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xPuRe ImMoRtAlx
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 11

Gamertag: RideAWhiteSwan
Ships Engeneer Guide

Inside the Hub Ship:

01. SNJ Neutron Charge Locator: Once you get the fourth Action part, you can access the port to the right of the viewscreen. This brings down a platform. Use it to go up to the next level. Push the door panels on either side of this patform, and the part will appear in the central window section.

02. Barg Atom Smasher: Once you get the Rocket Boots, go into the warp room, and boost your way from ledge to ledge. The fourth/highest one has this part on it.

03. Hets-Ash Navigation Plotter: in the control room, use your Magno Boots to activate the trapdoor in the centre of the room, and drop through. Once downstairs, climb the wall on the left to get this part.

04. NiTuck Injection System: On the opposite side of the room from 03, on a similar wall walk.

05. Nielkinson Matter Animator: In the same room as 03 and 04, there is a metal wall walk leading down through the centre of the floor. When you go down, this part will be back up on the walkway.

06. Helibot GPS Tracker: In the room where 05 is, there is a Magno pad in the centre. Activate it. Next, use the Nano Trigger on the two terminals on your left and right. The circular walkway will be extended. This part is on the far side of the circle. This can only be reached after Con-rad asks you to manually reset the thrusters, near the end of the game.

07. Alaw Nutronian Disperser: To get this part, go and do Program 6 Combat Attack. Defeat as many enemies in the time as you can. Get enough, and the part will appear at the end.

Jungle Approach: Zone 0

01. Hughes Bio Scanner: This is at the very start of the first level. Cant miss it

02. Ancarr Technical Sequencer: Beside the force wall, behind the first Koncar troops you meet.

03. Keeler Galactic Thesaurus: This is dropped by the group of guards in the next open area.

04. Blitz Magnetic loop Conductors: Rocket Boots Needed. At the start of the level, use the Rocket boots to boost you up alongside the waterfall. Halfway up is a Nano Trigger console in a cave. Activate it and boost your way to the top of the mountain as quickly as you can. Activate the flame pad, and the part will appear. Go down to the bottom of the waterfall to collect it.

05. Space Tea Module: Magno Boots Needed. There is a metal wall walk at the back of the first open area, where you meet the first troops.

06. A Nice Bit Of Wood From The Garage: May need Rocket Boots: At the end of the zone, where you jump down through the big leaves, you should see a huge spine bone sticking out of the back wall. Jump/boost onto it, and continue onto the nearby ledge. The part is behind the breakable wal.

07. Beta Pass Log: Co-Op/Two Player Needed. At the very start, use your Rocket Boots to get up onto the ship arm. One player has to use the Nano Trigger at the terminal. When activated, a mag plate will appear at the end of the ship arm. The other player has to be there, ready to activate it. The part will drop to the area below.

Jungle Approach: Zone 1

01. Lansdinium Logi-Core: On the large tree branch, to the right of the big statue head.

02. OFarrell Translight Diode: From 01, use the large leaves to move back right to find this one.

03. Zubo Pin point Locator: Rocket Boots Needed. From 02, fly back over towards where you started the level. This part is on a leaf high over that point.

04. Blythain Synthesizer: Go back to the well. Use your Power Arms to punch and break the well head. In the corner is a large stone head. Knock its teeth in. Inside you will find lots of coins and caterpillers. The part will be in the pool in the middle. Thanks to MannyCalavera16.

05. Burtross Accelerator: This in inside the tree-trunk in the area below where you find 01 and 02.

06. Brunswick Communication Extender: Magno Boots Needed. This part is at the top of the walkway near Part 05 above.

07. Carbon Fury Capacitator: Co-Op/Two Player Needed. At the end of the zone, there will be a force wall and a Nano Trigger console. One player has to open the field gate to let the other through. There is a second console beside a hatch. Open it and a few troops will pop out. Kill them, and the part will spawn.

Jungle Approach: Zone 2

01. Dickensian Darklight Frequency Distributor: On a tree branch directly ahead at the start of the level.

02. Juha Fin Stabilisor: This part is inside a stone head with a breakable mouth, on the right side of the slope.

03. Langhorne Reverse Gravity Well: This part is inside the large log crossing the slope. Bash it on the left side to open it up.

04: Stacey Proton Particle Toaster: This part is behind a hidden breakable wall, just below where you found 03 above.

05. Patterson Drive Plating: This last one is in plain site, on top of the log overhanging the river.

Jungle Approach: Zone 3

01. Pelly Hop Drive: On a small raft on the far side of the river.

02. Conant Skip Drive: On a small raft on the far side of the river, with two troops alongside.

03. Lindsey Jump Drive: This appears at the end of the level, after you clear a large log of enemies.

Jungle Approach: Zone 4

01. Birchenhoff Reality Envisioner: This Part is behind the breakable stone head to your right as you get off the raft.

02. Nuclear Storm Driveshaft: This Part is behind the turret, in a giant skulls eye-socket.

03. Gaultier gravity Assist: Magno Boots Needed. This Part is at the top of the metal walkway leading up the tree in the centre of the level.

