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Le-gen-da-ry achievement guide

To get the Le-gen-da-ry achievement 3 000 000 points are needed, which means you have to complete the level 100% before you start the last flame.

I took some blurry photos and added numbers for the intended order.After several tries I decided to take the keyzard up to level 8 with the orange flame and then use the blue flame for the last step.

One other thing to notice is that you do not need to burn all the bats, you can skip one or two of them in total. The rest should be burned close to the flame station.
A tip is to not rush the levels, do not be afraid to stand still and wait for the vents and waterdrops to give you a clear passage.

To follow this guide may require a lot of practice, but you do not have to do it perfectly to get the achievement. My flame was put out by water or smoke two or three times and I still had some time left over.

Orange Floor 0:
Numbers 2 and 3 represents bats. Take at least two bats with the yellow flame, but you can also take 3.

Orange Floor 1:
1: Steam vent
3: Keyzard (watch out for steam and water when you are getting this)

Orange Floor 2:
2: Watch out for water dropping rapidly
3: Keyzard (watch out for water here too)

Orange Floor 3:
1: You can also burn the left rope end
2: Keyzard (Watch out for steam and water)

Orange Floor 4:
2: Steam vent
4: Keyzard

Orange Floor 5:
1: Use the steam vent
3: Do not be tempted to use the short fuse for the bomb
4: Keyzard

Orange Floor 6:
Watch out for dropping water
2: Bat, burn it as close to the station as possible
5: Keyzard

Orange Floor 7:
Number 2 should be burned last for more effective time management
1: Important to burn this rope before number 2
3: Keyzard should be burned before the last rope since you want to deliver it to the blue flame on floor 8 as soon as possible. Remember to move the flame counterclockwise to get it. This is the most tricky part of this level. I marked three spots where you can stand still to wait for a clear route.
4: Use the steam vent

Orange Floor 8:
The important part of the orange flame is now over, and much of the rest is up to the blue flame. If you do not have a lot of time left, just go for the bomb as first priority since you then should already have burned number 1 and 2 with the blue flame. But only if you do not have time to do all three.

Orange Top Floor:
If you have time left ignite the ropes in the given order to help speed up the process for the blue flame.

Blue Floor 0:
1: Burn the loop at the right side to be sure you hit the right rope.
4: Depends on how many bats you burned with the orange flame, burn the rest

Blue Floor 1:
Just burn the two wood pieces, you should have a clear route

Blue Floor 2:
Watch out for dropping water

Blue Floor 3:
2: Burn the rope close to where I marked to get to 3 easier

Blue Floor 4:
3: Bat, burn it as close to station as possible

Blue Floor 5:
It is possible to switch 2 and 3

Blue Floor 6:
If you have burned all bats so far you can skip this one
Bomb makes the rope hard to burn, you probably have to burn it 3 times. Another strategy could be to reach this floor before the orange flame to burn the wooden man and the rope before the bomb, but this strategy still works well enough

Blue Floor 7:
Watch out for steam

Blue Floor 8:
If you moved quickly with the orange flame this order is correct since you might not need to burn the two ropes at the top. If else, do the two ropes at the top before the keyzard and the wooden block
1: Do not burn the rope too close to the bomb since you then have to ignite the rope one more time
2: Keyzard

Blue Top Floor:
Depending on the orange flame, burn the ropes at the top on the middle. Stand ready close to the exit to reach 100% (do not wait for the rope to burn all the way if you have reached 100%)

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