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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3
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Old 10-19-2012, 10:26 PM   #1
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Worth Buying?

Is this game worth buying? I liked the second one, is this one different or pretty much the same?
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Wing Gundam Zero
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It's worth buying if you're a fan of Gundam and the Dynasty Warriors series. It plays just the same as DWG2, but a lot more fluent and graphics got a cell-shaded overhaul too.
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Old 10-23-2012, 04:10 AM   #3
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If you liked #2, it's pretty similar with some differences.

Missions are like #2; a large set organized into different groups. Big ones are the core 'Story' missions, based around a signal that somehow transports various Gundam characters to this sort of war world. There's also the 'history' missions, but they are an extreme letdown compared to #1 and #2. Just treat them as normal missions that might have dialog from the various anime series.

Combat is based on randomized 'fields', which require you to take out enough enemies to transfer it to you, and then taking out enemy ace pilots. However, some fields have a special feature, like catapults that transport you to specific other fields, ones that improve units and aces on the owning teams, and even a missile base that will randomly claim an opponent's field after a set time (and likely destroying any enemy ace in the field.

There's an 'energy' bar for you and the enemy that is drained when fields are lost, pilots are downed, or a certain # of enemy grunts are killed. Once it goes to zero (or you take over all 'marked' fields), then the boss of the stage (usually just another ace) finally appears. Destroy it to win. If you die, but you still have energy in your bar and your base field is still claimed, you'll come back at a loss of some of that bar. Second chance after a moment's slip up is a nice touch.

Best change in combat: robots can explode when they die, depending on how you attack them or if you have a certain skill equipped. They do damage to nearby robots. If they then die, they explode. End result is a chain reaction. Pairing that skill with Aura Burst means a hundred quick kills after a field converts and they power down.

Biggest improvement is the handling of the 'Friendship' system, which is now similar to Dynasty Warriors 7: You can only go up in friendship, and they are shared amongst all characters, rather than having to focus on a single player to get them to the max like in #2. That was my greatest gripe about the previous one.

In fact, playing as a character can also raise the friendship level, as does being on the same team, or selecting one as your 'partner' (alternative Musou-like attack requiring its own energy to execute). Probably some others. So you can work up Amuro as Judau, switch to Kamille, and both of the previous may have upgraded. There's no quiz to boost friendships, unfortunately, so you'll just have to keep running levels.

As far as upgrading, you earn money and robot plans for completing missions. Money can turn plans (not parts, whole unit plans) into an actual version of the robot, and you can hold up to 4 different versions of a robot. By versions, a robot you build willl have a set of randomized values for the different stats like melee, shot, armor, etc. You can buy modules (skills like long range, Minovsky drives, etc.) you've unlocked for any and all robots, and you can also fill 'upgrade points' (number determined by the plan) to give additional boosts to those stats. You can also purchase available skills for your characters when they are unlocked, though you must pay for each individual character to learn. Lastly, you can actually buy experience for characters, which helps if you've gotten a good amount of money from a single character and you want to boost another character.

For Licenses, you have to play a suit 5 times with a character that can pilot it, then the License can be bought for all characters. They are somewhat expensive, but it's a one-time purchase and works for all characters.

Mid-to-Endgame falls into the normal pit Dynasty games tend to: grind for levels, grind to unlock stages, grind to unlock other features. In this case, you have the friendship system (which will always increase, so progress is made) and missions to 'max' out each character's friendship. You have the leveling of a single character to level 50 (doable from just the grinding for the other requirements). The grind of playing each major mobile suit 5 times to unlock its license. Leveling up each character a bit so they can play stories locked to them (with paid training, actually not that bad) or to unlock the license for a them-only suit. Then the grind to unlock several stages, mainly by playing various suits at least N times.

However, once you unlock the last stage, you then get to demonstrate just how good you are at the game. It's hell, but in a good way. The biggest, most dangerous suits are present and can kill in a few hits (Ace Pilot is strongly suggested, along with harvesting kills), they'll quickly take over your fields, and the opponent has all the good stuff on his side. Still it's a rush, dashing around, staying alive, taking out the enemies where you can, until you finish the grand finale at their base. And it's a major sense of accomplishment to have that DING! letting you know that you're a True Gundam Dynasty Warrior.

Finally, if you want all achievements, there's 100 games online played. That's a good amount, and you have to find someone that still has it to play. If you do, you'll want to first level up your character in offline mode, as well as get a good suit (rank 4). A bit of a slog, but you can probably beat "Forever Four" in 2-3 minutes, especially if everyone gangs up on her giant gundam.

End verdict: If you liked the Gundam and Dynasty Warriors games, particularly Gundam 2, it's more of the same. A bit better, though there's limited story and limited on-field events; it's more of the randomness of #2. It turns into a grind like the others, but there's something therapeutic about rushing around, causing enemies to explode, then possibly getting better, stronger gundams to build.

I've clocked in about 120 hours, and I just now finished all stages, leaving the online plays before I can send this rental back as finished. Though I may see about the DLC first.
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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is easily the best of the three. The larger number of Mobile Suits (including favorites like Gundam Deathscyhte from Gundam Wing and Gundam Physalis from Gundam 0083) and pilots, the neat cel-shaded graphics and easy-to-learn controls (like every other DW game) make it the best entry. Be wary of the DLC Mobile Suits, however. While they're great, they're a whopping $5 a pop.

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I hope they plan on making a fourth one, it's been sometime since the third one came out, but no word yet ._.
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Originally Posted by xanloveless View Post
I hope they plan on making a fourth one, it's been sometime since the third one came out, but no word yet ._.
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does this game follow the anime...? does it have all the gundam age suits?
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