04. Sifox Communications Array: Rocket Boots Needed. When you climb up onto the fungus pad, (to the left of the turret), turn around and jump/boost over to the faded branch. The part is on another fungus pad to the right.

05. Sullivan Virtuous Accelerator: This part is in a square hole on the left of the path up to the rear of this area, in a semi paved area.

06. Botany Bay Science Kit: To the right of the turret is a platform with a dormant robot. Look for a stone hand to the right of this platform. Jump from there into the screen to another hand to find the part.
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xPuRe ImMoRtAlx
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 11

Gamertag: RideAWhiteSwan
Monkey Caves: Zone 1

01. JB Creative Light Drive: On the first platform, look for a metal path up the back wall. Use your magnetic boots to reach the part.

02. Tay-Lo Far Spark Emitter: Behind a breakable wall at the back of the platform all the spider babies drop onto.

03. Catmoo Range Finder: Behind the large branch, in the area below and right of 01.

04. Duncabell Systems Analyser: In front of you after you cross the fallen stalagtites.

05. Rock Solid Liquid Evaporator: Move towards the screen from 03. This pillar can be broken. Go out on it to get this part.

06. Brownian Point-to-Point Pointer: This is just beyond the force wall after you reactivate the robot.

07. Kavanagh-Cloud Glucosifier: Use the platform beside 05 to jump back into the rear of the last area to get this one.

08. Hywel M56 Smart Mic: After you knock out the four legs holding up the huge nugget, turn around and come directly down the screen to get some more gold coins. This will spawn some extra enemies. Kill them and this part will appear by the hole.

Monkey Caves: Zone 2

01. Bethmacian Audio Enhancer: Behind a breakable wall behind where you meet the big Monkey Spider at the start.

02. Twin Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaner: This appears just in front ot where 1 was. It looks like it is activated by killing all the enemies there.

03. Ladieaux Particle Blender: Fill the mine cart with gold to break the scaffold and get this part.

04. Phillips Confusion Core: Dont go up the steps yet. Walk along the little alley to the right of them. At the back wall, turn left into a hidden nook to get this part.

05. Delta Kelper Populator: After you walk down the first cart track using your Magnetic boots, break the web wall on your right to get to this part.

06. Galactic Coffee Maker: Co-Op/Two Player Needed. To the left of 4, you will find a cart and a mag pad. One player has to keep the pad activated while the other pushes. This part is in the centre of the webbed area you break into.

Monkey Caves: Zone 3

01. Chameleon Circuit Breaker: Use the Metal Wall walk behind the giant spiders hand on the right to get up to this part. It is in a nook on a ledge on the rear wall.

02. Flex Capacity Transistor: Now go to the other hand to find this part at ground level.

03. Universal Translator Fish: From 02, go up the metal wall walk to find this part.

04. Lydiandrew Wave Particle Emitter: Two of the eggs at the front of this area are breakable, The big one has this part in it.

05. Jozam Positive Vibe Calculator: This will appear on the centre platform after four of the eggs are smashed.

06. Frost Matter-of-Fact Compactor: This last part will be in the doorway at the end of the level.

Monkey Caves: Zone 4

01. Paralleled Unpara-Laser: Behind the timed stone door, directly in your path.

02. Unparalleled Paralysing Paralaser: Behind a breakable web wall above 91.

03. Kelsey-Field Projector: This is on the last rock outcrop during the climb after breaking the two statue pillars.

04. Dinsdale Proximity Alert Bulb: Magno Boots & Rocket Boots Needed. To get this part, you need to activate all four of the pads in the large skull head. Do so, and a door below will open to reveal a dormant robot and the part.

05. Sudgar Untuninator: This part is on the opposite of the level, after you pass through the large skull statue thing with the pads inside.
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xPuRe ImMoRtAlx
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 11

Gamertag: RideAWhiteSwan
Vista Cliffs: Zone 1

01. Golding Efficiency Regulator: Co-Op/Two Player Needed. After crossing the holographic bridge, follow the edge of the next platform back and left to find a Nano Trigger console. One player has to hold the Nano Trigger to raise a platform. The other player can then retrieve the part.

