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Gears of War
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May 14, 2015 Report - Gears of War: Anniversary Gameplay Footage Leaked
Apr 25, 2015 Gears of War Remaster Rumoured For Xbox One
May 28, 2008 Updated Gears of War hits retailers next month
Apr 18, 2008 Gears of War Comic Book on the Way
Jan 18, 2008 NECA Announces Action Figures From Epic Games' "Gears of War" Video Game

Closed Thread
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Old 06-28-2013, 02:17 PM   #1681
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 109

Gamertag: venommaster10
Edit: no longer interested in boosting.

Last edited by venompimp10; 07-06-2013 at 03:32 PM.
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Old 06-29-2013, 05:51 AM   #1682
Mullet For Men
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 7

Gamertag: Mullet For Men
Originally Posted by YAT0 View Post
I'm in mate.. Anybody else wanna boost with multiple boxes?
I'm down, GT: Mullet for Men
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Old 06-30-2013, 10:14 PM   #1683
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Odiham Hampshire
Posts: 46

Gamertag: pauldavey171
I need to do this game on co-op as Dom all chapters and need all multiplayer achievements. Am on most evenings a d am willing to be part of a boosting group to get this done. Send me a message on Xbox live

GT: pauldavey171
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Old 07-01-2013, 04:27 AM   #1684
Skullhunter84's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Indiana
Posts: 49
Send a message via AIM to Skullhunter84

Gamertag: Skullhunter84

Awards Showcase Submit - Silver
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
Insane run? Also so I can get the Dom achievements too?

Message on here or FR on xbl

GT: Skullhunter84
Send a FR or a message on here to boost.

Working on:
ODST, Call of Duty 4, Madden '07, The Orange Box, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, GH: Metallica, GH: Aerosmith, GH 5, MW2, Crackdown 1 and 2, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, GTA 4, GOW-1, 2, 3, Assassins Creed: III, Brotherhood

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Old 07-01-2013, 11:27 AM   #1685
United10717's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: England
Posts: 157

Gamertag: United10717
Looking to come back to this game for weapons and dom co op achievements, hit me up

GT: United10717
United10717 is offline  
Old 07-02-2013, 10:28 PM   #1686
Join Date: May 2013
Posts: 12

Gamertag: ZR0H
Seriously, Seriously

Calling all dedicated achievement hunters for a grind on a long road to seriously. Looking for 3 dedicated members for a long, gruesome journey to one of the most treasured achievements on all of Xbox.

Before starting on anything I will let everyone know at least one member of this is just barely getting started. He has roughly around 600 Kills so he has 9400 to go.

Due to this reason I'm going to have to limit just anyone to joining this group due to member disbands in the past.

You may only have 3000 kills or lower to get in this boosting squad. It seems harsh but I don't want to screw anyone out of these achievements.

I myself have only 3000 or a little over.

If you are interested in joining this group please send a message to ZR0H(with a zero) for questions and concerns. This is on a first come first serve basis.

Again this is ONLY for the Seriously achievement and weapon based achievements.

We will be using the map Escalation. 19 rounds. It will be roughly 20 minutes or less for each match. 57 kills per player switching on and off.

We will decide which nights and which hours will be best for anyone. So depending on how long everyone is down to put in each night we will be able to score about 104 kills per player each night up to 208. That's less than 100 days.

Again, this will be a long haul, but I want this game completed and I'm sure you all do too!

Add: ZR0H(with a zero)

Cell phones are a plus!
ZR0H is offline  
Old 07-06-2013, 05:43 PM   #1687
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Odiham Hampshire
Posts: 46

Gamertag: pauldavey171
Am still looking for a group to do all the ranked multiplayer achievement and seriously. Add me on Xbox live . GT: pauldavey171
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Old 07-07-2013, 04:44 AM   #1688
rbm92's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: VA
Posts: 91

Looking for someone to do act 5 on insane with. Message me on XBL.

My gamertag is: METAL FIST DOOM
rbm92 is offline  
Old 07-07-2013, 03:13 PM   #1689
Gone4aDuck's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Potato country
Posts: 180

Gamertag: HuskyChewToy
Urgent request for people to help with the "don't hate the player" achievement. Of course I would help in return, or help u with something else instead. Add me: Gone4aDuck
Gone4aDuck is offline  
Old 07-10-2013, 05:34 PM   #1690
Jack Knows
Jack Knows's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 82

Gamertag: Jack IXI
Looking for another gamer that has three xboxes and wants to boost this game. I am looking for someone who hasn't started the game yet.
Jack Knows is offline  
Old 07-11-2013, 01:57 AM   #1691
Hirouakan's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Brasil
Posts: 13

Gamertag: Hirouakan
Hey guys, im looking for someone to boost some online achievements, i dont have any...
So add me: Hirouakan
Im also willing to help you guys with any game, as long as i have it! Add me.
Hirouakan is offline  
Old 07-11-2013, 08:07 PM   #1692
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 4

Gamertag: Scubasjl
Need for finish campaign on insane, and multiplayer achievements. I am up for helping others as well. Message or send friend invite.

GT - Scubasjl
Scubasjl is offline  
Old 07-14-2013, 02:05 AM   #1693
darthcoutz's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 259

Gamertag: MAST3R S0L0
Looking to do a power run through on casual. I need to play as Dom for the I can't quit you dom achievement. Msg if you can help then we can set things up from there.

