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Dragon Age: Origins
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Harvester on Hard - No tricks/glitches/dupes - Entire party survived

This was my 3rd attempt (1st was a dual weild rogue, 2nd was arcane warrior, 3rd and successful was arcane warrior) forgive me for missing some names of skills or items, as I am playing about 3 seperate characters on PC and DA2 at the same time. ASsI said in the title, no one died during either part, and my main character never used a health potion.

First off, my main character's equipment I must credit the person who made this video:
- without this I would probably still be toiling away. I used some differences (mainly skills and stats) as he was missing too many times for my liking. You can solo the harvester if you wish, but I wanted a fast kill. This will work in Nightmare, but I don't know if the rest of the party will make it.

PC - Level 35 Mage (Arcane Warrior, Spirit Healer, Battle Mage)

First enchanter's cowl (sold by grocer in Amaranthine +10% evade)
Evon the great's mail (with 3 evasion runes, +30% evasion)
Stormchaser gauntlets (extra dex)
Cailen's greaves (+20 evasion)
Landsmeet Shield (+50 stamina/mana, absorbs damage, +defense)
Vigilence sword (enchanted)
Spellward amulet (+10% evasion)
Belt that gives plus 10 or 15 evade (unique/legendary item from one of the campaigns or awakening)
"Key to the city" ring
and can't remember the last ring, but it was likely +willpower or constitution

30 base dex
30 base constitution
42 base willpower
remaining points into magic (and whatever cunning to get max persuasion) I did not respec my character at all during DAO, awakening, or Golems. Also a few points here and there from the fountains in the fade. Sorry about not being specific, but the main thing here is equipment and skills.

Sustained Skills
Arcane Shield (and the Awakening upgrade)
Rock Armor
Combat Magic
Shimmering Shield
TK weapons
(skill that increases spell power - cant think of it right now)

Activated skills:
Death Hex
Battlemages skill that freezes all enemies around you
Crushing prison
Group Heal (used it once when one of the dwarves was at 10% health, main character health never went below 75%)
(I also hot-keyed drain life and cone of cold, but never used them)

Golem used cleansing aura and flaming weapons, and was set to group heal at <90% health for all party

Dwarf rogue - used memoires to respec him as an archer and used the heartwood bow crafted by Wade, and the best gear Nathaniel used in Awakening. use most powerful potion at <90% health

Dwarf Warrior - sentinal armor, maric's sword, and cailen's shield plus best warrior accessories. use most powerful potion at <90% health

I would try and keep hate as much as possible and freeze the skeletons with the battlemage freeze skill as frequently as I could (I believe that is what kept my party alive). Death Hex if it even hit (can't be sure) to get as many criticals as possible and haste for a quick kill. The only attacks that can hit you are specials, and the golem would heal me quickly. Golem used flaming weapons and my mage used TK weapons for extra damage. I enchanted my sword with elemental damage and undead (wasn't sure what the Harvester is considered). It was almost too easy with this setup.

You can solo the Harvester with this on any difficulty, but I think the greater accomplishment was not letting anyone die during the battle (lol). Again I do not take credit for the equipment setup which is 99.9% of the battle. I just want to stick this out there for anyone having trouble like I was.

If anyone wants more specific info, let me know and I will take a look at it (that is before I return the game later this week).
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