02. Rissk-IT Damage Assessment Unit: In the air on the jump across a gorge. Cant miss it.

03. Chichan Cruise Control: Rocket Boots Needed. This part is locked behind the door you cant open on the second platform. To open it, you have to scare four birds off their nests. The first three nests are on the same platform as the door. The last is at the end of the third platform.
Nest 1: To the left and above the locked door at the back of the platform.
Nest 2: Off the bottom edge of the platform, at the corner near the bridge.
Nest 3: Boost right and towards the screen from the metal platform at the back of the platform.
Nest 4: On a branch off the bottom end of the third platform, before the force field.
Each successful scare will light up a nook in the outcrop.

04. Danoman Network Booster: Rocket Boots Needed. This part is under the end of the waterfall. You can turn off the waterfall with the Nano Trigger console found with 03. Use the Rocket Boots to fly into the part from the centre of the bridge.

05. Cherbacoat Heating System: Appears at the top of the waterfall after you defeat all the enemies there.

06. Wilson Life Support System: Appears back down below the waterfall, on your way out to the next area.

Vista Cliffs: Zone 2

01. Mrs Fusion Recycle Intake: On the edge, bottom left at the start. Cant miss it.

02. Hawking Unified Field Manual: Appears after you defeat the first batch of enemies.

03. WMWM Intelligence Evaluation Circuit: After defeating the second group of troops, jump out into the screen onto the island ledge with the flame pad to get this part.

04. DeCoster Message Filtrator: Rocket Boots Needed. Activate the flame pad to scare the bird. It will drop this part.

05. Chargriff Oombay Emittter: When you get the Rocket Boots, look for a ledge just to the left at the back.

06. Bostok Transwarp Calculator: Co-Op/Two Player Needed. Just beyond where you pick up the Rocket Boots is a flame pad and a force gate. One player has to hold the gate open. This part and a dormant robot are inside.

07. Nappor Efficient G-Calculator: Move across the platform where you got the boots, and drop off the front edge. Make your way onto the rock with the web in the middle. Use your boots to burn through the web.

08. Harkness Light Inhibitor: This is along the level wall, beside the next group of troops. Cant miss it.

09. Simopick Trajectory Calculator: Use the metal walkway to get this piece underneath the bridge.

Vista Cliffs: Zone 3

01.Schrodingers Feline Status Checker: At the very start, turn around and head to the edge of the bridge. The Part is on the ledge beneath.

02. M14A Pulse Waffle: Co-Op/Two Player Needed. Just after the bridge is a small enclosed area. One player has to activate the Nano Trigger console, while the other activates the magno plate that appears. The part is at the back of this area.

03. Kroberts Indigo Effect Modulator: After you defeat the enemies and lower the drawbridge. Cant miss it.

04. McKnight Ballistic Regulator: On the ledge below the platform with the skull arch.

05. Harmadian Build Destabiliser: This part is tucked in under the right edge of the platform with the skull arch on it. Use the Rocket Boots to reach it.

06. Cox Math Syncopator: Negotiate the moving platforms beyond the skull arch to get to this part.

Ancient Temple: Zone 1

01. Hammond Negative Output Inhibitor: On top of a tree on the right, at the bottom of the stairs.

02. Nixxor 40K Breaker: Off the bottom edge of the level, in the area at the bottom of the staircase.

03. Bargha 80K Breaker: Behind a breakable panel at the bottom of the staircase, on the left.

04. XopzX 90K Breaker: In the gap between the raised levels, opposite the staircase.

05. Croberts Point Blank Buffer: On top of the dragon head tower, above the floodgates. Use your Rocket Boots to boost up. You may have to push onto ledges, as you cant do it in one burn.

Ancient Temple: Zone 2

01. Magnus Anomaly Detector: High up on the wall as you enter the area with the spiral ramp. Use your Rocket Boots from halfway up the ramp to reach it.

02. Self-Recharging Battery Charger: This part should appear after you take out the Red Elite Trooper in the first spiral ramp room. It should appear in the centre of the room.

03.Shox Zone Buffer: In the next area, go to the bottom of the next spiral ramp, and boost upwards with the Rocket Boots to get this part.

04. Yauster Hyper Accelerator: This part is directly in your path after getting part 02. You cant miss it.

05. Valner Navigation Corrector: When you get the warning about Sulba Krum, look in the alcove behind you for this part.

06. Sisnap Vertical Stabilizers: This part is above 04. Use your Rocket boots from the ramp to reach it.

07. Groombridge Intercept Preventor: Beat all the enemies that appear in the spiral room. Once you defeat the batch with the two red robots, the part will appear at the top end of the room.

Ancient Temple: Zone 3

01. Delta Core Fuel Rod B: This appears to the left of the centre generator after the shield resets for the first time.

02. Delta Core Fuel Rod C: This appears to the right of the centre generator after the shield resets for the second time.

03. Delta Core Fuel Rod A: This appears directly in front of the centre generator after the shield finally goes down.
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