Gt Mast3r S0l0
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Old 07-14-2013, 04:14 AM   #1694
beefence's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Ohio
Posts: 56

Gamertag: beefence
I'm still in for boosting usually on weekends late night
Slowly changing from an achievement Whore to a Completionist.... Trying to get 100% on games I gave up on long ago.
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Old 07-18-2013, 10:19 PM   #1695
Combat Wombat
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 399

Gamertag: xXCombat Wombat
Looking to boost a few of the online achievements and seriously. Message me if youre interested in doing them with me.

Gamertag = xXCombat Wombat
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Old 07-19-2013, 09:15 PM   #1696
The Achvment Master
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 15

Gamertag: Achvment Freak
Gow 1

if their is anyone boosting or anything for Gow 1 acheivemets please message me online i need them 2

Gamertag: Achvment Freak
The Achvment Master is offline  
Old 07-19-2013, 10:37 PM   #1697
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 159

Gamertag: Kyuss1978
I am going to be boosting all the ranked achievements and am looking for 5 people who are dedicated to finishing this quickly. I'll be putting lobbies together after we have 5 people who have mics we'll probably do a achievement or two a day. Everyone who joins will get all the achievements. If you're interested you have to message me on Xbox and edit your gamertag into this post.

3.Achvment Freak

Last edited by Kyusskiller; 07-20-2013 at 04:57 AM.
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Old 07-19-2013, 11:07 PM   #1698
The Achvment Master
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 15

Gamertag: Achvment Freak
im for the these achievements count me in totally lol

2.Achvment Freak
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Old 07-21-2013, 04:28 PM   #1699
dj jet
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 13

Gamertag: DJ Jet
Looking to do campaign as Dom. If you need also we can take turns one chapter at a time.

DJ Jet
dj jet is offline  
Old 07-23-2013, 03:54 PM   #1700
tornprince2012's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 14

Gamertag: tornprince2012
Hey everyone!
Looking for a new fresh group to start on all GoW 1 cheevos.
Need six people total.
You can always find me on true cheevos . com and we can set up sessions freely.
Just need cool people with good sense of humor.
tornprince2012 is offline  
Old 07-24-2013, 09:22 PM   #1701
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 3

Gamertag: IzK I EL1T3 x

Hey guys, looking to boost most of these online chivos my GT is: IzK I EL1T3 x. Thanks
EL1T3x is offline  
Old 07-27-2013, 06:12 PM   #1702
Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 2

"I Can't Quit You Dom" - Require a Co-op Buddy!

Hey, I need help with this achievement, GT: Josh Prior - Thanks!

Also, I am willing to help with the Commando achievement (providing I can play as Dom).
Magnerz is offline  
Old 07-27-2013, 10:48 PM   #1703
IXI Icetray IXI
IXI Icetray IXI's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Beautiful B.C
Posts: 257

Gamertag: dusty cheddars
All weapon achievements!

If anybody is interested in boosting for all or some of the weapon achievements, let me know. GT is Dusty Cheddars
IXI Icetray IXI is offline  
Old 07-28-2013, 11:32 PM   #1704
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 23

Gamertag: unwillingerk

Looking to add as many people as possible for seriously. Gt unwillingerk
unwillingerkv2 is offline  
Old 08-01-2013, 03:14 AM   #1705
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 6

Gamertag: HQK ELITEZ x
Looking for someone to do the co op achievements also willing to help others in return message omgignh1 if interested
HQK ELITEZ x is offline  
Old 08-01-2013, 03:16 AM   #1706
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 6

Gamertag: HQK ELITEZ x
Co op achievements

Looking to get the co op achievements also willing to help others in return message omgignh1 if interested
HQK ELITEZ x is offline  
Old 08-01-2013, 11:53 AM   #1707
onnabugeisha x
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 12

Gamertag: onnabugeisha x

myself and 3 friends are looking to boost weapon achieves, hosting and seriously. i'm on most weekends, wednesday and friday nights. please have a good sense of humour and dont be a douche or quitter as we all would like to help each other out. we're also down for gears 2, 3 and judgment. send me a message on live... gt: onnabugeisha x

happy hunting!
onnabugeisha x is offline  
Old 08-01-2013, 11:14 PM   #1708
Dashapeshifter's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: California
Posts: 291

Gamertag: Dashapeshifter
I need a partner so that I can do the campaign on insane as Dom. Also I need all of the cog tags as well. If anyone can help my gt is Dashapeshifter. My timezone is pacific and I can be reached on live.
Dashapeshifter is offline  
Old 08-02-2013, 10:55 PM   #1709
Ralos's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: New York
Posts: 60

Gamertag: XM3N xGAMBITx
Looking to do all the multiplayer achievements for gears. I should have atleast a group of 4 already. So if anyone wants to do this, looking for 2 more people. Msg me on xbox live, GT= Cr1msOn ralos.

Ralos is offline  
Old 08-03-2013, 10:15 AM   #1710
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Italy
Posts: 74

Gamertag: MAJDI70
Hi, If anyone is hosting a boosting session for weapons kills, please invite me. GT: MAJDI70
MAJDI70 is offline  
Closed Thread


achievements, campaign, co-op, dom, insane

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