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Easy studs when you have no multipliers.

Unfortunetly, lego pirates doesn't have any codes yet for the red hats. However, you can find them all in the main hub outside of the missions by doing little challenges. Although finding them is the easiest part!

They are very expensive and can be a pain to buy with no multipliers. A trick to quick money is at the start of the first mission (Port Royal).

Simply load it up and go to the far right corner and blow up the metal gate. inside is about 30,000 studs and them come back towards the screen to the far left and there is another purple stud. Repeat this as many times as you like. After you get a multiplier doing this becomes much more rewarding and the studs will quickly add up!

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boomdizzle 2
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Thanks, this helped alot
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Good to mention that you can just get those then save and exit and you keep all of them
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excellent find, had all multipliers in half hour
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i would also suggest getting the multipliers as soon as possible, then buying all the other hats and extra characters and such

once you have 12 gold bricks and can go through the left gate in the hub theres over 150k in studs (no mulpliers) between the 3 areas you can access, so you can get the x2 multiplier pretty quick, then the double treasure (basically another x2) then it wont take you long to get the studs for the x6 (or x4 if you unlocked blackbeard either through playing the game or with the code) and after that youll be rolling in studs
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In the same level, if you blast the silver grating on the ground, and go inside with a cursed pirate, there are a couple more purples in the underwater tunnel.

Note that once you punch in more than two treasure extras, the studs in the underwater tunnel disappear. But in the beginning, you could do the silver gate and the underwater in a few minutes and get over 60,000 studs each time. Do it just 10 times and you can buy the Always Double Treasure red hat (left gate, cannons), which makes it 120,000 each time. Do it another 10+ times, and you will could afford the 6X Treasure red hat (left gate, well), making it 12x. You can then buy all the red hats with a few more runs of the level. Takes about an hour+ to grind the studs, and very worth the time invested.
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Thank you for the tip it was a lot quicker like this
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Some great tips, thank you!
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I suggest to do this once you get 12 gold blocks
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I will try all of these soon. Thanks everyone.
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I was doing what the OP said, there is actually a purple stud infront of the railing all the way to the left. I had the 2x multiplier on and got 160,000 in 30 seconds.
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