lean back, run away and call your minions, then keep a good distance from him while he's rolling. When he stops, send your minions back in and repeat the process until he dies.

The Beholder

To beat him, you need to summon Red Minions from the pit by the Healh Sacrifing Altar. To hit him, you need to run up the stairs on which ever side he runs, lock onto him with LT, then use your Red Minions to hit him. When he moves, just run over to the other side and do the same thing. While you're fighting him, Fire Beetles and Raiders will keep teleporting in. It's good to take about 5 Browns and set a guard marker for them in the middle to destract the raiders. The rest of your army should be reds. When you're running low on health and minions, just run back upstairs and use the Altar and the minion pits.

The Serpent

To beat the Serpent, just set a guard marker for all your minions away from him. Then just run down to the water and melee the serpent until he dies. Much easier than it looks.


This fight's really easy. Bring in about 10 Brown and 10 Blue minions in with you. Lock onto Oberon and send your minions to attack him. Whenever you see dust coming up from the ground, move away or you'll get hit by a root. When Oberon takes some damage, he'll start summoning in monsters to attack you. Kill the monsters, and when the last one's dead send your minions back to Oberon. He'll summon monsters several times; the last wave is the one with two trolls and two raiders. If your minions don't make it, there's a Blue Minion Pit to the left of Oberon.

The Temple Rock Giant

There's a couple Rock Giants, but this one's the special one in the Temple Construction Site guarding the Goddess statue. He's invincible to normal attacks, and the only way to hurt him's by breaking down the pens holding the four rolling armadillos. When the gates break, they'll roll into him.

The easiest way I found to do this, is to get rid of your minions altogether. Break down the pens for the first two armadillos with your weapon. Then run across the gap with the Rock Giant until you get to the last one. Ignore the third pen on the left for now. If you run into any dwarves, hit them with a fireball and it should kill them. If they don't burn to death, whack them one more time with your sword and they should drop.

After you break the third pen's gate, run up the path a bit more until you get to the Brown Minion Pit. Summon some Browns, then run back down and use them to break the last pen down.

Sir William

This fight's seperated into two parts. Stock up on Brown Minions and a few Blue Minions. First you'll fight William in a room with a LOT of Red Dawn cultists. Activate your Legion of Terror spell and set your minions loose on the cultists. Once they're cleared out, drop William, and chase him out of the room. You'll fight two succubuses before you get to the second part.

In the second fight, just repeat what you did before. This time William will teleport around the room. Just clear the cultists, and send your minions onto William. If you have enough Brown minions with good equipment, he'll die really fast.

Rollie / Goldo

Rollie and Goldo are the same fight. You'll want to get an Arcanium weapon before you fight him, because you'll probably be doing a lot of melee. Bring about 10 Red Minions in with you, and fill the rest of the spaces with Browns or Greens.

Rollie has two phases, in his first phase he'll attack with his flamethrower and the spiked Roller attached to the front of the tank. Run behind him and circle around him while attacking with your weapon and your minions, avoiding the spiked roller. When his health gets to 50% he enters phase two and will start charging you. Avoid the charge, and when the bombs drop from the ceiling send your Red Minions in to pick it up, then run right up on top of Rollie when the timer gets low. Keep doing this until the tank blows up.

When Rollie blows up, Goldo will pop out. Hit him once with your weapon to finish him.


You don't actually fight Jewel, you just chase her through a town at the end of Ruborian Desert. All you have to do is chase her and kill the Raiders that chase you. Once you stop seeing raiders and notice you're going in a circle, stop in the middle of the road where you see the teleport pad up ahead. Send your minions to the entrance to each alley Jewel's been running in and out of. Now when she runs through, she'll run straight into the teleporter, finishing the quest.


You fight Kahn three different times as you chase him through Heaven's Peak. Make sure you have plenty of Green and Red minions before you fight him. For the first two fights, all you have to do is stay up on the ledges and attack him with your Greens. Use your Legion of Terror spell to make your minions drop him faster.

The third and final time you fight him, get some Red minions out from the pit before you do anything else and kill the Beholders with them. Once they're down, use your Green minions to finish Kahn off. Call them back to you when Kahn does his splash attack, or you'll go through a lot of minions in the fight.

The Wizard

This video contains scenes from the final boss fight. Do not watch the video if you haven't reached this point in the game and don't want the story ruined.

The Wizard's actually a bit easier than he looks. Stock up on Greens, Browns, and Reds before you go to fight him. Take a full horde of Greens initially. As soon as the fight starts and the Wizard's in the center of the arena, send all your Greens to attack him and activate Legion of Terror. This should drop him down to less than half of his health.

After a short cutscene, you'll need to clear out the horde of minions he summons. Hide near the minion spawn pits while he's using his tornado attack, and wait for him to teleport to the right or left side of the arena. When he teleports, take note of the color of the flames around his feet, and get the matching color of minions. Attack him with only that color of minion. After one or two times, you should finish him off.

