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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

The Fancy Pants Adventures
Achievement Guide and Roadmap by echoes999


-Achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200 6-10 hours. (Based on skill)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Missable achievements: None due to chapter select.
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No.
-Glitched achievements: No.

Welcome to the Fancy Pants Adventures. A game of high sea adventure with evil, swashbuckling pirates and an epic quest to save your kidnapped sister. Okay, so the story is pretty much non-existent, but that's not what's really important. Platforming is what this game is all about and there's plenty of it. So sit back, enjoy this gem of an arcade title and make sure to get into the collecting mood.

*Just a note for everyone. If you play co-op, only the host can gain achievements and have their progress saved. If you read the fine print as the game loads it tells you this.*

Step 1: Main Story
Start the game up and start playing through the story mode first. You'll get a good feel for how the game plays and what exactly this Fancy Pants can do. During the first level it is possible to get the Juggler achievement. Work through the game and make sure to collect every message in a bottle from your sister, located in levels 2-10. They're easy to find and should pose no problem. After you collect the last one on level 10 you'll get the Storyteller achievement. The main story is also a good time to go for the Newbie achievement. Squiggleville and princess pirate ship are good levels to try this on. Just make sure to collect everything in the level. Going to the pause menu at any time will show you what is still needed for the 100% in that particular level. Make sure to collect as many squiggles and gold stars as you can from each level too. After you complete level 11 and beat the game, you will get Big Brother.

Step 2: Bonus Worlds
After story mode is complete move on to world 1 and 2. These are located in the attic of Fancy Pants house. World 1 requires you to have 10 gold stars to play and for world 2 you need 20. Once you beat all 9 levels between both worlds you will unlock Fancy Fanboy.

Step 3: Challenges
Now the fun part. The challenges are located in the Fancy Pants house in the blue arcade machine. There are 18 total, which are unlocked by collecting gold stars, completing races from NPC's in each level and beating the levels. Most of them are easily done, they just take a few tries to figure out the best course to get the best time. Get one gold medal and you will unlock The Olympian. Win gold medals on every challenge and you will unlock Better Than the Developers. Afterwards, plug in a second controller and play the king of the hill mode on the red arcade machine. This is a tournament and at the end of all five rounds you need to be in 1st place to gain The Champion achievement.

Step 4: Mop up
Now it's time to mop up the rest. You will probably have only four achievements left at this point. Go through level select and replay the levels you don't have 100% to get Obsessed. By doing this you should eventually get Squiggle Hunter and Paparazzi for collecting all 60 stars. And if you still don't have Fancy Fashion keep replaying the Pirate Cove level, which is really quick to complete until you've collected all the items you need. If at anytime you want to know how far along you are in collecting stuff, just visit Fancy Pants bedroom where chalkboards show all of your stats.

This game was a blind buy for me and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It's a blast to play, especially with a few friends. The game feels like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Meat Boy. There are some tough moments, mainly the challenges and acquiring 100% on all levels, but it's fun getting there. Most of the achievements are fairly easy and only fall into the time consuming category because there are several, collect this and that. Now go, run fast! Run Fancy!


Obsessed- 50
Complete 100% of the Game

This will be the toughest and most time consuming of all the achievements in the game. You have to complete 100% on every level including the two bonus worlds. So I will just do a breakdown of what you need.

-20 levels to beat
-60 stars to collect, 3 on each level.
-each level has a required amount of squiggles you must find and complete the level with
-Most levels have 2-3 bonus things to do. These are usually message bottles, mini races, trophy collecting, hole in one with the snail shell, or helping an NPC out. The NPC's will be standing by a door and ask you to help them with a certain task, which usually translates to a race or timed event.

In level select you can see your progress for every level and what you are missing, so it's really convenient to keep track of everything. To see your % for each world and overall for the game just head into Fancy Pants bedroom where it's written on a chalkboard there.

Big Brother- 30
Story Mode Completed

This achievement will unlock after you complete the main story. There are 11 levels total that you have to beat.

Just remember that only the host of a game will have progress saved and achievements gained if you play this game in co-op.

Fancy Fanboy- 10
Complete world 1 and 2

In the main area of Fancy Pants house there is an attic section with two doors. These are the doors to world 1 and 2. You can't access them right away. To unlock the doors you have to collect 10 stars for world 1 and 20 for world 2. World 1 has three levels to beat and world two has six. After you beat those the achievement will unlock.

Squiggle Hunter-15
10,000 Squiggles collected

Squiggles are found floating in the air throughout each level and there's usually a couple hundred per level. Just keep collecting these as you play through the game normally. You won't have the full 10,000 by the time you beat the game and finish world 1 and 2, but most likely you won't have 100% on all the levels either. The squiggles are cumulative so replay the levels to finish getting your 100% and this will come with time. If you want to know how many you've collected so far there is a chalkboard in the bedroom of your house that lists how many you have.

