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Defense of Asgard on Valhallan difficulty help

I did the first 3 easy parts but then realized the last I had to do was the volcanic area with the core drills and the frost giant one and both were near impossible to beat since my Asgard morale was at 20%.

Thankfully I had the save beforehand so now I get to do them all over again. I want to do the volcanic one first. Can I get any tips on what to do because when I try to get rid of the core drills the enemies keep popping up everywhere. Whats the best combo to get rid of them as I am being rushed down bad and my health drops really quick.

edit: nevermind I ended up beating it and getting the flawless defense achievement what I did incase something needs help in the future

1. do the volcanic level first. After you take the 3 drills down get rid of the little bastards that come after you. most of the time avoided the big dudes until none of the drones showed up so i used the lightning storm. main focus was to destroy the core drills so the morale would slowly go up and once you kill them wait for one of the drills to fire at you reflect it and finish off the big dudes and then throw the rock.

2. the ice part where you have to activate the 3 circles, did the first one in front and then had to make my way to the one that had no frost giants near it and if they kept freezing it i would spam the hammer attack on them. once you get all 3 just clear them out and blow the horn

3. went back there again goal is to get power surge what i did was use lighting storm on the armored frost giants. atleast 2-3 of them that way it goes up quickly do rinse and repeat 3-4 times. also take out those satellite dish looking thingys too.

4. that other frost giant level was easy just keep defending til done.

5. frost giant attack the back/head first and then go to the arms. spam hammer throw until you rip out the frost giant out.

6. fire bomb kill the little things that come in your way. use the orbs there to replenish odinforce keep killing the flying shits and little ones too until done.

hope that helps.

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I did it in a different order and almost got 100% on the moral. I tried doing the drill first but i was dying too easily while trying to take out the drills.

1) I defended first as its pretty simple, you don't get hurt so you keep all your health and picking off the enemies is easy. Just make sure you don't miss the little guys.

2) Activating the three symbols easy, take the first one in front straight away, walk to the one on the left and use storm to kill the spawning enemies concentrating on the big guys as they are the ones that can retake the symbols. Once you activate the second move to the last one using storm again. Simply finish off the enemies takes no time at all.

3) Defend the horn from the turrets, another easy one group enemies together use storm should full charge the meter and press RB. Push and hold up on your d-pad it should collect all the mana around so you can storm the next 3 enemies that spawn. Rinse and repeat till all turrets are destroyed then blow the horn.

4) This is when i went to the drill part as i was about 80% moral took my time and taking out all small enemies as they came and then taking out a few drills. Once the big group of large enemies spawn storm attack them. The last drills starts to fire at you reflect it and finish off the rest of the enemies then move to the part where you throw the rock.

Then take on the frost giant.
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