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Can anyone tell me how to get my minions to stop dancing when I reach the party area? I've tried kicking the fiddler but no luck.

EDIT: Ah done it now, I targeted him and fireballed him.

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This'll be asked about a lot, stuck - good stuff again Blunt.

Veles: is that relative to the bosses? If not, you'd do well posting it in a more appropriate thread.
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Originally Posted by Veles View Post
Can anyone tell me how to get my minions to stop dancing when I reach the party area? I've tried kicking the fiddler but no luck.

EDIT: Ah done it now, I targeted him and fireballed him.
I must have lost that bit when I cut the strategies from the achievement guide and put them in here.

I put it back in there with the strat for Melvin.
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It is related kind of, you can't get to the boss without passing this part, but I suppose it's not directly related to killing the boss.

EDIT: I found a really easy way of killing the beholder was to just spawn all reds, and contantly sweep them between the two platforms, and kill any spawned enemies with the help of your reds, if you run low on health go back to the shrine (you'll probably have lost a couple of reds by now) spawn some browns, sacrafice them, then spawn new reds. Rinse, and repeat.

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Another tip for getting rid of the beholder is to have your reds get rid of the flaming debris and then park them right next to him, just make sure you don't send them at the luggage.

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Take a legion of greens with you, anything else will just get squashed in an instant. The battle takes part in three stages as you more through the city, giving you an opportunity to refresh your army and loot some boxes for minion weapons and items to heal yourself.

For the first stage just take as many Greens as you can, you will start on a platform above Kahn so just stay put until he gets close and send all of your greens at him. There will also be a blue beholder hovering around, you should take this out yourself with the flamethrower spell and leave your minions to take care of Kahn. Be sure to stay away from it though as it can take of a huge chunk of life quickly.

After you do enough damage, Kahn rampages off through a wall. Naturally you must follow him. For the second stage take a few browns, you will need to turn a wheel to stop more enemies joining the fight. You see a cutscene with some beholders, but you won't have to fight them as long as you shut the drawbridge that is to your left as you enter. A few ruborian fighters and bombers will get through, use Browns to take them out. Again just use Greens on Kahn and he will go down eventually.

Once enough damage is done Kahn hauls ass through another wall. Follow him for the last stage. Greens will be on the menu for this final battle, but beware the beholders that circle the battle zone. You can avoid them and send your minions straight at Kahn, but take them out if they start making a move towards your minions.
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The Wizard

When fighting the wizard he will have an aura around him. When he does you have to see what color that aura is. Blue for blue minions, fire for red minions, brown for brown minions, and green for green minions.

When the Wizard goes into a fury mode and is like a tornado going around the battlefield it helps to stand behind the spawning pits where he can't touch you.

When he teleports he will also have a colored aura around him. When your minions attack him it will bring him down to the ground thats when you attack him for more damage. As far as the minions he sends out you can deal with them in a couple of swings.

Just thought I would add this, sorry if its a little long.
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The strategy for Kahn is solid but I did it in a completely different way that resulted in me not being injured and only losing maybe 3 minions. Also it may help some people. First off, for the destruction of the Beholders (I dunno if thats what they are called or not) I used the standard red minions to take them down instantly and the green minions to take down the Fire/Red Beholders.

Excluding taking those guys down I almost exclusively used red minions to attack Kahn so I could attack him with a height (being on the raised platforms) and range advantage so when he would swing his giant flail around I could recall my minions without a problem. There are also parts when attacking Kahn that if you are far enough away and you have him at an opposite corner you can go side to side and he'll just either keep going side to side or stand there getting abused by the red minions. Eventually he'll come after you but it's a fun little exploit. It probably took longer to take Kahn down my way but it was fun. And yes I did use some Greens when fighting Kahn but I could never pull them back fast enough so they kept dying.

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So what's the way to beat The Serpent that's in Understreets

nevermind I found the thread I was looking for

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great guide for the bosses its help me alot throughout the game.

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add me
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I was stuck at first until by accident I sent me minions on him they kill him sweet
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nice guide my man
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This will help out alot great thread ty for the info.
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First Beholder:
The first thing I did was set all of my minions up in the middle of the foyer area, killed the few enemies there, then pulled half of the group away from the first marker, ran up the stairs on the right and set another marker for them. Then ran back to the middle again, killed the enemies, then took those remaining minions and set them up on the other ledge.

Once they were all set up I just stood in the middle and took on all comers. Didn't even realize it was a boss fight until I read this thread.

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Wtf? hmmm i did just beat Khan and then got teleported to tower...

thats the first fight against the wizard for me...

what did i miss... :/

EDIT: ohhhhhhhhhhhh i see ..... no need for help :P
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Oh yeah, send a msg so i know which game you want to boost.

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thanks this guide help me out!!!!
I LOVE A GOOD RPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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great guide thx man!
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i went through the game took down most the heros easily but now im near the end and got like 40 minions left and the bosses just kick my butt =/ thinking off starting afresh with new game.
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stephen ryan
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Thank you! This will help out a lot!
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