The Juggler- 5
Juggle a shell 10 times before it touches the ground

This achievement can be acquired on the very first level SquiggleVille. After you start the level you will soon come to two houses in a row. Below the second house is a basement with a snail inside. Stomp on the snail and his shell will stay behind. Now kick the shell up and out of the basement and position it between the two houses to make things easier for yourself. All you have to do now is kick it up and continue jumping into it ten times before it touches the ground. The houses make it easier to keep it in a contained area.

Here's another method from Odyssic

The Champion- 10
Win a tournament on your home arcade machine

This achievement has to be done in co-op, in either local or online. Load up a co-op game and access the red arcade machine in Fancy Pants house. You will play a king of the hill type game where everybody fights to collect squiggles. There are five rounds so just make sure to be in 1st place by the end of the tournament and it will unlock. This can also be done by yourself if you have two controllers.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 87 ~ Arcade: 78

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

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Better than the developers- 20
Get a gold medal in all the Challenges

One of the hardest achievements in the game. To access the challenges just enter the blue arcade machine in Fancy Pants house. There are a total of 18 challenges to complete with a gold medal and not all of them are available from the start. To unlock the rest you must complete the corresponding races within the story mode. Most of the challenges are manageable once you've played them a few times and gotten a feel for the game. Patience is key here.

Paparazzi- 10
Collect all 60 stars

Each level has 3 stars to collect including the nine levels in world 1 and 2. The stars are fairly easy to find as long as you explore a little, as each level is not too big. If you are having trouble finding any stars they are sometimes located in the bonus doors within levels. And if you ever have a hard time reaching a star, try having a second player who can help boost you up to it. When you are in level select each door will show how many stars you've collected on each level. At any time you can replay a level to grab any stars you might have missed.

The Newbie- 10
Get 100% in one Level

Not to difficult. Just collect all three stars, the required amount of squiggles and any bonus objectives or message bottles you might need to 100% a level. If you don't get 100% on your first try you can always replay the level and collect anything you might have missed. Easy levels to do this on are SquiggleVille and Princess Pirate Ship or some of the bonus levels.

Storyteller- 10
Collect all 9 Message Bottles

These are collected during the main story. There are 11 levels total, but only 9 bottles. The first and last level don't have any. The bottles are very easy to see and don't require a lot of exploring to find. I got them my first time through the game without even trying. You can see how many you have through level select or by going to Fancy Pants bedroom.

Fancy Fashion- 20
Collect all the customizable items

This is a time consuming achievement but easy to attain. There are three categories of items to collect: Hats, pants and weapons. You will be awarded them by completing tasks for NPC's in each level and for beating the level. There are 141 items total to collect for the achievement. You will not have this by a long shot at the end of the game so you will have to grind it out. The easiest method is by going back to the story mission Pirate Cove after you've beaten it. Just run forward onto the pirate ship and knock down the stack of pirates which will finish the level off. It only takes about 20 seconds. The reason to do this is that at the end of each level you will be awarded an item and it is almost always one that you need. Just keep doing this until you have them all. Checking the chalk board in Fancy Pants bedroom will show how many of the 141 you have. Due note that there are a few items which can only by acquired through NPC missions in the game.

The Olympian- 10
Get one gold medal

Just beat one challenge with a gold medal on the blue arcade machine in Fancy Pants house. You can do this right after starting the game because the first race will already be unlocked.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 87 ~ Arcade: 78

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

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I found a easier way to get the juggler, I made a video for it.
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Well, I just finished the time-consuming Fancy Fashion achievement. For those of you going for it, here's a list of all the items, from left to right in the in-game menu.

White hair
Baby bonnet
Green top hat
Oriental cone-shaped hat
Afro (with pink comb)
Bunny ears (upright)
Bunny ears (one bent down)
Batman-like mask
Blue shower cap
Green baseball cap
Black British policeman's cap
London's palace guard hat
Black pilgrim/pirate? hat
Black pirate hat w/ skull
Chicken hat (very tall)
Einstein wig
Elvis hair
Black and grey fedora
French hat w/ moustache
Green frog cap
Fruit basket
Soldier helmet w/ gas mask
Long blonde hair w/ flower
Moose head
Top hat
Black pilgrim hat w/ feathers
Yellow cap (Mario-ish)
Red mushroom
Black pirate hat w/ red decoration
Sleeping cat
Napoleon hat w/ red trim and thumbs-up
Santa hat
Green version of Marge hair
Pharaoh hat w/ snake
Upside-down pot
Pink conical princess hat
Green punk mohawk
Robin hood cap w/ feather
Indian chief feathers
Grey Russian toque w/ red star
Green sombrero-like? hat with red sticker?
Aztec-like mask
Uncle Sam hat
Wizard cap
Red construction helmet
Simple black helmet
Grey/white toque
Smurf hat
Viking helmet
Chicken head (short and round)
Chef's hat
Link hat w/ pointy ears
Holmes deerstalker

Neon purple
Neon green
Red w/ grid of white dots
Purple w/ grid of white lines
Green w/ grid of white lines
Reddish-purple w/ grid of white lines
Darker green w/ grid of white lines
White with black swirlie shapes
White and blue thick vertical stripes
Green/brown/white camouflage
Orange/red/yellow concentric circles
Blue/white horizontal gradients
Horizontal painted red stripes on white
Green spirals on purple
Red/purple/orange/yellow horizontal zigzags
Black/white horizontal zigzags
Red/yellow/black plasma pattern
Red/yellow/black plasma pattern (slightly less black)
Dark blue w/ yellow stars and moons
Horizontal rainbow
US flags
Stained-glass window colours/shapes
Multicoloured blocky pixels
White with blue hearts
Green with blue crosshatching and red at sides
Green with blue triangles and red vertical stripe
White with orange hearts
Black and white horizontal stripes (prison uniform)
Red and light red plaid
Cyan and blue plaid
Blue and dark blue plaid
White with red hearts
Yellow honeycomb
Orange and black plaid

Wooden sword
Golf club
Red and yellow firecracker?
Lightning bolt
Toilet brush
Jester's wand
Meat cleaver
Chicken drumstick
Snake-charmer's flute
Light saber
Blue pen?
Fish bone
Stick w/ pointing hand
Baby's rattle
Ski pole
Serpent staff
Hooked cane
Wand w/ star
Candy cane
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i found the juggler achievement is much easier to get at the Bayou Golf Arcade Challenge once you unlock this because the screen is much more zoomed out at the start of this map so its much easier hitting it 10 times because you can see the shell much earlier then on the squigleville place. just keep hitting it with slight jumps. (try not to jump too high or else the shell will air too high making it hard to catch)

some additional tips:

- try to keep it the shell close to the left wall (the start)
- try to hit the shell to go straight up and keep it in that vertical space.

owjea sorry for my bad english

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For the juggler, what I did that was retardly simple, go to the Bayou Golf and what you do is get the shell on first spring that shoots straight up, then hop on and wait.

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Dunno about 5/10 like i'd say 6 or 7, purely due to the amount of frustration from some of the parts collecting squiglies & the challenges, i've completed all the challenges but 3 & i've played most of them at least 5 times & i got the 100% completion relativly quickly i'm quite good at this game, some of them can be pretty hard

Guides - DR2: off the record
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Thanks a lot! Great guide!
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Originally Posted by IVIR BLOBBY View Post
Dunno about 5/10 like i'd say 6 or 7, purely due to the amount of frustration from some of the parts collecting squiglies & the challenges, i've completed all the challenges but 3 & i've played most of them at least 5 times & i got the 100% completion relativly quickly i'm quite good at this game, some of them can be pretty hard
Yeah as I work through the challenges they are tough. Perhaps we should do a common middle ground approach and switch it to 6.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 87 ~ Arcade: 78

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

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5 or 6, are you joking this game is solid to 200 i'd say at least a 7 if not an 8
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nugget s1m0n:2
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Parts of it are time consuming but besides the challenges I don't think any of it is very hard. Especially if you play with a friend you can boost yourself up to almost any area and collect the stars or secret dollars.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 87 ~ Arcade: 78

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

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Gave up on juggler on level 1 that was just too frustrating. Cant get 100% on level 1, why did I purhase this, 400 msp today. Maybe I get back to it someday. Right now I got better games to play.

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do you learn more moves later? I don't know how to get some of these things on the first level
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Has anyone found/created an item guide for the clothing? I'm missing one item (viking hat), pretty sure it's a reward for finishing a level, I did some levels in couch co-op but don't really wanna go through all the levels again. Any help is appreciated, thanks
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Sometimes it's easier to use a coop partner to boost you to some items. Otherwise you have to be really good at running and jumping to reach some of them.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 87 ~ Arcade: 78

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

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Look its Thomas
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I need just one more hat (got 140/141), and I'm pretty sure you can't get it from the ? doors (3 ? always appear now, and I have done Pirate Cove enough times to know).
Thanks to SnapDragon I know it is the "Aztec-like Mask" thing, can anyone tell me how to get it? Any help is greatly appreciated, been stuck on this for AGES!
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Look its Thomas
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Don't Worry, found it!
(It was for completing Forgotten Island. Have done that level lots of times before, but always in coop! Think that might have been why it didn't unlock)
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missing pirate hat with skull anyone know where i can find it? 140/141...

ok i found it right now. is for finishing last level in single player not co-op.

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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member TemporalWizard and has been published as the Official Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:

Official The Fancy Pants Adventure Achievement Guide and Roadmap

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